I want a Sunday drive.

Do you miss those care free days of driving with the windows down with the sweet smells of spring tickling your nose? I don’t think you can find a better place for a Sunday drive than on the Blue Ridge Parkway – right here in Roanoke, VA. Many people drive from across the state to spend the day ambling down the Parkway and enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery, but for those of us who live in Roanoke, it is a local treasure that we often enjoy. The weekend is the perfect time to go up on the Parkway for a picnic at Peaks of Otter, just a 45 minute drive down the scenic parkway.

Are you Intimidated?

What’s more intimidating: riding the new Intimidator 305 – at Kings Dominion, or buying a new home? I would have to definitely say the Intimidator at Kings Dominion because when you work with the friendly and knowledgeable sales team at Boone Homes the fear and intimidation flies right out the window.

Boone Homes: the best of everything – even healthcare.

When you are moving into a new area, how high does a good hospital rank on your list of concerns? For some of us who feel indestructible it might not be a high priority. That was me a few years ago. I was working full time, planning a wedding, going back to school and “healthy as a horse” as the old saying goes. Then four months before my wedding, a sore throat quickly became a serious problem, a rare bacterial infection. The quick thinking and skills of the excellent physicians and nurses at Bon Secours St. Francis ultimately saved my life.

Golf Course Living at its Best!

If you are looking for relaxed luxury golf course living, you might want to come visit Club Villas at Founders Bridge. Club Villas not only offers residents the luxury of golf course views in Richmond, this charming community is also no maintenance. This means you’ll have plenty of time to entertain guest, hit a few range balls or spend time with your family on your private back porch.

Wow, Mom look at that!

Just the other day I was sitting in my office when an adorable little girl went skipping down the hall pointing to the pictures on the wall and said “Wow, Mom look at that- I want to live in that one.” Her mom said, “That is a beautiful home, I like it too- let’s talk to Tim about it.” Soon they were on their way to living in that new home.

Roanoke Homes Prices Stronger Than National Average

Let’s be honest. The housing downturn has affected us all. However, those of us in Roanoke have some good news over neighbors in other states – our home values have held up better. And that’s good news, because housing typically is an individual or family’s largest investment. Average home prices in Roanoke, Virginia historically have been approximately 5% lower than the national average.

Club Villas: A Great Golf Lifestyle

golf1-300x225 (1).jpg
If you’ve been looking to live in a luxury golf course community, the Club Villas in Founder’s Bridge is the perfect place for you. This small 16 home site community is neatly tucked into Independence Golf Course’s 13th & 16th fairways, offering residents breathtaking views. Look far and wide, and you will not find a more ideal spot than Founders Bridge Golf Community for those who want to relax when they come home. Designed by Tom Fazio, these 18 holes of carefully planned and artfully landscaped golf prove challenging for even the most experienced of golfers.

Doughnuts vs. Homes: A Great Comparison

The minute I opened the door, I knew I had stepped out of this world and into a heavenly realm. Delightful aromas of freshly baked goods wafted through the air, making my mouth water with anticipation. I stood transfixed as the machines rolled out the dough-nuts and sprayed a thin coat of glazing on the surface. The scent had somewhat of a hypnotic character as I walked zombie-like toward the sales counter mumbling, “I’ll take…”

Shop Til You Drop and Then Head Home to a Boone Home

Okay ladies, close your eyes and imagine your perfect day. You’re shopping at incredible stores (where of course all the clothes you try on fit perfectly and make you look incredible), you leave the stores carrying tons of bags from your favorite shops, smiling with happiness over your new purchases. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? That perfect day can be yours at Short Pump Town Center.

Some Things are Better Without Commitment

With winter’s chill wearing off, cabin fever is rapidly turning to spring fever. The signs are everywhere: children are begging to sign up for sports, people are braving the elements without a coat and folks everywhere have a burning desire to catch some rays. I always know when my spring fever has set in when I have an overwhelming urge to get outside and enjoy outdoor sports.

What Is A “Wish List”?

Boone Homes created the “Wish List” in order to put in writing an itemized list of the options the Buyer would like to consider when they customize our plans to personalize their home and has been embraced by Buyers who have gone through the New Home Counseling Session. During the New Home Buyers Counseling Session we invite Buyers to let us know everything they would like to have in their home and we also take the opportunity to recommend items that other homeowners have added and enjoyed in similar floorplans.

The 6 ½ Best Reasons Not to Build a Boone Home

stop-207x300.jpg (1)
Here are the best 6 1/2 reasons NOT to build a home with Boone Homes. 1. Do not build a home with Boone Homes if you prefer being limited in selections. Boone Homes proudly advertises a wide range of selections and available custom features designed to fit your improve your lifestyle. Custom features such bright breakfast nooks, expanded master suites, deluxe mudrooms, mudroom cubbies, designer built book cases and much more.

The Price of a Good Education: Priceless

As a country we had to learn the value of a dollar in 2009. Tough economic times like last year have not been experienced since the Great Depression. No more super sizing, more of us these days are looking at those dollar menus. It doesn’t make us misers just more mindful. Frivolous spending is the thing of the past.