Richmond New Homes: Prime Showcase Inventory

Boone Homes, a Richmond home builder, is building immediate delivery showcase inventory homes even when many other builders cannot. At Haywood Village in Charter Colony, Boone Homes has currently built and finished 3 showcase inventory homes. Each home has 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and 3,000 to 3,100 finished square feet with additional unfinished space for storage. The owner’s suite enjoys a private bath with a soaking tub and separate shower, two large walk-in closets and a relaxing sitting room for late night reading. The gourmet kitchen is designed to enhance work flow while interacting with the rest of the family. Each home has a first floor study for that late conference call or work from home day.

The No Maintenance Life: Free to Leave

The-Barcroft-300x183.jpg (2)
The golden years are to be enjoyed and celebrated with the important people in our lives. Home maintenance and yard work should not fit into the “important” and “celebrate” category of this stage of life. For this very reason Richmond home builder, Boone Homes, intentionally designed the Courtyard Homes in Tarrington on the James. These villa homes are designed to accentuate life, not maintenance. The Tarrington Courtyard Homes have two predominant characteristics our architects kept at the forefront of their design of this neighborhood.

Real Estate Mathamatics Gone Wild

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Today’s real estate mathematicians have attempted to reduce the purchase of a home to a mathematical equation. The basic concept behind the equation is the assumption that all homes have walls, a roof, windows and doors. Because all homes have these features, they should be comparable and measured similarly. This method of measurement is called “price per square foot.” While the scheme is phenomenal, the math is a little fuzzy. I fear a good part of the equation has been overlooked. In the light of de-fuzzing mathematics, Boone Homes, a Richmond home builder, has examined the equation and found a few items to help de-fuzz this real estate math.

Luxury One-Floor Living in Richmond Va.

One-floor, luxury living used to be a dream that very few achieved; however, you can make this dream a reality by choosing Richmond home builder Boone Homes to construct your new abode. Boone Homes offers luxury living that meets your lifestyle. For example, at Bellingham at Twin Hickory, our luxury one-floor living can make life easier for you and your family.

38.1% Virtue of a New Boone Home

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Does your home feel like you are living outdoors under a blue tarp? The heater is on, the sweater is on, the house shoes are on and you’re freezing! You would like to blow your nose if Jack Frost hadn’t ripped it off during the night. Sipping coffee and reading the newspaper would be a simpler pleasure if you didn’t have to chip a frozen layer of ice off the mug and your fingers quit shaking in the cold. Discontent might surface but the frost line has slowed your reactions and you feel you are living in a modern day ice age. Where does the solution lie? (Did I mention that confusion is a side effect of hypothermia?)

Just Say NO! NO Maintenance Homes That Is

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Sometimes it is difficult to say no to someone when they invite you to an event, or ask a favor. Even if you really don’t want to, you feel an obligation to say yes. But, maybe it is time to start saying NO. Life is too short, and time is the most precious thing we possess. So, why give it away to obligations that aren’t your heart’s desire? Richmond home builder, Boone Homes, makes it easy to say no to the things you hate to do with our No Maintenance communities. By saying yes to Boone Homes, you can start saying NO to pulling weeds, NO to mowing grass, and maybe best of all this winter, NO to shoveling snow. Unless your heart’s desire is to cut grass in the summer and shovel snow in the winter — What is keeping you from saying NO — No Maintenance living that is? Now that you’ve decided on enjoying a maintenance-free life, all you have left to do is decide which Boone Homes’ Richmond new home community is right for you.

Boone Homes Gives Reason for Holiday Cheer

The cold weather has left a mark all over the country this year. Trapped, stranded and frozen travelers have experienced this icy phenomena first hand, but travelers weren’t the only ones stranded. A day after the latest snow storm froze and burst the plumbing pipes in the Tarrington neighborhood club house, the Home Owners Association was faced with a terrible dilemma: Find a new location for the neighborhood holiday party or cancel the event. Rhonda, the chair for the Tarrington Home Owners Association Events called Richmond new homes builder Boone Homes with an urgent request. The request was, “Can we use one of your Boone Homes?”

Roanoke’s “Home Builder of the Year” is Ronald Boothe of Boone Homes

On Thursday, December 9th, 2010, the Roanoke Regional Homebuilders Association (RRHBA) had their annual Christmas dinner, and Toys for Tots Celebration. At this festive event, they announced the winners of the Members of the Year Awards, and Boone Homes’ Vice President and General Manager, Ronald J. Boothe was honored with the award for Builder of the Year.

Come Home to a Boone Home in 2011 !

Have you started writing your New Year’s Resolutions yet? Where will you be in 2011 ? What goals have you set ? Maybe they are the usual, lose some weight, quit smoking, eat healthier — we all have our own personal goals we want to meet in the coming year. Maybe the changes need to start at home. Is your current home meeting all the needs of you and your family ? Many of us are displeased with our homes and our living space, and it clutters up many areas of your lives. A new home can give you more space you need for that exercise room, or a new home office can give you time to do those projects at home, and keep you from staying at the office so late. A new home offers so many ways to improve your life, and your family’s. It could be just the change you need for the New Year !

Would you do it again?

“Would you do it again?” Simply a question. A questions which is more a synopsis of whether the purchase or event was really worth the effort and cost. Take sky diving for example. If I were to actually jump out of a perfectly good airplane, you might see me after the event and ask me a few questions as to why I looked so queasy and pale. Almost without missing a beat you would pop the real questions psychologist refer to as the “meta-question.” The Meta-question would answer everything beyond the superfluous formalities of general small talk.

Luxury Homes in Haywood Village at Charter Colony from the $400s

We build Richmond new homes designed with your family in mind. Just visit The Village of Haywood in Charter Colony (click here to view neighborhood) to experience the large lots yourself. Ranging from 1/3 acre to over ½ acre, each home site leaves you plenty of space to build a snow main, play on your swing set, shot some soccer goals or simply relax on the patio with a glass of lemonade. Take a family walk to the neighborhood park or an evening stroll on the community sidewalks.

Don’t Buy Gifts, Buy Experiences

The season for giving is here and I thought you might want to reconsider your list. Recently we experienced blessed fellowship in the yard with nature and specifically with leaves. The type of experience that creates strained backs, wobbly ladders, high gutters and IcyHot patches. Reality tells me this experience couldn’t possibly be an enduring family memory of significant value. This experience is more a fall ritual that has met its expiration date. Not the type of experience that is easily replaced with that of a snow shovel. Nor the type of experience that leads to family unity. There is more to life than these.

Celebrate the Holidays in Your New Luxury Home in Richmond

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Okay ladies, close your eyes and imagine your perfect day. You are shopping at the most incredible stores, you find something for everyone on your Christmas list — in their size, favorite color, and on sale. You leave the stores, and drive home smiling with happiness over your new purchases. Holiday music plays on the radio as you drive home imagining how this Christmas is going to be one of the best you have ever had. The scene is set in your mind with your family around the tree in your beautiful home, opening all the great gifts you just bought. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? But it isn’t a fantasy, that perfect day can be yours. The shopping, that is at Short Pump Town Center. The mecca of the shopping experience in Richmond. The beautiful Christmas scene, that is in your new living room in your new Boone Home, the builder of the best luxury homes in Richmond.

Christmas Tradition Is Deep In Roanoke

ChristmasTree_DSC06175-225x300.jpg (1)
When you buy a new home from Roanoke custom home builder Boone Homes in a new home in neighborhoods like Devoncroft and Hampshire, you are buying more than just a quality home in a great neighborhood within the best school districts. You are signing up for the experience of living in charming Roanoke. Roanoke is known as a city of festivals from Local Colors to Festival in the Park and many, many more. December 3 marks the beginning of a nearly 30 year Roanoke festival tradition, Dickens of a Christmas.

The Coach Homes of Kinloch: No Maintenance Boone Homes with 1st floor Owner’s Suite

kinloch_harcourt_lg-300x188.jpg (3)
Kinloch—the power of the name reminds you of an ancient Scottish land, and the vast power and greatness of the Highlands. If you are looking for luxury homes in Richmond, you love the Kinloch neighborhood. As you drive down the private lane, you feel as though you are being swept away to another realm, where stress and worries don’t exist. What is this power that Kinloch has to make you feel so at peace? Kinloch is apart from the ordinary; Kinloch is quiet luxury.

Santa buys a new luxury home in Richmond!

Boone-Homes-Blairshire-300x164.jpg (1)
Santa Claus is buying a new home in Richmond VA. Of all the wonderful choices available, he looked at many luxury homes in Richmond before choosing the Boone Homes neighborhood of Coach Homes of Kinloch. I can just picture Santa sitting in his beautiful new study, feet propped up on the desk eating cookies and looking over his list – checking it twice. With the spaciousness of a Boone Home, there is plenty of room for the elves, and Mrs. Clause is divinely happy in her new state of the art kitchen. The no maintenance community means that Santa won’t even have to shovel the driveway to get the sled out for Christmas Eve. Now that thought really makes Santa smile, living at the North Pole has made Santa really appreciate No Maintenance Living. The elves appreciate it too — you don’t think Santa shoveled the drive alone do you?

Rainy Play Date Solution

Rain does not make a very good day for a play date. Slides are wet, swings are wet, not to mention all that mud. Hiding in a pavilion waiting for the rain to pass is no fun at all. What if there was another solution?

Some things are Timeless … Boone Homes

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I was so excited when I went in a store at the mall with my teen-age daughter a few days ago, and saw the clothing from the 80’s was back in style. Isn’t it amazing how styles change, and people scramble to make sure they are keeping up. Imagine the whole “Miami Vice” look coming back — brings a little tear to your eye doesn’t it? While leg warmers, parachute pants, and other great things may be back in style for a little while, some things like a little black dress or a strand of pearls are timeless and never go out of style. It is the same with new luxury homes in Richmond by Boone Homes, our homes are built to be timeless. Our styles and designs are created to look as good in 10, 20 or even 30 years as they do now. That is an important thing to consider when making an investment in a home. Whether you plan to stay in your new home forever, or re-sell in ten years, it is important that it stay in “style”.

Happy Thanksgiving from Richmond’s Home Builder — Boone Homes !

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Happy Thanksgiving Richmond! (and everyone else) Do you have big plans this year? Hmm.. something like eating until your stretchy pants are tight? Ha Ha … I think everyone has that same plan. Well, just in case you decide to get out and enjoy the weekend, we at Boone Homes, thought you might want to know about a couple of exciting events happening around town this weekend.