Grey Oaks Villas Testimonial

Living in a no maintenance community will provide the freedom to allow you to experience life. When you purchase a no maintenance home built by Boone Homes, here is what you can expect: 1. More time to travel 2. More time to visit with family 3. More time to visit with friends

New Home Tax Credit for Military Personnel Ends Soon

Attention military personnel! Your time is almost up to take advantage of the extended deadline for the New Home Tax Credit on Richmond new homes. If you were out of the country and missed last year’s deadline for the home buyer credit, you were given an additional year to take advantage of this great opportunity. Qualified service members who served on official duty outside the United States for 90 days or more at any time between Jan. 1, 2009 and April 30 2010 have an additional year to buy a home and claim the credit. That means you have until April 30, 2011 to sign a sales contract, and until June 30, 2011, to close on a home. Both the $8,000 first-time and $6,500 repeat home buyer tax credits are included.

Bellingham Luxury Homes Offer No Maintenance Lifestyle

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Why settle for just a house when you can experience the joys of a luxury, no maintenance lifestyle at Bellingham in Twin Hickory, located in Henrico County? This pedestrian friendly community offers buyers all-brick Richmond new homes, miles of meandering sidewalks, sparkling swimming pool and pool house, lighted tennis courts and fun community social events. However, that’s not even the best part: Bellingham’s no maintenance lifestyle offers residents the gift of time, allowing you to finally get around to the things that you want to do.

Richmond New Homes Best Cubbies and Laundry Rooms

Everyone’s life has become so hectic. It’s hard to keep all your children’s little extras organized. With Boone Homes’ entryway mudrooms and built in cubbies in our Richmond new homes, keeping your family organized is easier than ever! Our mudrooms’ spaciousness and extra cabinetry will give you all the room you need to keep organized and do your laundry easily and efficiently. This is a great space to hang coats, take off muddy shoes or wipe off muddy dog paws, drop off the mail, or post reminder notes for the family. Whether you’re using it to store sports equipment, backpacks or both, this room is the perfect spot to make sure all your necessities are in one place.

Tips to Sell Your Ex-Home

To experience life to the fullest you need to move into one of the luxury homes in Richmond constructed in a Boone Homes no maintenance neighborhood. Why? So you can be free to live life. You know, the kind of experiences you worked so hard for: time to travel, time to see the grandkids and time to begin new and continue cherished traditions. The problem is you’re consumed with maintaining the home you want to be your ex-home. So how do you make the transition?

Only in Richmond!

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This weekend offers tons of excitement with several events happening near your Richmond custom homes. We have a monster truck show, the best of Virginia’s wines and a day of dance and health awareness! Where else but Richmond, Va. could you have such diversity? If you like big trucks and want to see some live action make sure you come out to the “Thunder Nationals.” The monster trucks will be at the Richmond Coliseum crushing cars and doing outrageous stunts this Friday and Saturday, Feb. 25 and 26 at 7:30 p.m.

Why is that house BLUE?!

Driving through the Hampshire community in Roanoke you may notice a strange sight…a blue house. Don’t worry; you won’t see hot pink or fluorescent yellow homes popping up. We at Boone Homes have not lost our minds and decided to try new extreme exteriors. What you are seeing is SIS™ board, the first step towards ENERGY STAR® qualification for the home. As the leading Roanoke custom home builder we spent many hours researching the best products based on building science to achieve an energy efficient home at the best value for our home owners. Dow’s SIS™ board ranked very high in our list of “must haves.”

Experience Life in a No Maintenance Home

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The misery of spring maintenance will be upon us shortly. Long days in the yards of our Richmond new homes, consumed with planting beds, mulching, weeding, irrigating, cutting, raking, pruning, fertilizing, visiting the nursery and aching body are only a few days away. Maintenance robs you of life’s experiences and binds you in fetters of servitude to a paint brush, power washer and a ladder. However, life doesn’t have to be this way. When you purchase a Boone No maintenance home, you are free to experience life. Without having to do maintenance around your home you’ll have time to visit family or take a vacation. You’ll even be able to leave the pain medications and heat wraps in the medicine cabinet.

Villas at Grey Oaks, Richmond Custom Homes Testimonial

When you purchase a new no maintenance home built by Richmond home builder Boone Homes, you’re free to experience life. Raphe and Alicia both encountered a tremendous change in lifestyle when they purchased a no maintenance home. They chose to free themselves from the chores of home maintenance to experience life a little. Take a look at this video and see for yourself what this lifestyle is all about. You’ll be freed up from what consumes you so you can experience life. Without having to do maintenance around your home you now may find the time to visit family, enjoy the grandkids more often, take a cruise, eat more dinners with friends or read a book.

Roanoke’s Custom Home Builder – Boone Homes

Are you looking for new homes in Roanoke? Then look no further than Roanoke’s custom homebuilder Boone Homes. We have been helping people settle into the Roanoke area for more than 30 years. Our quality craftsmanship and attention to detail please even the most selective buyers. We offer a variety of neighborhoods to pick from that can meet the needs of any buyer from the new family to senior adults. Whatever your lifestyle, whatever your needs, we have a home that is perfect for you.

Picasso Exhibit Coming to Richmond

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The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) is marking its 75th anniversary with an amazing Picasso exhibit entitled, Picasso: Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris. Richmond is one of only seven cities to have the honor of showing the exhibit on its international tour, and it is the only city on the East Coast that will house the exhibit. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get out of Richmond new homes for a day of exploration.

Advice For Selling Your Richmond Real Estate

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You’re ready to explore the Richmond new homes built by Boone Homes, but you still have to sell your current abode. If you are not in the business of selling homes on a daily basis you may wonder what it takes to complete the process. In today’s economy it may seem that homes only change hands when the seller pays the buyer to take the home. However, this perception is false. Homes continue to sell. Some homes are even getting multiple offers.

Luxury Homes in Richmond, Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

It’s time to celebrate the love of your life. You know the one you dance with in the rain, the one who fills your heart and your days with love. That’s right it’s time for Valentine’s Day. Are you having trouble thinking of ways to show the one you love how you truly feel? Are you tired of the traditional candy and flowers? Do you need ideas for the big date? Well, here are some suggestions for you from your friendly neighborhood Richmond home builder Boone Homes.

Things just aren’t built the way they used to be…

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Things just aren’t built the way they used to be. Have you had that thought recently as the latest gadget that you bought fell into pieces in your hands? How many toys did your children get for Christmas that are already broken? It seems when I was a child that they built toys to be indestructible, but toys just like cars and homes seem to be built with less pride and care in their craftsmanship these days. It’s sad, but it seems that most things are only built to last long enough to outlast the warranty – if it even has one.

Never Shovel Snow in Roanoke Again !

After last winter’s record breaking snowfall across the state and the rare White Christmas we had this year, you must be thinking of all the snow ahead of us this winter. If you’re looking for Roanoke real estate, but don’t want the hassle of shoveling snow, then look no further than the Coach Homes of Southwood; Boone Homes’ No Maintenance Community in Roanoke. During our last snowfall in December, I drove through the Southwood community (of course after several hours of shoveling my own driveway and clearing snow off my car), and what did I see? All of the driveways were clear of snow and the sunshine was melting what little ice was left. These homeowners have realized their dream of never shoveling snow in Roanoke again.

Stone Manor, Custom Roanoke Real Estate

Roanoke custom home builder Boone Homes offers luxury, convenience and custom homes at Stone Manor. With traditional and arts and crafts styles finished in Colonial colors, the 54 homes of Stone Manor create a cozy, family-oriented neighborhood in Southwest Roanoke County. The functional home designs and the convenient location within minutes of Tanglewood Mall make this community easy to live and to love.

Roanoke Real Estate with ENERGY STAR Packages

Boone Homes is proud to be an ENERGY STAR® New Home Construction Partner, offering Energy Efficient packages in both the Richmond and Roanoke real estate markets. Many are familiar with the blue ENERGY STAR® on household appliances like a refrigerator or dishwasher. People know that if they see the blue star the appliance will use less energy and therefore cost less to run than traditional appliances. But what does it all mean when it comes to new home construction? In a nutshell it means the same thing; ENERGY STAR® qualified homes will use less energy than a traditionally built house and therefore will result in lower energy bills. But that’s not all; an ENERGY STAR® house will be more comfortable and healthier for your family by controlling the air and moisture within your home.

What would you do with $1200?

Does your home pay you back $1,200 a year? Why not? A new Boone Home with Energy Star features would. Boone Homes, a Richmond home builder, has incorporated the latest Energy Star construction technology into the homes we are building. The new construction technology is saving about $1,200 a year on energy bills. How do we know? Easy. Boone Homes took two heating bills from December 2010 for homes built exactly alike in all ways except one had Energy Star features, the other did not. The home with Energy Star features outperformed the non-Energy Star home by roughly $100! This study was only comparing new homes, not new to used. What would the difference have been if the home had been a used home? I can safely assume the difference would have been more significant.

Showcase Richmond New Homes Ready for You

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The showcase inventory home located at 14113 Charter Landing Court will not last long. The home, constructed by Richmond home builder, Boone Homes, features a splendid and functional floor plan melded with luxury and practicality. The first floor study can provide a private business oasis without sacrificing proximity to the family or can double as another bedroom for the occasional holiday guest. The placid master suite bath will provide relaxation for even the most stressful of days. The soaking tub can drown away difficulties and events while renewing the spirit. No need to get out of the tub, however, your separate shower will help for the days on the go.

Richmond New Homes Offer the Best Value for Your Dollar

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I don’t know about you, but I have been budgeting my money lately, and carefully scrutinizing every purchase that I make. I think we all have been choosing items more carefully, and making sure we get the best value for our dollar; but, sometimes it’s hard to know what the best value is. If something is cheaper, maybe the quality isn’t as good, or maybe there are hidden costs. Have you ever seen a commercial advertising a new car at some ridiculously low price, and think: “What’s the catch?” There’s always a catch, right? If you investigate, you find out that you really can’t purchase a car for that price — unless of course you don’t plan on needing an engine or tires. Sometimes it can be the same way in the housing market: The lowest price for Richmond new homes isn’t always the best value.