How to Know You are in Good Hands: Richmond New Home Warranty

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There is no greater disappointment than purchasing an extended warranty and finding out in the hour of need the warranty will not be honored. The extra monies spent wasted. The dream destroyed. Warranty is a promise. Unfulfilled warranty is a promise broken. As a leading Richmond custom home builder, we believe in honoring our promises. Each home built is accompanied by a 1/2/5 warranty that is not vague, but well defined in writing and a copy is given to each homeowner. Unlike the warranty from others where you have to raise the issue if something goes wrong, we will contact you first.

Great Expectations: Unbeatable Process

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Every athlete has extremely high expectations for themselves. Training, working, resting and more training is due process for excellence. Olympic hopefuls create regimented and precise routines, diets and exercises with the intent of excelling and winning gold during the main event. Their ultimate goal is to perform exceptionally, without error or defect. Boone Homes, a Richmond custom home builder, has similar expectations. The arduous task of controlling processes was defined and refined by the heart of Boone Homes, David Owen. The refined process has exponentially improved how Boone Homes builds, customizes and assists its future homeowner through building a new home.

Great Expectations: Expected Virtue

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When buyers decide to build new homes in Richmond there are many expectations, though one stands out from the crowd. The expectation is that the home will be built in a quality neighborhood with quality materials and exceptional workmanship. This expectation, though anticipated, isn’t always inspected, leaving many homeowners with their hands full in a difficult neighborhood after the builder warranty runs out of service. Sadly, the pursuit for quality is vague and the definition is left to the sales person profiting from the transaction instead of being defined by the industry and homeowners who live in the homes. Boone Homes is building homes with a keen attention to quality. This quality plays out in several areas which I will now list:

Great Expectations: How Does it Work?

When it comes to new homes in Richmond, there can be a sense of mystery surrounding the unknown. The mystery of the unknown is, “do I live with the devil of the house I’m in with all the shortcomings that are so apparent, or take a chance with the unknown quantity of what a new home would provide.” After all, many of us have heard reports of homes not performing to expectations. Though this may be the case with some builders, Boone Homes has raised the bar on performance as well as what can be expected. Since it is summer in the Mid-Atlantic we can begin talking about the energy consumption one can expect from a home. To level the playing field a little, we will do this comparison on energy price per square foot. The homes surveyed are approximately 3,100 square feet in size with similar amounts of rooms, bathrooms and unfinished space.

Richmond Custom Home Builder Testimonial

Bob and Mora took their time in seeking out the right place to live. Their desire was to find a family estate neighborhood of new homes in Richmond that would be conveniently located with the best lifestyle features. Once they found the Haywood Village at Charter Colony, they realized that they had found their dream. After plenty of research, they realized that they could confidently commit to living in a Boone Homes’ luxury new home community. Their experience has been rewarded. Take a look at this video and judge for yourself. Constructed by Richmond custom home builder, Boone Homes, the luxurious homes at Haywood Village in Charter Colony offer buyers spacious floor plans, large home sites and a comfortable community. The neighborhood’s traditional, two-story floor plans boast four to five bedrooms and range from 2,700 to 4,800 square feet. Every buyer is sure to find the home of his or her dreams with options such as three-car garages, first-floor studies, lofts and dramatic two-story foyers.

Get Out of Your Richmond New Homes and Enjoy the Beach

Summer and the beach are like old friends, seldom separated. Crashing waves, people buried in sand, castles and princesses being chased by ungallant knights with the rude intent of getting royalty wet. All the activity followed by a glass of lemonade and a spectacular sunset. Rest would be complete if someone was able to keep track of the yard left behind. The grass will be knee high by the time you get home – unless you lived in a neighborhood of Richmond custom homes where all that maintenance was taken care of routinely, even if you are at the beach. No maintenance homes and neighborhoods have existed in the Richmond area for quite some time. These neighborhoods are best suited for the serious professional and for those with an active adult lifestyle.

The Value of Digital Richmond New Homes

What would be the value be in having each room in the house wired with a data jack that could be used for phone or computer? What values would there be in Richmond new homes that had surround sound wiring already built into their rooms? What would be the value of a first floor study with data, cable and phone jacks for all the possible technology a home office could need? What would the value be of a digital home? Would having the home prewired with digital technology prevent you from patching walls torn by technology needs?

Heavenly Lazy Summer Days on the Patio of Your Richmond New Home

Lazy summer days are best enjoyed on the low maintenance patio with an iPad, Kindle or other wireless reading devise. A gentle breeze can manipulate the senses as you read “The Count of Monte Cristo” and transform your yard into a high stakes duel with the ocean’s salt wind in your face. Sip a tangy fruit smoothie and catch up on the latest wireless version of “Food and Family” and find the best dessert recipe for the evening’s cook out. A patio is certainly the best place to spend lazy summer days – as long as you don’t have to consistently spend time maintaining it. You have more to do than spend time every year maintaining a wooden deck. Life is too short for unneeded maintenance. For this reason, Boone Homes constructs luxury homes in Richmond with low maintenance aggregate patios. With each custom home built, the patio is designed in size and configuration by the purchaser to fit his or her lifestyle. Custom features such as outdoor kitchens, grilling stations, fire pits, built-in seating and more have been included into our custom patio designs. No time to wait? We build showcase homes ready for you to move into. Each showcase home is designed and finished inside and out with custom and luxury details. You simply cannot go wrong in purchasing a new home built by Boone.

Maintenance Free Richmond New Home Testimonial

Mike and Lou had the desire to find luxury homes in Richmond with a maintenance free lifestyle that would free them up to experience life and not be bound by the routine. Once they found the Courtyard Villas in Tarrington on the James, they realized that they had found their dream. Mike and Lou loved the ability to customize their home, personalize their interior finishes and even build their home from out of state. Their experience was rewarded with a quality new home and a carefree lifestyle. Take a look at this video and judge for yourself.

Spend Father’s Day Grilling on the Patios of Richmond New Homes

Man food throughout the centuries has always been cooked over a raging fire. Brontosaurus, water buffalo, chicken, burgers, kabobs, steak and ribs all taste better over an open flame. Father’s Day (the day man proves his grill’n expertise) is where flame-broiled is the order of the day. What better place to grill than the low maintenance patio in the private sodded back yards of our luxury homes in Richmond? Every new home needs a “man pad” for grilling. The best possible place to grill is on a low maintenance patio. These patios are poured out of concrete at the time in which the home is being built and offer a great non-flammable surface should the raging fire get a little out of hand. Adequately sized for furniture, the patio can serve as a location for that post-grilling quiet evening family dinner, the entertainment hub during a block party or the stadium seating for the kids pick up soccer game. Whether the agenda for the day is grilling a slab of triceratops while enjoying a glass of lemonade or just relaxing with a good book, the low maintenance patio can accommodate.

Richmond Custom Homes with New Technology vs. Quaint Technology

Recently I was driving home and I passed a genuine Studebaker car. The experience was nostalgic. My childhood was revisited as I beheld the beauty passing by. Without thinking, I quickly pulled out my camera and shot the picture in the mirror. With the temperatures in the upper 90s and their windows down, all I could think is they must be really hot. The car passed into memory, but the thoughts on the car took me into research mode consulting Wikipedia for more information. As I flipped through Wikipedia the thought came to me that I was looking into yesterday’s technology. The nostalgia of yesterday is quaint, but difficult to maintain; and, from watching the passengers, hard to cool.

How to Buy Richmond Real Estate

When considering a selling your existing home and moving there are several key factors to consider in the equation. In this post we will evaluate one key component to successfully navigate and purchase Richmond new homes. In the world of Richmond real estate there are only two main groups of homes. The two groups are composed of new homes, where no one has ever lived before; and used homes, where someone has lived before. Seems basic enough, right? The challenge is filtering through these two groups. One will find there is plenty of room for conversation and error.

New Magical River Front Park

“And they lived happily ever after….” if that had been the end of the story. In the case of Tarrington on the James, a community of luxury homes in Richmond, the dream is continuing to be built. The newest phase of this dream is the new river front park following the James River that is now open to the residents of Tarrington on the James. Just imagine a nice stroll in the park that will relax the senses, realign the lucky stars and transition you from the busy day to an organic walk into nature. The private neighborhood park has paths and seating along the river front and can sooth the worries of even the most troubled day.

Richmond New Home Leadership

The history of Richmond is deep, colorful and diverse. Patrick Henry and his speech in Saint John’s Church and many more events have shaped the resolve and view of many Richmonders. If the past is any indication of where the future lies, Richmond will be at the forefront of innovation and leadership. Boone Homes, a Richmond home builder, has a rich philosophy of improvement, innovation and leadership in the new home industry. Like the resolve, detail and delivery invested in Patrick Henry’s speech, every detail of a home is planned out in advance and executed completely. Boone Homes has internalized innovation and led the way by building all their homes with ENERGY STAR® features that save home owners more than 38 percent in heating and cooling costs. The detail showcased in every home has been rigorously planned by a staff architect who has won multiple awards in design.

Your Greatest Asset: Energy Efficient Richmond New Homes

Energy costs are going up. One of the most significant expenses in owning a home is the heating and cooling costs. What if I told you about a new home that could be cooled in the summer buy using a single ice cube? What would your reaction be? You’d be looking for the catch, which there certainly would be one unless you lived in an igloo. What if the truth was that the Richmond new homes built by Boone Homes could save you 38 percent or more in just heating and cooling costs alone? What would your reaction be? What would your reaction be if I told you that the 38 percent savings is in comparison to other new homes? When the same home is compared to a used home, the savings increases even further. Would you be shocked to know it is true?

3.5 Virtues of Richmond New Homes with a First Floor Study

Noise resonates around walls, under closed doors and slices through conversations. The rumble of sound consumes the silence with fervor. If only there was an office away from the office where things could actually be completed and progress accomplished. If only I could find a business oasis that would not devour family time, clutter the kitchen table and consume a guest bedroom. Has the noise epidemic ruined your home office? What if your home had an office? Not just another space, but a genuine office. What would the impact be? What if that office was on the first floor? Would the home suddenly be virtuous? Boone Homes builds custom Richmond new homes, many of which have a first floor study. Though there are probably more, here are 3.5 virtues we have found in a first floor study.

Larger Richmond New Homes, Less Energy

Richmond new homes have drastically changed in the last few years. The high cost of energy has contributed directly to this change. Now it seem like a good plan to try and purchase a more energy efficient home, maybe even a new home with updated insulation and current energy features. Maybe you’ve been curious on all the new energy efficient products available today, but have thought the home is too expensive to really be a serious consideration. Maybe you didn’t know that ENERGY STAR® was not just for appliances, and that homes could also be ENERGY STAR® rated. So what is the benefit of an ENERGY STAR® home?

Your Greatest Asset: Richmond New Homes

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Investments are always a challenge. The view into what investment will appreciate, and what investment will depreciate can only be known with certainty in hind sight. However, here is one key source of data to analyze in order to increase your chances of a good investment in Richmond real estate: Location.

Richmond New Homes are Ready for You Now!

This Artisan home built by Boone Homes, a Richmond home builder, is ready for occupancy. There are plenty of reasons why you will want to take a look at this Richmond new home located in Charter Colony. The first floor boasts an expansive family room with a gas log fire place turned down low for that late night show. The cozy breakfast area and designer kitchen with granite counter tops augment the interior appeal of the home and provide the gathering place for the party, or holiday event. With all of the first-floor adorned with hardwood floors there is little reason to shy away from hosting the party in the formal dining room. Retreat to the first-floor study for the mid-afternoon conference call without deserting the family. This expansive home boasts 5 bedrooms and 3-1/2 baths.

New Home from Richmond Home Builder Boone Homes

This new home built by Boone Homes, a Richmond home builder, is ready for occupancy. The home features an open, first-floor plan with a gourmet kitchen featuring granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. Kick off your shoes in the deluxe mudroom and hang your coat on the designer built-in cubbies. Enjoy the latest magazine on the deck overlooking the private yard with sod and irrigation. Relax in the basement family room or grill out on the lower patio. Buyers will love entertaining in the formal dining room or retreating to the formal living room for a spot of tea. Need to take that important business call? No problem. You can escape to the first-floor study without leaving your family too far behind.