Going Green?

Green seems to be the going thing these days. It is amazing how even the all the Ford F-150 lovers are even talking Green. It appears Green is here to stay. But, what does going green mean to you? From research it appears that “going green” is not established into as simple demographic as it would seem. Interestingly enough, the younger “greener” generation are less “green” than the 55+ age group.

Comfort Zone

Comfort zone. Today, more than ever before, a potential purchaser reaches into the subconscious to feel their way through the emotional side of purchasing. Most every transaction in today’s climate is tempered by an emotional decision making process. Each buyer has a personally defined comfort zone, individualized around circumstances & preference, not always rational and easily upset.

Inherited Equity

OUT we go! It appears the cycle of a buyer’s market is beginning to fade into the annals of history. Good news is permeating network media in the same way as when we were headed into the abyss of a deep recession.


Every day we are confronted by a multitude of questions. Questions that determine whether we have a positive view of life. Questions will also determine whether we have a negative view of life.

Outcome of Recession: New and Better Business

The sign of the times is evident. Recession has caused the “too big to fail” businesses swagger under the weight of the “too big to fail” corporation size. When revenue falters on a large scale, it is the “too big to fail” who fail. Why? Out of touch with what the consumer wants? I would venture to say yes.

Appreciation? How?

Wow….all over several sources of news! The word is in from a variety of new sources. The rally cry of appreciation! All this can mean is the bottom has been reached and the end of a buyer’s market is on it’s way. Don’t take my word for it.

Color, Please?

Drab. That is the best way to describe the way black and white copy appear when compared to color. Just recently we received notice that our color copier was out of commission and in need of repair. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but that copier rules our lives at work. Every piece of marketing literature goes through that copier. Once again, doesn’t sound like much until you know we run the equivalent of $30,000 +/- worth of color copies through the machine in a year.

Are We There Yet?

I remember many road trips throughout the United States and abroad. I remember them well not because of the scenery but because they were always plagued by the enduring question “are we there yet?” I’m sure most if not all who have either traveled in childhood or have had kids traveling with them have heard this repetitious question like a scratched vinyl record.

Listen = a smaller home?

kitchen2.jpg (1)
I canceled a credit card. I know, I know. That is completely un-American. I had to. I couldn’t handle them any more. It was a card to a retail store. I had to do it because no one was willing to listen. Yes, the only reason I canceled my card was no one was willing to listen.

Mid Summer Dream

I recently spent some time at a cook out. The cook out was a wonderful event. At that cook out I indulged in all sorts of fine grilled specialties and exotic desert delicacies. The food was overwhelming, but the true delight was the conversation. The conversation fluidly traveled through countries, foods, back yards, landscaping, kids, vacations, grasshoppers, architecture, and sports. It was a wonderful time. Conversation had been circling non-threatening topics very comfortably but was suddenly diverted to our national political climate.

Reminiscing…A Double Edged Sword

Kids are a blast! Just recently a sales person of mine came into the office with his tag-along toddler in tow. I spent some time reminiscing about my kids when they were the same age and some of the silly, crazy things they would do. My favorite stories and antidotes bubbled up with excitement as we laughed together comparing similarities in kids and their behavior.

Real Estate Incentives?

Toaster or Pitcher? That was the incentive I could pick from when I opened up my new savings account in the early 1980’s. I was 12 and excited to have $200 in my coffee can. My young logic told me I could live an entire lifetime on that amount of savings.

Thinning the Herd

One of the big stories in the new home industry news recently was the Pulte & Centex merger. The merger was marketed as an opportunity to increase the ability to service their customers. As I read the article, I scratch my head. Has any merger ever truly been able to increase service to the customer? As I look thru the latest edition of an industry publication it appears to me that many struggling builders are seeking to be snatched up or better word “acquired” by another firm just to stay alive.

Will it Last Forever?

Another misgiving about the current situation in the market is the reality that this is buyer’s market will not last forever. I have had several offers to buy in the last few weeks come to me and try to negotiate the same price we gave on a home we sold earlier in the year. The push back from the seller is starting to happen.

Opportunity or Temptation?

Opportunity is invading today’s real estate market! It seems no matter where we turn we there are massive deals generated by corporate relocation companies dumping property, builders teetering on financial destruction, banks with too much foreclosed property and homeowners under water on their personal loans.

Are the Rules Really Changing?

In a recent meeting with the Mortgage Lender who helps our buyers out, we were interested to find out how the landscape of the mortgage industry is changing. Not only are the smaller brokers sucking wind (like automakers, builders & tradesmen) but the government is changing how they must do business. One of the changes that was implemented, after the “emergency” bill was passed thru congress early 2009, was the need for detailed disclosures. The new Guidelines are labeled as:

Way Too Seasoned?

It always amazes me when I hang around some seasoned real estate sales people. Sooner or later the conversation always shifts to the “good ‘ole days” of real estate. The bemoaning begins and quickly grows in intensity…the pitch turns more into a whine within a few short minutes. The pity party will run all day if one has time to commiserate….amazingly the sobbing and long faces quickly freshen up to don the “perma grin” when a prospect enters the door. There is a slight problem with this flip of the switch…..the problem is the attitude tends not to change with the flip of the switch and the customer can see right through it. I’ve stood in on many presentations only to hear the sales person attempt to feel important in a down economy by using their well placed words to up their ego with flowery descriptions about themselves and their accomplishments. We some how forget that the person we are attempting to sell did not get the intro letter about how important we are and how we need to be treated by them…they seem to only want a home they can live in and (to our perception) have missed a chance to stroke our ego.


The gloom and doom in the media has made people forsake all reason. It appears that the “experts” can dominate by the stroke of a pen, the keying of the keyboard and the loose lips of a pundit. The true problem is they have little internal knowledge of true conditions, only opinions. They themselves are over sensationalizing the crash to sell their product….news. News is the best market to be in right now. One can certaily see the feeding frenzy the media makes oversensationalizing certin pet issues while completely overlooking others. Let’s narrow it down to what we know to be true: