A New Consumerville

A new research from Harvard Business School blows the doors wide open on what is happening in Consumerville. Interestingly enough it is not the green movement that is at the forefront. It is not the economically driven seller like Wal-Mart that is at the forefront. What is at the forefront is sending a shock wave thru consumerville. The dramatic shift in buying trends is shifting away from price and into quality. Not just any quality, but trustworthy quality. Consumers are now seeking advice from other consumers and are not stopping there but continuing to search online archives with microscopic fervor.

Glowing Recommendation

Scooter Burgess of Burgess Inspections Inc. recently gave Boone Homes the following glowing recommendation, ” Over the years I have inspected many Boone Homes and I have found that they build an exceptional home and would not hesitate to recommend that someone buy a home from this home builder.

What is an OCDD addiction?

We at Boone Homes admit we have a problem. Our problem is more like an addiction. With every addiction, the first step is admitting and recognizing we have a problem. We confess that at Boone Homes we suffer from OCDD (obsessive compulsive design disorder).

What is the Value of a $table Builder?

These are the days of economic woes where banks are in complete control of what happens, who builds and what they build. In fact there is a rolling blog that keeps a running tab on local and national financially imploding builders.

Value in a Process?

What kind of value do you ascribe to process? You know?? The steps one has to take to complete a task? I’m sure you say to yourself, “Why is that important? I’m very pragmatic. All is well if it ends well.” Is it? What if I told you that the care taken in executing the process is just as important as the end product? A finished home is directly impacted by the care executed during the construction process. Take a close look at the picture attached to this posting. This is a picture of one of a national competitor’s pragmatic approach to building a home. Their focus is strictly value reflected in the selling price.

Value: by a Contributing Guest

OTHER PEOPLE’S TOENAILS This post is not as bizarre as the title may suggest. The topic today is why should people be buying new homes when there is such a large inventory of foreclosures, short sales and just well priced resales.

Home Buyer’s Opportunity

Greek Mythology has a character called “KAIROS.” As the youngest of the sons of Zeus, he was depicted as a bald young man with a single long lock of hair hanging down from his forehead which depicted opportunity. He would run swiftly and wore no clothes. If you grasped the lock of hair on his forehead as he came upon you, one might have a chance to hold him. Once he had moved past, none could pull him back. Kairos, from Greek Mythology, depicts the brief moment in which opportunity shows up and is gone.

Can Clearing the Home Site Be…Green?

Clearing a site to build a home is inevitable. Anyone can cut trees and move dirt. Clearing a site, reducing the impact on the surrounding land and building a home with green building practices takes talent. Whenever a home is to be built a team of clearing experts is summoned to perform land improvement duties in an environmentally sensitive way. The first step is identifying the location of where the home is to be built. Once the location for the foot print of the home has been identified one can begin the process of marking which trees must be removed so that construction may begin. Most commonly any tree with in 25′ of the home will need to be removed. The trees within the 25′ need to be removed for several reason, though not limited to the reasons below.

Crafting the Future…

A few days from now we will be celebrating Veteran’s Day. A day set aside to honor the heroes living among us. Heroes who have dedicated parts of their lives to upholding freedom.

Scripting the Future

The Tax Credit has passed! We now not only have an extension to the tax credit, but we also have an expansion. Now homes up to $800,000 can qualify for the credit. The credit does have some restrictions, so make sure to check out all the fine print before investing.

New Home Tax Credit

Now is the time to act on the new home tax credit. With the latest provisions that are looking like they are going to pass, a new home credit will be available to all buyers not just first time home buyers. Take a look at the info from the New Home Builder’s Association: Dear NAHB Executive Board Member and Executive Officer,

Deal or Steal?

What is the value of your location, convenience and comfort? I ask because it appears in real estate the Pendulum has swung. Let me explain. From 2000 to 2006 the real estate market was a seller’s market. No rocket science there. During this seller’s market the seller abandoned reason to make the deal and push the product. In pushing product, the seller bought more land and lots than they could physically absorb, should the economy even have a small “blip”.

Proffer Tax Exposed

Many of us have heard the word proffer passed around, but few of us know what a proffer is. Below is an article that does a great job describing what a proffer is and how it is really greasing of the political palm instead of acting as a valuable tax for true improvement. Read on, interesting stuff. Politics and Proffers

Fix Housing First

As many of you know, our country has been in a massive recession for about 3 years now. Housing has played a large role in the down turn being one of the main employers with every transaction employing from just a few people in a re-sale transaction to an entire army of people in all salary ranges when building a home. People affected range from simple unskilled labor to attorneys, lenders, and title companies. Interestingly enough the current stimulus bill, about to expire, has not significantly improved the conditions in the housing market.


I love Boone Homes and would not hesitate to recommend this quality builder!!