Hospitals and Home Buying

It might be sound surprising, but Johnston Willis Hospital (CJW) is one of my favorite places. In addition to being an amazing healing center in the Midlothian area, this hospital also has some of the most skilled and helpful doctors and nurses I have ever met.

Speed Cook Technology Can Be Yours in a Boone Home

Southwood-III-Model-097-204x300.jpg (1)
Do you ever find yourself dreading the time after work? Do you hate the thought of waiting 45 minutes for dinner to cook? Do you especially hate crouching down and straining your back to pull a heavy casserole or turkey from the oven? With a new home from Boone Homes you’ll never have to worry about those issues again. We offer appliance options that can take care of those issues – built-in oven towers with speed ovens.

Are You Sick of Shoveling Snow?

Wow, after two weekends of shoveling over 12 inches of snow each of the last two Saturdays, I am ready for spring. I have lived in Richmond, Virgina for over 50 years and I am hard pressed to remember this much snow on the ground at one time. After digging my car out of a pile of snow on Saturday, I decided to check on the progress of the snow removal in several of the Boone Homes communities located throughout Richmond and Roanoke.

Valentines Events in Richmond

Around the city lights are low, music is soft, Valentines is here and love is in the air. For those of you who are looking to put a spin on the traditionally romantic holiday, here are some events in Richmond that may help stimulate the “swoon-ability” of your Valentine’s weekend:

Great Seafood – In The Mountains?

When you think of Roanoke, VA you usually think of the beautiful mountains that landscape the area, but great seafood doesn’t usually come to mind. However, when I moved to Roanoke a few years ago I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there were so many wonderful local restaurants.

Taking the Plunge

I did it! I jumped in and took the plunge. I had my very first experience with sushi. I know that may not sound exotic to you, but for me this was a big leap. Throughout the week I meet with some of the best real estate agents from the metro Richmond area.

Low Maintenance at Bellingham

Take a tour of Bellingham and find out what no maintenance living is all about. This community of brick single family detached homes with luxury one floor living offers an ideal location. Today’s active home buyers love our well though out home plans. In fact, you may never need to leave the main floor – everything you want or need is only steps away – and the two car attached garage means that parking will never be a problem.

Keeping Organized with Mudroom Cubbies

Everyone’s life has become so hectic. Between school, sports, after school activities and the million other events happening in your life, it’s hard to keep all your children’s little extras organized. With Boone Homes’ entryway mudrooms and built in cubbies, keeping your family organized is easier than ever!

A New Consumerville

A new research from Harvard Business School blows the doors wide open on what is happening in Consumerville. Interestingly enough it is not the green movement that is at the forefront. It is not the economically driven seller like Wal-Mart that is at the forefront. What is at the forefront is sending a shock wave thru consumerville. The dramatic shift in buying trends is shifting away from price and into quality. Not just any quality, but trustworthy quality. Consumers are now seeking advice from other consumers and are not stopping there but continuing to search online archives with microscopic fervor.

Glowing Recommendation

Scooter Burgess of Burgess Inspections Inc. recently gave Boone Homes the following glowing recommendation, ” Over the years I have inspected many Boone Homes and I have found that they build an exceptional home and would not hesitate to recommend that someone buy a home from this home builder.

What is an OCDD addiction?

We at Boone Homes admit we have a problem. Our problem is more like an addiction. With every addiction, the first step is admitting and recognizing we have a problem. We confess that at Boone Homes we suffer from OCDD (obsessive compulsive design disorder).