Mudroom Ideas That Pack a Punch in Richmond Homes

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Remember when a mudroom was just a simple room near the garage with a few shelves and hooks? Today’s Richmond homebuyers have realized that the mudroom can be so much more, and at Boone Homes, we strive to meet their mudroom needs! A mudroom can be designed any way that fits your family’s lifestyle. Traditionally they are meant for storage, but the rooms we design are full of style and can pack a big punch in the way of bringing order to your entire home.

Why Buy New With Boone Homes

In today’s rebounding market, when resale properties are being snapped up as soon as they are listed and new home construction is popping up on every other corner, deciding which is best for you can be a challenge. People considering previously owned homes often pursue resale because they think it is cheaper and easier. But with building practices have become streamlined, building a new home can cost as much as or even less than buying an existing home. Cost isn’t the only reason to build, though. There are other benefits of working with a builder on a brand new house.

Boone Homes Vendor Spotlight: LP® Building Products

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At Boone Homes, we pride ourselves in working with the top vendors in the residential real estate market. We ensure that each vendor we partner with offers the same values and commitment to customer service that buyers have come to expect from Boone Homes. One of our top building partners, LP® Building Products, is a global leader in engineered wood products, and it offers the best in innovative, high-quality, energy-efficient building materials. Currently, all Boone homes are constructed using LP® SmartSide® Trim and Siding, as well as LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing. Both products allow us to build energy efficiency right into the home, and they’re covered under outstanding warranties and product guarantees.

Celebrate Earth Day by Purchasing an Energy Efficient Home in Richmond

At Boone Homes, we celebrate Earth Day not just today, but every day. We are committed to offering our customers a quality-built home that will stand the test of time while also providing many benefits. Some of the benefits that can be found in a Boone home are the many energy efficient features that we include, such as the LP® TechShield® original radiant barrier sheathing. LP® TechShield® is the No. 1 selling brand of radiant barrier sheathing, which is an innovative product that helps block radiant heat in the roof from entering the attic. Having been on the market for more than a decade, LP® TechShield® has been installed in more than 1 million homes.

New Custom Homes in Richmond, Virginia Feature Latest Construction Technology

Sales for custom homes in Richmond, Virginia are on the rise. Boone Homes in Westcott at Grey Oaks has seen the greatest increase year over year since the great recession started. One simply has to drive down the streets of Westcott at Grey Oaks to see the activity which was silent or absent in years past. Each new home being built in Westcott at Grey Oaks is equipped with the latest technology and construction practices. Take the latest custom home sold at 11944 Westcott Landing Court, which was designed to be built with a basement. While basements are one of the most requested features of a new home, there are several types of construction methods which can be used. The most common methods include cinder block on a concrete footing, engineered walls directly on a crushed stone base directly on the ground or solid concrete poured walls poured on top of a concrete footing. Each method will vary by cost and permeation of water and ultimately durability. Boone Home has selected to build all our basement homes with a poured concrete wall. Why? We have found the extra expense of building the home increases energy efficiency, reduces water penetration and ultimately performs better than the other alternatives.

Energy Efficient New Custom Homes in Richmond

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This summer’s air conditioning bills are in and the evidence shows energy costs are going up. One of the most significant costs in owning a home is the heating and cooling costs. What if we told you about a new home that could be cooled in the summer by using a single ice cube? What would your reaction be? You’d be looking for the catch, which there certainly would be one unless you lived in an igloo. We may not offer homes that can be cooled by a single ice cube, but when you purchase a new custom home in Richmond built by Boone Homes, you could save 38% or more in heating and cooling costs alone! The 38% in savings is compared to other new homes. When you compare the same home to an older home, the savings increase even further.

Richmond New Home Technology and 24.3 Acres of Wildlife

Recently, I met up with a guy at the local gas station who drove a taxi. I cannot imagine driving 8 to 10 hours a day for a living, yet he does drive 52 weeks a year to support his family. Amazing. Whether you drive 8 hours a day for 52 weeks out of the year, you commute to work from your Richmond new homes or you recreationally enjoy a road trip, we all expend fuel. Emissions. Vehicles have come a long way in technology. Their consumption has exponentially decreased over the last several years, but not enough to remediate smog. Emissions alter the environment. Richmond new home builder Boone Homes is building homes with Energy Star features. These technological advances in new home construction are all about sustainability and ecology. Last year alone we were able to save the equivalent of 24.3 acres of trees – a small forest capable of sustaining a wild life habitat. Each home is designed to be energy-forest-saving efficient. How much? Well, each home is designed to conserve between 38 and 45 percent of what a similar new home would expend without the same features. Sounds expensive. However, the new home is similarly priced to the home without the Energy Star features. Interesting. There are other benefits, I see many, though I will share only three:

Richmond New Home Technology, Part 5

Strawberry shortcake is one of my favorite deserts. Second favorite is strawberries on vanilla ice cream, though strawberry pie comes within a hair of second. Strawberries make my world go around. I’m sure you have just as many favorite deserts with your favorite fruit. Strawberries are the picture of freshness. Thankfully, Boone Homes has used the newest construction technology on all our Richmond new homes and in doing so, we have ensured your favorite fruits are even fresher. How? Boone Homes has taken the high ground by recognizing the need for change. By altering a few methodologies and a few materials, Boone Homes has reduced the consumption of 88,920 pounds of coal.

Richmond Real Estate Technology, Part 3

We all need transportation. Traveling from point A to point B is a necessary function of life. Soccer games, groceries, places of worship and work consume the fuel in our vehicles tanks as we commute from one location to the next. The 15 minute commute to the game, followed by the quick trip to the store and the visit to grandma’s house are a part of our every day. Our convenience, and trip to grandma’s, has a side effect that carries more weight than an extra helping of grandma’s apple pie. Every cause has an effect, and in this case the cause of commuting is smog. Cities and prime Richmond real estate are covered with blankets of smog, reducing visibility and increasing health related conditions.

Richmond New Home Technology, Part 2

Crisp, juicy apple. Fuji apples are my favorite, though Gala is a close second. Every year I look forward to taking my family on a day trip into the Blue Ridge Mountains to enjoy a day at the orchard, picking apples. Air is fresh, landscape is breath taking, acres of apple trees ready to pick – everything is picture perfect, even the picnic. If life is measured in moments, then these moments are at the top of life’s experiences. Preserving this experience needs to be for all generations, for this reason Boone Homes, is now building Richmond new homes with ENERGY STAR features. Boone builds new homes on prime Richmond real estate with ENERGY STAR features and, last year alone, saved more than 24 acres of trees because of the new home technology built into every home during the construction phase. How did we save over 24 acres of trees? Easy. We changed a few small details in how we build a home to make it very energy efficient: Efficient enough to be able to say we save 38 and 45 percent of your annual energy bill. This saved energy allows us to avoid having to harvest 24 acres of trees. Not bad!

What is your new homes in Richmond rate of return?

Just like any other investment, new homes in Richmond have a rate of return. What is your home’s rate of return? You know, kind of like an investment returning more than just expenses. Does your home have a rate of return? What does that return look like? Does the return look like a mortgage payment, utility payment or memories? What if I told you that we have increased the rate of return on a new home? Let me explain. We’ve been working to improve the energy efficiency of our new homes. In a recent new home built with Energy Star features, we found that the cooling bill for the month of June was only $91 for 3,100 square feet. This proved to be a 40% plus difference from what a used home would be paying. The rate of return was significantly increased.

Great Expectations: How Does it Work?

When it comes to new homes in Richmond, there can be a sense of mystery surrounding the unknown. The mystery of the unknown is, “do I live with the devil of the house I’m in with all the shortcomings that are so apparent, or take a chance with the unknown quantity of what a new home would provide.” After all, many of us have heard reports of homes not performing to expectations. Though this may be the case with some builders, Boone Homes has raised the bar on performance as well as what can be expected. Since it is summer in the Mid-Atlantic we can begin talking about the energy consumption one can expect from a home. To level the playing field a little, we will do this comparison on energy price per square foot. The homes surveyed are approximately 3,100 square feet in size with similar amounts of rooms, bathrooms and unfinished space.

The Value of Digital Richmond New Homes

What would be the value be in having each room in the house wired with a data jack that could be used for phone or computer? What values would there be in Richmond new homes that had surround sound wiring already built into their rooms? What would be the value of a first floor study with data, cable and phone jacks for all the possible technology a home office could need? What would the value be of a digital home? Would having the home prewired with digital technology prevent you from patching walls torn by technology needs?

Richmond Custom Homes with New Technology vs. Quaint Technology

Recently I was driving home and I passed a genuine Studebaker car. The experience was nostalgic. My childhood was revisited as I beheld the beauty passing by. Without thinking, I quickly pulled out my camera and shot the picture in the mirror. With the temperatures in the upper 90s and their windows down, all I could think is they must be really hot. The car passed into memory, but the thoughts on the car took me into research mode consulting Wikipedia for more information. As I flipped through Wikipedia the thought came to me that I was looking into yesterday’s technology. The nostalgia of yesterday is quaint, but difficult to maintain; and, from watching the passengers, hard to cool.

The Exciting World of Roof Trusses…No Really!

Roof trusses are one of those things that most of us don’t think much about. We know they’re there and we trust they will support the roof over our heads, but that is usually where our thinking stops. Trusses aren’t exactly the exciting topic that things like cabinets and countertops can be for buyers of new homes in Roanoke, but that’s all about to change. Boone Homes is leading the way for Roanoke new home builders by making raised heel roof trusses standard in all of our plans.

Richmond New Homes Best Cubbies and Laundry Rooms

Everyone’s life has become so hectic. It’s hard to keep all your children’s little extras organized. With Boone Homes’ entryway mudrooms and built in cubbies in our Richmond new homes, keeping your family organized is easier than ever! Our mudrooms’ spaciousness and extra cabinetry will give you all the room you need to keep organized and do your laundry easily and efficiently. This is a great space to hang coats, take off muddy shoes or wipe off muddy dog paws, drop off the mail, or post reminder notes for the family. Whether you’re using it to store sports equipment, backpacks or both, this room is the perfect spot to make sure all your necessities are in one place.

Roanoke Real Estate with ENERGY STAR Packages

Boone Homes is proud to be an ENERGY STAR® New Home Construction Partner, offering Energy Efficient packages in both the Richmond and Roanoke real estate markets. Many are familiar with the blue ENERGY STAR® on household appliances like a refrigerator or dishwasher. People know that if they see the blue star the appliance will use less energy and therefore cost less to run than traditional appliances. But what does it all mean when it comes to new home construction? In a nutshell it means the same thing; ENERGY STAR® qualified homes will use less energy than a traditionally built house and therefore will result in lower energy bills. But that’s not all; an ENERGY STAR® house will be more comfortable and healthier for your family by controlling the air and moisture within your home.

Luxury One-Floor Living in Richmond Va.

One-floor, luxury living used to be a dream that very few achieved; however, you can make this dream a reality by choosing Richmond home builder Boone Homes to construct your new abode. Boone Homes offers luxury living that meets your lifestyle. For example, at Bellingham at Twin Hickory, our luxury one-floor living can make life easier for you and your family.

38.1% Virtue of a New Boone Home

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Does your home feel like you are living outdoors under a blue tarp? The heater is on, the sweater is on, the house shoes are on and you’re freezing! You would like to blow your nose if Jack Frost hadn’t ripped it off during the night. Sipping coffee and reading the newspaper would be a simpler pleasure if you didn’t have to chip a frozen layer of ice off the mug and your fingers quit shaking in the cold. Discontent might surface but the frost line has slowed your reactions and you feel you are living in a modern day ice age. Where does the solution lie? (Did I mention that confusion is a side effect of hypothermia?)