The 6 ½ Best Reasons Not to Build a Boone Home

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Here are the best 6 1/2 reasons NOT to build a home with Boone Homes. 1. Do not build a home with Boone Homes if you prefer being limited in selections. Boone Homes proudly advertises a wide range of selections and available custom features designed to fit your improve your lifestyle. Custom features such bright breakfast nooks, expanded master suites, deluxe mudrooms, mudroom cubbies, designer built book cases and much more.

The Price of a Good Education: Priceless

As a country we had to learn the value of a dollar in 2009. Tough economic times like last year have not been experienced since the Great Depression. No more super sizing, more of us these days are looking at those dollar menus. It doesn’t make us misers just more mindful. Frivolous spending is the thing of the past.

Be the King (or Queen!) of Your Castle

Your home is your castle as the saying goes and no luxury home builder in Richmond or Roanoke can build a better castle for you than Luxury Virginia home builder, Boone Homes. We aim to help each buyer personalize their home to create the space they’ve been dreaming of for years.

NASCAR and Youth Soccer?

Yes, NASCAR Racing and Youth Soccer do have something in common. Both are coming to Richmond, Virginia this March. Each spring the children who live in new home communities throughout the Richmond area can be seen out in their front yards practicing their offensive game, each hoping to impress the college scouts out recruiting.

Literary Festival, a Hidden Community Treasure

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The area surrounding each Boone Homes community has hidden treasures and resources that boost and improve one’s way of life. One such event is the annual Literary Festival hosted by John Tyler Community College. The festival will take place March 1 through the 4. This year’s author and special speaker will be Darnell Arnoult, a poet and acclaimed writer of the novel Sufficient Grace.

Which Room is the Best Room?

Buying a new home is one of the most exciting times of your life. Especially if that home is a luxury home built by Boone Homes. When you’re walking through all of the custom designed rooms in your new home you’re often overwhelmed with a sense of satisfaction and pride, knowing that you helped design those rooms.

Lights, Music, Action at the Barksdale Theater.

The Spelling Bee is about to begin. Anticipation fills the hall as the contestants assume their place in the sea of competitors. Up steps the first contestant, “Spell Soliloquy” rings the moderator’s voice over the microphone. The stage is set, the challenge is analyzed and without hesitation “s-o-l-i-l-o-q-u-y” rings out throughout the auditorium. The spelling is complete and the next contestant rises to meet their own challenge. The Barksdale Theater is filled with uninterrupted action as the actors enchant the audience in the musical performance of “Spelling Bee.”

Hospitals and Home Buying

It might be sound surprising, but Johnston Willis Hospital (CJW) is one of my favorite places. In addition to being an amazing healing center in the Midlothian area, this hospital also has some of the most skilled and helpful doctors and nurses I have ever met.

Speed Cook Technology Can Be Yours in a Boone Home

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Do you ever find yourself dreading the time after work? Do you hate the thought of waiting 45 minutes for dinner to cook? Do you especially hate crouching down and straining your back to pull a heavy casserole or turkey from the oven? With a new home from Boone Homes you’ll never have to worry about those issues again. We offer appliance options that can take care of those issues – built-in oven towers with speed ovens.

Are You Sick of Shoveling Snow?

Wow, after two weekends of shoveling over 12 inches of snow each of the last two Saturdays, I am ready for spring. I have lived in Richmond, Virgina for over 50 years and I am hard pressed to remember this much snow on the ground at one time. After digging my car out of a pile of snow on Saturday, I decided to check on the progress of the snow removal in several of the Boone Homes communities located throughout Richmond and Roanoke.

Valentines Events in Richmond

Around the city lights are low, music is soft, Valentines is here and love is in the air. For those of you who are looking to put a spin on the traditionally romantic holiday, here are some events in Richmond that may help stimulate the “swoon-ability” of your Valentine’s weekend:

Great Seafood – In The Mountains?

When you think of Roanoke, VA you usually think of the beautiful mountains that landscape the area, but great seafood doesn’t usually come to mind. However, when I moved to Roanoke a few years ago I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there were so many wonderful local restaurants.