Used Home vs. Used Car: A great analogy

What would your expectations be of a vehicle you purchased built in 1996? Would you expect the ash tray to be backed up with wrappers, coins and maybe a little ash? Would you expect the windows to roll down manually? Would you expect to find chicken nuggets wedged under the seat? What sort of gas mileage could you expect? Even if the vehicle is in mint condition, would you expect a few idiosyncrasies? Could you expect to invest more money in repairs? These are all good questions to ponder when considering vehicles with a little age on the odometer. Would any of these questions apply to a used home? I say they do, especially if you compare them to the new homes built by Boone Homes, a Richmond home builder. I’ve counted a few reasons why.

Tarrington Courtyard Living at its Best!

Rhonda and Lindsey’s desire was to find Richmond real estate offering a no maintenance lifestyle that would free them up to experience life and not be bound by the routine. Once they found the Courtyard Villas in Tarrington on the James, they realized that they had found their dream. Rhonda and Lindsey loved the ability to customize their home, personalize their interior finishes and even build their home from out of state. Their experience has been rewarded to the point where they say “Buy Boone! Go nowhere else!” Take a look at this video and judge for yourself.

Spring Maintenance in Full Bloom

April showers bring May flowers….and weeds, aerating, fertilizing, irrigating, mowing, mulching and so much more. All winter was spent breaking the restless curse of cabin fever only to be bound by eternal yard maintenance. What is the solution? What about a home in which you don’t sacrifice a yard, but you get to enjoy someone else doing the maintenance? Boone Homes, a Richmond home builder, has just the homes for you. For those wishing to be efficient with space and downsize, a look at our Courtyard Homes in Tarrington will do the trick. The Courtyard Villas in Tarrington range in size from 2,550 square feet to homes well over 4,000 square feet.

What do you really want in your new Roanoke custom home?

If you tuned into Food Network’s “Challenge” on April 10, then you saw a Roanoke Valley rising star. The owners of Blue Collar Joe’s, a gourmet donut shop in Daleville, faced off with other donut gurus from around the country. Blue Collar Joe’s offers just about any kind of donut you can imagine including favorites in my household – bacon maple blueberry pancake and a classic chocolate and peanut turtle. Just like Joe’s, Boone Homes is a local family owned company that strives to provide our customers with the opportunity to choose exactly what they want in their Roanoke custom homes.

Courtyard Villas in Tarrington on the James Testimonial

Jim and Carol took their time in seeking out the right place to live. Their desire was to find a no maintenance lifestyle that would free them up to experience life and not be bound by the routine. Once they found the Richmond maintenance free homes at Courtyard Villas in Tarrington on the James, they realized that they had found their dream. After plenty of research they realized that they could confidently commit to living in a Courtyard Villa. Their experience has been rewarded. Take a look at this video and judge for yourself.

Showcase Inventory Home at Haywood Village Offers Luxury

Located in Haywood Village in Charter Colony is a showcase inventory home built by Richmond home builder Boone Homes that will not last long! This Chesterfield County new home features a functional floor plan melded with luxury. The first floor study allows you to have a private home office while remaining close to your family or it can double as another bedroom for the occasional holiday guest. Buyers will love the peaceful master suite bath with a soaking tub to relax away life’s stresses and a separate shower for busy days on-the-go.

Energy Efficient New Home Construction

People are taking note of Boone Homes’ push to offer Roanoke energy efficient homes. Tim Garrison, VP of Sales and Marketing for Boone Homes, has been teaching classes on the topic of energy efficiency in new home construction to local real estate agents. The response has been great! Agents comment on how much they’ve learned and their colleagues are also requesting classes to be taught to their office or team. In addition to agents’ interest being peaked, a reporter from The Roanoke Times, Betsy Biesenback, wrote an article in the March 25 Spring Spaces Special Edition of Homes NOW on energy efficiency, with much emphasis on the Boone Homes journey towards our first ENERGY STAR® home qualification. Below are excerpts from this great article.

The Villas at Grey Oaks, Luxury No Maintenance Living

Nestled inside the exclusive, 85-home community of Grey Oaks, and boasting a trendy Short Pump location, are The Villas. Featuring three and four bedroom floor plans priced from the $400,000s, The Villas at Grey Oaks offers easy, one-floor living in ranch and one-and-a-half story homes. With living areas spanning from 2,600 to 3,800 square feet, space is never a problem.

Another Satisfied Customer

Recently, Carl and Sharon sat down to share their experiences with purchasing a new home, and why they chose Richmond home builder, Boone Homes. The couple experienced a tremendous lifestyle change when they decided to purchase a no maintenance home. When Carl and Sharon began their home search, they knew exactly what they were looking for: plenty of storage space because they had come from a fairly large home and had accumulated a lot of stuff; luxurious standard features and finishes; and location. The couple chose one of Boone Homes’ move-in ready homes because they found a floor plan that embodied everything they wanted.

Showcase Inventory Home Immediately Ready for You!

The residence at 3713 Ellerton Drive in Midlothian, built by Richmond home builder Boone Homes, is a showcase inventory home that will not last long! Located in Tarrington on the James, the home features a splendid and functional floor plan melded with luxury and practicality. The first floor study can provide a private business oasis without sacrificing proximity to the family or can double as another bedroom for the occasional holiday guest. A full, finished basement will allow you the space to relax in the family game room.

The Exciting World of Roof Trusses…No Really!

Roof trusses are one of those things that most of us don’t think much about. We know they’re there and we trust they will support the roof over our heads, but that is usually where our thinking stops. Trusses aren’t exactly the exciting topic that things like cabinets and countertops can be for buyers of new homes in Roanoke, but that’s all about to change. Boone Homes is leading the way for Roanoke new home builders by making raised heel roof trusses standard in all of our plans.

4.5 Reasons That Betray Judgment

There are 4.5 basic reasons that can get us into trouble when we are looking at purchasing a new home. Usually these reasons act as the sole determining metric for decisions. The problem with these metrics is the illogical sway they have on our purchasing decision; and it may lead us to choose a home that we’re unhappy with instead of the Richmond maintenance free homes of our dreams. Take a look for yourself and let me know your thoughts. 1. Initial cost of ownership is a short sighted metric used to determine what will get the contract executed you into the home — not what it will cost to own the home. For example: Recently, a purchaser who had looked at our new Energy Star homes came back to my office and confessed that she had made the wrong choice. The home she had purchased was a hands down great deal until it morphed into having three mortgages. One mortgage for conditioning the home, another mortgage toward maintaining the home and the last mortgage was toward owning the home and paying the principle and interest. There were a few unforeseen problems, as she confessed. The biggest problem was energy costs. The initial great deal was eventually at the cost of quality and energy efficiency.

Long-Term Home Ownership has Value

These days, homeowners are choosing to stay in their Richmond maintenance free homes longer; and, not only are buyers choosing to stay in their homes longer, but they also have a positive long-term view of homeownership according to the 2010 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers survey. Typical sellers live in their homes an average of eight years before choosing to move on. However, the survey reports that first-time buyers plan to keep their homes for 10 years, and repeat buyers plan to stay in their property for 15 years. Why? Vicki Cox Golder, National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) 2010 President, asserts that long-term homeownership promotes stability and increases the value of the buyer’s investment.

Homeowners May Save Big During Tax Time

Like it or not, the deadline to complete your taxes is quickly approaching. For some (the early birds who finish and submit their taxes early) this is a time for joy; for others (those of you who procrastinate until the last second) it can be a time of anxiety. If the thought of doing your taxes makes you break out into cold sweats, consider this: Many homeowners save big during tax time. Owners of new homes in Roanoke are finding out that there are many financial benefits of homeownership, totally a savings of thousands of dollars over several years. Some of the sources of tax savings include deductions for mortgage interest and real estate taxes. Do you want to make the most of your tax deductions? Homeowners who choose to itemize their federal tax income deductions can deduct 100 percent of their mortgage interest payments.

Coach Homes of Kinloch Offer the Freedom of First-Floor Living

KINLOCH-Family-300x250.jpg (2)
The name Kinloch evokes images of a beautiful Scottish moors and a sense of ancient mystique, where time stops and the hassle of day-to-day life doesn’t exist. The Coach Homes of Kinloch definitely live up to their name. From the time you enter the community, you’re transported to a life of stress-free luxury. Nestled near the shores of the 70-acre Broad Branch Lake, Kinloch is an enclave of 91 Richmond maintenance free homes offering single-level living that is convenient for both active adults and busy professionals. The Coach Homes of Kinloch boast four-sides brick exteriors, first-floor master suites with his-and-her master baths, three to five bedrooms and up to 3.5 bathrooms, starting at $499,950. You’ll love our floorplans that feature an elegant Georgian architectural design ranging from 2,600 to 4,600 square feet.

Gift of Time

Steven Covey and other great time management gurus have expounded on the virtues and principles of time management. One of the simplest ways to be effective with time is to make a list of items to be accomplished and systematically complete the most important ones at the top and progress to the bottom of the list. A new list every day will increase productivity. Here is a typical list you may encounter if you don’t live in Richmond maintenance free homes.

Boone Homes’ Satisfies Homebuyer needs

Testimonial video of the features, benefits and lifestyle of living in a Boone Homes No maintenance neighborhood. Come enjoy the relaxation, convenience, and freedom a No Maintenance neighborhood brings.

No Maintenance Living offers the Gift of Time: Courtyard Homes at Tarrington on the James

Moorecroft-Scubbed-300x185.png (1)
When you first enter the Courtyard Homes in Tarrington, you know there is something special about this neighborhood. Obviously these are some of the best luxury homes in Richmond, but what is it that makes them so special? Is it the all brick homes? Is it the blend of classic architecture with old world architecture? Is it the freedom of No Maintenance Living? It isn’t one thing that makes the Boone Courtyard Homes special, it’s everything. These are the ultimate Richmond maintenance free homes.

Details That Really Count When Purchasing New Homes in Richmond

GV-Model-sunroom-4-300x200.jpg (1)
Small things are what separate a quality life experience form a miserable one. Details transfer over to every area of life, including purchasing a home. Because of this Richmond home builder Boone Homes is offering a few insights into the home buying process so that you may have an exceptional experience. For example: Looking only at a home and the function of the home does little to quantify the lifestyle of the neighborhood in which the home will be located. The sum of all the details is what will equal the full measure of your entire life experience. Here are some details to consider: References: Don’t be afraid to ask a builder for homeowners who have built more than one home with them. Boone Homes has the highest rate of repeat clients in the Richmond metro area, with some having bought three Boone Homes.