VA State Parks – all you need for summer fun

Virginia really is a great place to live. Natural beauty abounds here from the Blue Ridge Parkway to Virginia Beach, and all the vast treasures in between. If you love being outdoors and enjoying all nature has to offer, then look no farther than Virgina State Parks. A new website has just been launched called Virginia Outdoors. The site is designed to be one stop shopping for outdoor recreation in Virginia. If you register for the new site and become a free member of the Virginia Association of Parks, you will receive a one day pass to any Virginia park, and be entered in a drawing for cool prizes.

Boone Homes – the name says it all

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There is just something in a name. Remember when your good name meant something, and someone’s word was their bond? Most of the time it seems like those days are long behind us, but occasionally you still meet people who take pride in their good name. I know some people like that, and their name is Boone. When you buy a Boone home you are buying the years of hard work that have gone into creating a quality product. You are buying the dedication of everyone associated with Boone Homes who has worked tirelessly to craft a home that sets industry standards and maintains an even higher standard with its homeowners.

REMAX Valley

Janie Robinson Meggers, REALTOR, RE/MAX Valley, REALTORS Linda J. Danielle, REALTOR, RE/MAX Valley, REALTORS

Did you really say a pink living room?

When Boone Homes says custom built homes, we really mean it. Whether you want an elevator, a sturdy chandelier, or a pink living room–we are always happy to make your home just how you want it. You may feel a little shy making a request for something that you think “sounds silly”, but believe me we have heard it all, seen it all, and yes, we can make it all happen. Everyone has different tastes, different needs, and different dreams for what they want in their home, that is the beauty of a custom built home by Boone homes.

Buyer’s Market? So what do buyer’s want?

Everyone is aware of the situation with the economy, and that we are currently in what is called a “buyer’s market.” But what does that mean to you the buyer? I recently had the opportunity to talk to Boone Homes Vice President of Marketing, Tim Garrison, and he had a lot of insight into the new buyer’s market. He said a big problem is that many real estate agents are still using “seller’s market” tactics to try to move property, and that is not going to work in the current market. Agents need to switch their mindset to buyer’s market strategies.

Have fun, but remember…

Wow, the official start of summer is here! The beaches will be opening, and backyard barbecues will happening all across the country. I can see Dad at the grill flipping burgers, smiling as he wears his “Kiss the Cook” apron. The kids are running through sprinklers screaming and playing, and mom and grandma are in the kitchen making iced tea and cutting up the watermelon. Yes, summer is here, and we are all ready for a nice long three day weekend full of friends, family and fun.

Broadway comes to Richmond

Whether you want to be part of A Chorus Line, or “Somewhere over the Rainbow” with the Wizard of Oz, Broadway in Richmond’s Second Season has something for everyone. In addition to those two wonderful dramatic plays, the season will will also be highlighted by the Richmond premiere of the inspirational play, The Color Purple, Disney’s romantic Broadway musical Beauty and the Beast, and Hal Holbrook’s Mark Twain Tonight.

Home buyer tax credit extended for Military

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We have great news for military personnel! If you were out of the country and missed this year’s deadline for the home buyer credit. You have been given an additional year to take advantage of this great opportunity. Qualified service members who served on official duty outside the United States for more than 90 days or more at any time between Jan 1, 2009, to April 30 2010, have an additional year to buy a home and claim the credit. That means you have until April 30, 2011, to sign a sales contract, and until June 30, 2011, to close on a home. Both the $8,000 first time and $6500.00 repeat home buyer tax credits are included.

Living well can be affordable

I don’t know about you, but I have been watching every dollar these days. I have been buying less, and saving more. However, if you are like me and you like to live well, saving can be difficult. Designer clothes at discount prices can be hard to find, and some things like Estee Lauder and Dooney and Bourke seem to never go on sale.

Every Home is like a Snow Flake

Okay I know you are tired of hearing about snow, and that you are glad spring has finally arrived. I completely understand. The warm weather has been a welcome change, but I had an interesting conversation with a Boone Homes architect the other day, and I just had to pass along his vision of Boone Homes. We were discussing the beautiful home designs that Boone creates, and he told me that to him “Every home is like a snow flake.” I had to stop and think about that for a minute. Every snowflake is unique and has an individual design. If you look at them under a microscope no two snow flakes will ever be alike.

People Make the Difference

Boone Homes Offers Excellent Customer Service Ask our customers and they will tell you all about the incredible home they have purchased from Boone Homes. They will tell you of the quality construction, the architectural details, the incredible floor plan, and of course the beauty of their Boone Home. But ask them what really made the difference. What made the experience of buying a home easy and enjoyable for them, and they will tell you that it was the people at Boone Homes who really made the difference. It is the people behind the name that has made Boone Homes one of the best home builders in both Richmond and Roanoke, Virginia.

Glass in the Garden

If you are new to the Richmond area, perhaps you are not familiar with Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. If so then now might be the perfect time to visit during the annual “A Million Blooms” spring flower display. This year you can also see the Glorious “Glass in the Garden” mixed in around all of the flowers and trees in the garden. There are more than 100 pieces in this equisite exhibit by renowned glass artist Hans Godo Frabel.

Don’t worry be Happy – No Maintenance Living

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We have all heard the term maintenance free living, but what exactly does that cover and how does it work? Boone Homes Maintenance Free Living Includes – Lawns maintenance – Grass cutting and leaf removal – Seasonal chemical applications – Lawn irrigation including payment of irrigation water bills – Snow removal by the association – Annual gutter cleaning by the association – Exterior painting by the association

Mama– one word–one day–honor her

Mama — a word uttered from the mouth of a beautiful little child holding tightly to his mother’s hand. One single word has so much meaning, because to be a mom means to have given life, and most importantly to have loved and nurtured that life. Whether you are five and making mom breakfast in bed, or you are an adult who thanks mom for helping you become the person you are today, the love is the same – it fills your heart. What will you do for the amazing mom in your life this Mother’s day?

Bubble Bath Heaven

There is nothing I like more than going home to the sanctity of my spa-like bathroom and relaxing in a therapeutic bubble bath. Scented candles, relaxing music, and the gigantic bathtub filled with hot steamy water and aromatic bubbles that come all the way up around your neck and tickle your nose. Just sink down into the bubbles and let your muscles relax — ahhh — now that is how you let your troubles drift a way. I am feeling relaxed now just imagining it. For all of the lucky home owners in Richmond and Roanoke who had their homes built by luxury home builder, Boone Homes, this relaxing scene could easily be reality.