A Diverse Richmond New Home Community Profile, Part 4

The most dependable people around, for the most part, are those in the armed services. Whether by air, by land or by sea you can see responsibility in every step they take. The personnel from the armed services know who they can depend on and who has their backs. Being able to rely on the person who is standing on either side is imperative. Not being able to rely on a person can be costly in both equipment and lives. The person at your side had better be there and be competent enough to handle anything coming their way. This attitude and level of expectation carries over into civilian life, and Richmond new home builder Boone Homes knows this. We have built many homes for personnel in the armed forces. Each home built is scrutinized to the same depth as a comrade in arms. Will the home hold up under pressure? Boone Homes is proud to announce that we settle 99.6 percent of all homes defect free.

A Diverse Richmond New Home Community Profile, Part 3

When an engineer looks at one of our Richmond new homes, he or she sees deeper than most new home buyers. The depth of the engineers’ perception lies within their strength and understanding of how a home should work. Their eye meticulously scans the patterns of material placement, the lines of symmetry and structural components. Each joint, measurement, location and bearing is instantly analyzed in the mechanical mind, effusing a message of integrity and safety throughout the senses. Yes, Boone Homes has sold many new homes to engineers who have scrutinized every inch of a new home and the process we use to build the new home. We are not afraid to be subjected to such scrutiny. Our process is not bullet proof, but no one in the Richmond area can build a custom home with the speed and accuracy of our proven process.

A Diverse Richmond New Home Community Profile, part 2

A Boone Homes’ community of Richmond new homes is filled with experience: Vast experience. In fact, many of our residents work in the medical profession. Family practice doctors and specialists in a variety of medical fields reside in our new homes. Why does Boone Homes have such a high level of buyers who are in the medical field? This is a great question. In conversations with doctors and medical professionals after they moved into their new home I found a couple reoccurring themes. Reason number one: Reliabilityhttp://www.boonehomesblog.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif

A Diverse Richmond New Home Community Profile, part 1

Every community of Richmond new homes has a unique profile. The blend of architecture speaks to the nature of the community. Each home, new or used, represents a voice, a style and a lifestyle. Some homes express a carefree attitude, eclectic artistry, or can even say “I’m the best there has ever been.” A new Boone home has just as many things to say, and we are going to explore the statements we make with each new home over the next few posts. There is another dynamic at play in each community. The architecture is as diverse as the blend of personalities living in those homes. Accountants, doctors, lawyers, athletes, executives and more all blend in a community that matches the attitude of the new homes’ architecture, quality, location, amenities and convenience. Communities with walking trails, pools, clubhouses, playgrounds, tennis courts and sidewalks when added to the architecture all speak to the emotion of each buyer, establishing an instant connection. http://www.boonehomesblog.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif

New Floor Plan Under Construction at Community of Richmond New Homes

Those interested in the luxury, no maintenance Richmond new homes at the Villas of Grey Oaks now have a new floor plan to choose from. We’re excited to announce that the Winbrook, our latest addition to the luxury offerings at Grey Oaks, is now under construction. The Winbrook is a spacious home priced from $488,000 and features three bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and approximately 3,000 square feet. With a designer kitchen and formal dining room, the home is perfect for entertaining, and the first floor study offers a quiet space for a home office or reading a book on a rainy day.

Experiencing the Lifestyle of Richmond No Maintenance Homes, Conclusion

The capstone reason for purchasing Richmond no maintenance homes is the freedom to experience life. This freedom to experience life does not happen by accident. It is deliberate, intentional, by design. Your freedom from the routine of yard maintenance like mowing, fertilizing, aerating and irrigating is measured by how you use the new time to build and create new experiences. In a no maintenance home, you get to skip cleaning the gutter and instead enjoy an extra appetizer washed down with a few sips of wine. Or, trade the rake for a nine iron and an extra nine holes. Gone are the days of shoveling snow: in a no maintenance home you can enjoy a sunny cruise to exotic lands instead. Each action comes with a reaction. In the case of a no maintenance home, the reaction is more time to experience life. Who doesn’t want more time to experience life?

Exploring Richmond New Homes with a No Maintenance Lifestyle, Part 4

Each of our communities of Richmond new homes has a unique style, atmosphere and culture. Understanding this culture will help you once you move into the community and start getting settled in. It is best to enter the community with an understanding of who will be living along side of you. There is no age restriction in our maintenance-free communities. So, who is most likely to purchase a new home in a no maintenance community? Great question. Those most attracted to the no maintenance lifestyle are from a varied professional background, but fall in one of two groups. The first group tends to be made up of active professionals who do not wish to be hindered by routines. Active professionals consume most of their time conquering the business world at the office or the home office, and cannot spare a waking moment to clean gutters. No one can replace a yard and the enjoyment of walking through a completely cared for yard with a glass of lemonade. The mere thought rejuvenates the soul. Cleaning the gutters distracts from the relaxation – maintenance should be left to others.

Single-level Living: Richmond New Homes with a No Maintenance lifestyle, Part 3

One of the greatest gifts given by Richmond new homes with no maintenance lifestyles, beyond the gift of time, is the gift of one-level living. Each of our no maintenance communities is designed specifically to keep all the main characteristics of the home on the first floor, starting with the home site. Before any home is built on its site, the terrain is graded to ensure each home can minimize steps into the home. Just one look and you’ll see that each home has between three and five steps. This number of steps can be achieved by no other means than by spending vast amounts of money to grade the terrain of the neighborhood. No other new home builder in the Richmond area will go to the same lengths to ensure ease of entrance and exit from a no maintenance home.

Exploring New Homes in Richmond with No Maintenance Lifestyles, Part 2

New homes in Richmond with a no maintenance lifestyles provide their owners with a variety of perks. The greatest bonus of the lifestyle is the gift of time; time to relax, time to travel, time to be with family and friends and time to experience life. The gift of time comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. To maximize the opportunity of time gifted by a no maintenance lifestyle, one should consider carefully which lifestyle fits better with individual needs for size and space. What one readily acquaints with a no maintenance lifestyle would be an apartment or condominium in which there is no yard to upkeep. In an apartment or condo, the common areas are available to all for personal use and privacy usually depends upon the particular moment in time in which you chose to visit. This no maintenance lifestyle is not to be compared with our luxury no maintenance homes in Richmond.

Exploring the Lifestyle of Richmond No Maintenance Homes, Part 1

Life is a one-time event. Time is needed to make memories, though memories are measured in moments and experiences, not in time. Why should those experiences and moments be spent cleaning gutters, raking leaves, cutting grass and painting? At what point in time does it make sense to exchange the yard and maintenance experience for moments and experiences that will last a lifetime? Should age be a component of this decision? What would you do if you could escape the seasonal routine of maintenance? What moments and memories could you create? Is the reason you are not able to design magical moments because you are tied to a routine? What value would there be in replacing your routines with Richmond no maintenance homes?

New Richmond No Maintenance Homes for Spring

This spring, don’t waste time bothering with time consuming yard work: Buy one of our Richmond no maintenance homes instead. We’re introducing new floor plans and pricing for spring at our Grey Oaks Villas. This luxury, no maintenance community takes care of all your exterior maintenance so that you can spend your time enjoying the beautiful spring weather. Imagine days of leisurely strolls, tennis matches, wine tastings or even extended vacations while someone else worries about spreading the fertilizer, lime treating your yard and cutting the grass this spring, and even raking leaves in the fall and shoveling snow this winter.

Croftmore Plan Almost Complete at Community of Richmond New Homes

Spring is officially here, and if you’re not looking forward to all of the lawn care that comes with the season, then you need to check out the Richmond new homes at the Villas at Grey Oaks. This no maintenance community takes care of all the spring yard work for you. Plus, you get the added convenience of living in the highly sought-after Glen Allen area of Henrico County. No maintenance services include lawn maintenance, seasonal treatment and aerating, irrigation, exterior painting, gutter cleaning, roof maintenance, snow removal and trash service. So, what will you do with all of your extra time? Well, you can enjoy the community’s excellent amenities including a sparkling swimming pool and tennis courts, or take an extended vacation this summer. Without the inconvenience of lawn work, you’ll now have the time to do all of those things you’ve been putting off!

Getting Ready for Your New Homes in Richmond, Final Step

kinloch_harcourt_lg-300x188.jpg (1)
The final stage of getting ready for your new homes in Richmond would be to make sure your home sparkles inside and out. A few areas easy to miss, but would ensure your that home sparkles include cleaning items that are not regularly maintained such as baseboard trim, chandelier lights and light domes. If the prospect of a deep clean has the palm of your hands in a cold, clammy sweat then you might consider hiring a cleaning service for a one time deep cleaning. A few hundred dollars of deep cleaning will be well spent. Ensuring your home is sparkling on the outside is just as important. Take some time to observe your own home with a critical eye or ask a neighbor for suggestions. Other simple improvements what will pay off in rewards will be in pressure washing the home, planting some colored annuals, or maybe even painting the mail box. These simple steps will bring the curb appeal of your home to life, which is what you truly want right before the first showing.

Getting Ready for Your New Homes in Richmond, Part 4

So far we’ve disassociated ourselves from our used home so we can create fresh memories in the new homes in Richmond that we are buying. We’ve depersonalized the home to make sure it appeals to as many buyers as possible and we’ve de-cluttered the home and organized every space. We are officially more than half way to our goal of getting our used home ready for sale. Now we will focus our time on minor improvements with big payoffs.

Getting Ready for Your Richmond New Homes, Part 3

The next phase in getting ready for your Richmond new homes is to de-clutter. There are three main actions to de-cluttering. These actions are organize, store or dispose. We will start with dispose as it is the easiest to discuss. Though we don’t anticipate you will ever be featured on the show Hoarders, the concept to begin with is: if you have not used the item in question in the last year, then get rid of it. Items in this category range from the sweater Aunt Sally gave as a gift last year to the collection of teaspoons left in the box from the last move. Sifting through each item with care and thoughtful analysis will reveal if the item should stay or go.

Getting Ready for Your New Homes in Richmond, Part 2

The second step in getting ready for your new homes in Richmond is to take steps to depersonalize your used home. As harsh as that sounds, what we really mean is it is time to neutralize the home. There are several areas that you may consider neutralizing. The first area that will make a dramatic statement will be your wall coverings. Keep in mind that you are not losing your soul by changing wall colors. The paint that spelled home to you may only scream “work” to the potential buyer looking at your home. Statistics have shown that if a home is neutralized it appeals to a wider range of possible buyers, and this home is now meant for someone else, as we talked about in part one.

Getting Ready for Your Richmond New Homes, Part 1

Those ready to sell their current houses so that they can buy Richmond new homes should know that the best time to sell a used home is in the spring after the winter’s hibernation. Home sales in general tend to be more active in the spring, and people are more likely to be optimistic about buying. As you consider your move into a new home, you should consider what will be necessary to prepare your used home for someone else’s enjoyment. The preparation to leave your home could be difficult, as you have lived in a place filled with memories of events which will soon be in the care of another person. A chapter in life will be left behind, only to open a new chapter with more life to experience. For a successful transition, you need to first and foremost believe the next chapter in your life will be filled with just as many experiences and wonderful memories as the last. As you anticipate the beginning of a new set of experiences, you may need to disassociate yourself with your home and let go of the past. Not because you want to forget life’s best memories, but because you are anticipating new ones.

Residents of Richmond New Homes, Register for the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K

Whether you’re looking to get in shape for summer or would like a fun weekend close to your Richmond new homes, you’ll want to check out the Ukrops’ Monument Avenue 10K next month. Named as one of the best races in the country by USA Today, the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K is expected to have more than 40,000 people turnout to participate in the event on March 31, 2012. This is sure to be the most entertaining Saturday you’ll experience this spring with Spirit Groups, Party Stops, costumed runners, partying spectators, live music from 30 bands representing genres from Jazz to Indie/Alternative and an exciting post-race party. There is even a kid’s run, so make sure to bring your whole family out to participate.

The Right Medicine for Richmond New Homes

As winter causes us to retreat inside our Richmond new homes, the chance of us getting sick increases exponentially. Colds, flu or even worse can cause days of discomfort at the very least. While you are bemoaning your discomfort and blaming the virus from an unknown individual who caused your misery, you may want to schedule a visit to the doctor for the right medicine. One quick visit to the doctor and prescription for the right medicine can send you back onto the path of recovery. Avoiding the doctor and using the wrong medicine can prolong your sickness.

For the Love of Maintenance Free Richmond New Homes

For those living in Richmond new homes in Central Virginia, winter has been tremendous so far. Temperatures have hovered in the 50s and 60s most of the winter making Central Virginia seem more like a winter escape destination. In all this wonderful weather, it is necessary to point out there is always a chance for snow, like what happened just a few days ago. During this flurry of bad weather, the Richmond area enjoyed 4 to 6 inches of fresh and fluffy snow. The snow made every Boone Homes neighborhood appear as if each home had just been painted in a Thomas Kinkade city of lights. Though beautiful, snow still has a side effect. Side Effect of Snow: Shoveling