Richmond Custom Homes, Only a Seven Iron Away

Located near the Richmond custom homes at Founder’s Bridge, Independence Golf Club has been Virginia’s premier public golf course for many years. Since 2004, Independence Golf Club has been placed on Golf Digest’s best places to play. Many of the state qualifying tournaments for the PGA tour have been played at Independence. The picturesque landscape through which the golf course is masterfully designed represents the quality of the golfing experience. One drive from the first tee is all one needs to understand the quality golfing experience. Conveniently nestled in the Midlothian area, Independence has more than what meets the naked eye. The clubhouse is the home of the Virginia State Golf Association with a historic display of memorabilia. Independence also boasts a Junior Program with a summer camp, perfect for the local resident who needs junior active during the summer months.

Holiday Check List for Your No Maintenance Richmond New Homes

As with any holiday event, one needs to make a list of items needed to purchase or organize before the big joyous occasion. Here is a list of what you need to accomplish to make a memorable holiday event in your no maintenance Richmond new homes. 1. Set the tree and decorate 2. Make cookies 3. Call the caterer 4. Set the table 5. Organize the beverages 6. Enjoy the party

No Maintenance Richmond New Homes Give You More Time

Trees are decorated. Lights adorn. Music is playing the nostalgic tunes of Christmas. Progressively, presents will be wrapped and placed under the tree while the wafting aroma of freshly baked cookies and pies garnish childish ideals of bearded men with red suits coming down the chimneys of our Richmond new homes. All we need now is more time to enjoy the season with those who mean the most to us. Sadly we are consumed with raking the leaves from the yard and preparing to fertilize, aerate and spread the pre-emergent. All while consulting snow removal and gutter cleaning services and the hunting down the pesky painter who needs to touch up to the trim. Maintenance forces us to consume time, not cookies.

Buying Time When You Purchase Richmond New Homes

Whether it involves work, errands, maintaining our Richmond new homes and everything else that life holds for us, all of us have a prescribed amount of time. We will enjoy no more and no less. Time cannot be measured in value like money. One simply cannot buy more time with more money. Time is measured in experiences, in moments and in memories. Alan Weiss, a renowned consultant and book writer, once said, “you can always make more money, you can’t make more time.” Weiss’ encouragement was to use your time wisely and shed unnecessary activities so you could maximize your time. I pose the question, what if you could buy more time? What would the price be? Would you take the steps to shed what is costing you what you can never get back?

The Value of Comfort in Your Richmond New Homes

Feet cold? That is a sign that you have lost thermal control over the floor surface in your Richmond new homes. In real terms what it really means is the competing cold air from below has cooled the floor surface to the point where the heat from the room above can no longer take back thermal control over the surface. Big words put simply, you’ve lost your comfort and now the cold is creeping up your legs to your knees. The creep of the cold has further demonstrated that the cold from outside the home is influencing your heating equipment and forcing the equipment to work harder. I wonder what the extra work is doing to your energy bill?

Experience Time in Our Richmond New Homes

When considering maintenance on your Richmond new homes, what is the cost of time? Supply and demand works with time as well as with any other product. So, what is the value of your time? Is your time best spent raking your yard, cleaning gutters, or painting? Time: We are all aware of our time and place higher value on certain segments of our time. How does the value of time apply to you? Because of the value of time, we have designed entire neighborhoods around the value of time. These neighborhoods are no maintenance homes.

No Maintenance Richmond New Homes Eliminates Blisters

courtyard-300x187.jpg (1)
The sounds of fall are in the air around your Richmond new homes. A constant scratching sound of leaf raking, the high pitch whine of the leaf blower and the grunting of the aerator can be heard throughout the town. The evenings are filled with pain medication, blisters and groaning. Ah, fall is in the air. Now to enjoy the pain fully, we will make this weekend a yard maintenance marathon – unless you live in one of our no maintenance communities. If you live one of our no maintenance new home communities, then you can schedule the French/Italian cooking class being offered by the county’s adult education program, or start preparing for the holidays.

Veterans Demand Reliability in Richmond New Homes

Photo-Nov-04-9-22-26-AM-224x300.jpg (1)
Experience. That is the word that sums up the life of an armed forces veteran. The experience gained in service to one’s country cannot be lightly marginalized. Men and women of the armed forces know what reliability means as they have to rely every day upon the team work of other armed forces personnel. Experience communicates. Each veteran knows how one slip in reliability could cost many lives. Experience is a great reason to celebrate Veterans Day and celebrate reliability. At Boone Homes we value reliability just as highly. We build our Richmond new homes on prime real estate with precision, intention and craftsmanship. The process of construction and finishes in each home is done with the accuracy to ensure that the most current trends and qualities are observed.

Real Estate Danger in Richmond (Unless You Own One of Our Richmond Custom Homes)

There are dangers in catching a knife as it drops. The danger is in securely grasping the handle instead of the blade. There are repercussions for missing the handle, some of which could be painful. What would some of those repercussions be? The repercussions of missing your mark and grasping the falling blade can be measured in either adhesive bandages or lengthy visit to the Emergency Room. Sounds like the risk of catching a falling knife are not worth the reward. Similarly in the Richmond custom homes market, catching a fabulous deal on a used home comes with a set of repercussions. The repercussions could be as simple as the need for maintenance or as profound and catastrophic as reconstruction. The value of a used home needs to be inspected with a keen eye, determining more than the initial cost of homeownership.

Richmond New Homes of Value: Westcott at Grey Oaks

During the last few years of the real estate market, it has been tricky to determine the value of Richmond new homes. The difficulty lies with the homes that have fallen into distressed situations and have either faced foreclosure or have been foreclosed. The downward pressure on prices has affected neighborhood homes and been tremendous on home valuation — except in one small pocket of Richmond’s West End. In this stable real estate pocket there is a neighborhood called Westcott at Grey Oaks. Composed of new homes by Boone Homes, Westcott at Grey Oaks has maintained high values because the neighborhood is building a luxury estate home that cannot be duplicated in Richmond. The location of Westcott at Grey Oaks places the homeowner in the heart of Short Pump: a district with the finest schools and near the central nervous system of transportation byways.

Good Things are Happening Near Our Luxury Homes in Richmond

The neighborhood of Haywood Village at Charter Colony, with luxury homes in Richmond by Boone Homes, will now be even more convenient to quality health care. Bon Secours St. Francis is soon to open a new location in the Watkins Center at the intersection of Highway 288 and Midlothian Turnpike or Highway 60. This new Bon Secours location will fitted with a 24/7 emergency department, imaging center for MRI, CT and X-ray, will have physical therapy and sports medicine services and an on premise laboratory. The convenience of this new facility will be paramount for the 50,000 people who shop and live within a 3 mile radius of the new facility.

The Simplicity of No Maintenance Richmond New Homes

In the past, those who wanted a home that required less maintenance typically had to downsize to smaller Richmond new homes. This process could be painful because with less stuff comes the loss of precious memories associated with those items. Deciding how to part with furniture that had been in the family for decades seemed almost as painful as the funeral of a loved one. Such was the anxiety of downsizing that few would attempt the process without breaking into denial. The change to simplicity was fraught with sadness. Boone Homes believes that enjoying simplicity doesn’t mean you have to downsize. A no maintenance home gives you the ease you’re seeking without the need to eliminate and downsize. Each luxury no maintenance home is built with simplicity in mind. All homes are artfully designed for one level living with all of life’s activities taking place on the first floor. The second floor accentuates the first with a design for the occasional guest or holiday visitor.

Showcase Luxury Home in Richmond Ready for You

boone-richmond-interior-5-300x199.jpg (1)
Tarrington on the James is composed of elegant, luxury homes in Richmond, and there is currently one available for an immediate move-in. You’ll fall in love with this Artisan home built by Boone Homes. There are plenty of reasons why you will want to take a look at this new home. The first-floor boasts an expansive family room with a gas log fire place turned down low for that late night show. The cozy breakfast area and designer kitchen with granite counter tops augment the interior appeal of the home and provide the gathering place for the party or holiday event.

Too Young for No Maintenance Luxury Homes in Richmond?

What is the perfect age to buy luxury homes in Richmond with a no maintenance lifestyle? Certainly a great question to ponder. To completely analyze whether the lifestyle would be a good fit, we need to start by asking the right questions. Here are a few: 1. Do I enjoy mowing the lawn? 2. Do I enjoy raking and disposing of leaves? 3. Do I enjoy cleaning gutters? 4. Do I enjoy painting? 5. Do I enjoy snow removal? 6. Do I enjoy the soothing effects of a pain medication and a heat pad after a day in the yard?

Richmond New Home Architecture in Tarrington on the James

Boone Homes, a Richmond new home builder, is proud to announce the release of an improved plan for the Courtyard Homes at Tarrington on the James. The Hampworth, a new, enhanced home floor plan, is under construction in the no maintenance homes section of Tarrington. This floor plan was specifically designed by our staff architects to accentuate one-level living. Each detail of the home is to exude brilliance in planning and luxurious comfort. From formal spaces for entertaining the occasional dinner party to the relaxed luxury of the family room’s coffered ceiling, each detail is melded with function. The second floor is designed with additional bedrooms and bathrooms to be occupied by those attending the family gathering or holiday event.

Accurately Measuring the Value of New Homes in Richmond

How do you measure the value of new homes in Richmond? Well, how do you measure the color blue for that matter? Can a tape measure accurately determine the depth of the color? Where can one turn to measure the depth of the color blue? At some point in a perplexing question you get the feeling you are being watched. A perplexing question can stir the soul and captivate the mind. Questions can be somewhat like what Nietzchze said “when you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back at you.” What’s the answer? How do you measure the color blue? Answer: Blue cannot be measured with any tool we have in our garage or hardware store.

Market Analysis and Richmond New Homes (part 2 of 2)

In our last post Boone Homes exposed two very important demands in establishing the fair market value of the Richmond custom homes that you own or are looking to purchase. As a matter of review, we discussed how it was imperative to compare your homes to similar homes in a like geographic setting. Today we will expose the last two demands. Demand number three: Fair market demands a home that is for sale should be compared to other recent sales: An indication of where the housing market has been is in the history of recent sales. Homes that have sold in the last 90 days will carry more value and sway than homes that have sold in the 12 months. The picture of the last 12 months will give you an indication of where the housing market is headed, but it will still only speak of history. For example, in most areas of Richmond the market has been declining, revealing a buyer’s market. Recently, the metrics for these same neighborhoods have been revisited to show moderate increases. Though we are far from a seller’s market, the data seems to indicate that prices have stabilized or are on the rise.

Market Analysis and New Homes in Richmond

A comparative market analysis to determine the fair market value of new homes in Richmond is a science though lately it may feel like an art. Volatile times and rapidly adjusting prices can cast a mysterious aura over the pricing process, but in reality a market analysis is very simple. To remove the mystery, Boone Homes will expose four basic demands of fair market value. Demand number one: Fair market pricing demands a home be compared to other similar homes. When comparing homes to other homes it does not simply mean comparing homes with four walls and a roof acting as shelter with other homes that fit the same criteria. A true market analysis must take into account the age, condition, features in the home, construction styles and size of the home site. In simpler terms, a one-level home cannot be compared accurately to homes with a second story nor can homes with first-floor owner’s suite be accurately compared with homes that have the traditional second-floor owner’s suite. Comparisons of mismatched homes will not accurately represent a home’s value. Comparisons to foreclosures or distressed properties will not give a true reflection on a home’s market value unless the predominant inventory in the neighborhood is distressed.

Last Opportunity for New Homes in Richmond at Haywood Village

exterior-300x250.jpg (1)
If you’ve been waiting to purchase one of our new homes in Richmond at Haywood Village at Charter Colony, time is running out. We recently sold the community’s model home and now only three homes and one lot remains at this luxury community in Chesterfield County. Two of our standing inventory homes feature The Dovercroft design. These homes are perfect for buyers who don’t want to wait on new home construction. This floor plan offers everything you need for entertaining family and friends this holiday season including 3,049 square feet, five bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, formal living and dining rooms and a gourmet kitchen with large pantry and kitchen island. It even boasts a spacious owners’ suite with retreat, his and hers walk-in closets, tub and separate shower for when you need to relax after your guests leave.

Daily Parade of Richmond New Homes

courtyard-300x187.jpg (1)
Each fall Richmond home builders, like Richmond custom home builder Boone Homes, as well as those all across the nation organize a showcase of homes and open the homes up for the public. For three weekends, potential homeowners can tour these homes and dream of building a new home. These homes are designed meticulously and accessorized to entice you into fulfilling your dream of building a new home. Many of the homes in the Parade will be fitted with latest energy saving features and design trends. If you are considering building a home in the future, the Parade of Homes is certainly a good event to attend.