Uptick in Richmond Real Estate Sales

While some builders in the Richmond real estate market may still be struggling, here at Boone Homes we’re happy to report that we’re seeing an increase in sales. In fact, we’ve enjoyed our best start in 4 years, and our new home sales are ahead of where they were last year.

Video Tour: Richmond No Maintenance Homes

The Richmond no maintenance homes at Bellingham at Twin Hickory are so popular that the home in this video was sold before we even had a chance to finish taping. Since we cannot keep finished inventory homes in stock in this community, it would be good to tell you the reasons why. Bellingham at Twin Hickory is a no maintenance community where the exterior of each home is meticulously maintained by the Association. All of the yards are cut and irrigated at the same time, homes are painted at the same time, gutters are cleaned at the same time and seasonal yard maintenance is performed at the same time. This allows the community to look pristine each and every time you come home. The benefit of this community maintenance program allows you to lock the property when leave without any care in the world while you enjoy the cruise or weekend getaway.

Tour Richmond No Maintenance Homes Virtually

Want to tour Richmond no maintenance homes, but can’t seem to find the time? Well, here’s your chance! This lovely no maintenance home located in the Midlothian area along the Robious corridor is beautifully finished. Each detail of the home has been planned by award-winning architects and perfected by homeowner’s input. Each Courtyard Home in Tarrington on the James is designed for one-level living with the second floor for the occasional guest or holiday party goer. The owner’s suite, located on the first floor, is designed to accommodate two closets, a dressing area and a luxurious bath with soaking tub and separate tile shower. The kitchen gently directs the flow of the family room while captivating the imagination of those sitting in the breakfast nook. Simple details fall into each other creating enduring class and beauty. Granite countertops rest upon the custom cabinet design and speak softly to the chef quietly carving potatoes for the next masterpiece. A Boone Home has spirit, voice and a fabulous design.

Virtual Tour of New Home in Richmond Neighborhood

This brick home built by Boone Homes is ready for occupancy. There are plenty of reasons why you will want to take a look at this new home located in the Richmond neighborhood of Tarrington on the James. The first floor boasts an expansive family room with a gas log fire place turned down low for that late night show. The cozy breakfast area and designer kitchen with granite countertops augment the interior appeal of the home and provide the perfect gathering place for the party or holiday event. With all the first floor adorned with hardwood floors, there is little reason to shy away from hosting the party in the formal dining room. This expansive home can accommodate any family’s needs, and boasts six bedrooms and 5.5 baths.

Ready, Set, Go: Richmond Neighborhood

Today is production day. Our Richmond neighborhood, Wescott at Grey Oaks, is swarming with people carrying equipment, holding lights, freshening wardrobe, rehearsing lines and catering food. Cars, trucks, vans, and catering trucks line the streets. Amazing smoothies accompanied by Swedish Fish candies, pistachios and feta filled queen olives adorn the snack table while the client and the crew focus, take, cut, start, stop and restart. Cables cross the floor about as many times as the assistant runs to freshen the wardrobe, accent the make-up or tuck the rebellious hair into proper placement.

New Home in Richmond Selected for National Television Ad

Wescott at Grey Oaks is a luxurious Richmond neighborhood designed to accommodate even the most discriminating taste. Every now and again, Boone Homes is selected by national firms to host a television spot to advertise a product or service. Once the location scout has secured the perfect spot for the shoot, preparations begin. As you can see from the photo, the preparations for the commercial shoot are beginning today. The first step is to safely prepare the home’s floors and walls by installing protective material. This protective material will allow the stage crew, the film crew and the actors to freely flow through the home. Every area of the home not being used for the actual commercial will be used to house equipment, furniture, decorations and so much more that will enhance the production of this national commercial. This national television commercial will air throughout the country some time in summer of 2012.

Richmond New Home Technology and 24.3 Acres of Wildlife

Recently, I met up with a guy at the local gas station who drove a taxi. I cannot imagine driving 8 to 10 hours a day for a living, yet he does drive 52 weeks a year to support his family. Amazing. Whether you drive 8 hours a day for 52 weeks out of the year, you commute to work from your Richmond new homes or you recreationally enjoy a road trip, we all expend fuel. Emissions. Vehicles have come a long way in technology. Their consumption has exponentially decreased over the last several years, but not enough to remediate smog. Emissions alter the environment. Richmond new home builder Boone Homes is building homes with Energy Star features. These technological advances in new home construction are all about sustainability and ecology. Last year alone we were able to save the equivalent of 24.3 acres of trees – a small forest capable of sustaining a wild life habitat. Each home is designed to be energy-forest-saving efficient. How much? Well, each home is designed to conserve between 38 and 45 percent of what a similar new home would expend without the same features. Sounds expensive. However, the new home is similarly priced to the home without the Energy Star features. Interesting. There are other benefits, I see many, though I will share only three:

Richmond New Home Technology, Part 5

Strawberry shortcake is one of my favorite deserts. Second favorite is strawberries on vanilla ice cream, though strawberry pie comes within a hair of second. Strawberries make my world go around. I’m sure you have just as many favorite deserts with your favorite fruit. Strawberries are the picture of freshness. Thankfully, Boone Homes has used the newest construction technology on all our Richmond new homes and in doing so, we have ensured your favorite fruits are even fresher. How? Boone Homes has taken the high ground by recognizing the need for change. By altering a few methodologies and a few materials, Boone Homes has reduced the consumption of 88,920 pounds of coal.

Community of Richmond New Homes Introduces New Floor Plan

Searching for Richmond new homes with a unique floor plan? Look no farther. We are introducing our newly redesigned Hampworth floor plan at Tarrington on the James, a community of no maintenance Courtyard Homes. Located in Chesterfield County, the spacious Hampworth home design is perfect for both active adults and busy professionals. The home boasts three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and 3,000 square feet with many popular interior features such as a formal dining room, a first-floor study or formal living room, a loft and finished optional game room. A designer kitchen with stainless steel appliances makes entertaining this summer a breeze.

Richmond New Home Technology Saves Wildlife, Part 4

This picture was taken fifteen feet from our model home in Tarrington on the James, a community of Richmond new homes. This turtle had been strolling up the sidewalk and was gently moved to where the picture was taken. I couldn’t help but think of the 24+ acres of trees we had saved this last year by building new homes with ENERGY STAR features. Saving these trees ensured a long life and future for our turtle friend. How did a Richmond new home builder achieve such synchrony with nature? Easy. Boone Homes chose to change a few methodologies, a few materials and a few concepts to gain increased energy efficiency on the new homes we are building. Prime real estate in Richmond is now more than the location for a quality luxury home. Prime real estate is now the location for high quality luxury homes which perform 38 to 45 percent better than other new homes without the high performance technology. Each new home built on this prime real estate ensures the preservation of wildlife, turtles and acres of trees. Not bad.

Richmond Real Estate Technology, Part 3

We all need transportation. Traveling from point A to point B is a necessary function of life. Soccer games, groceries, places of worship and work consume the fuel in our vehicles tanks as we commute from one location to the next. The 15 minute commute to the game, followed by the quick trip to the store and the visit to grandma’s house are a part of our every day. Our convenience, and trip to grandma’s, has a side effect that carries more weight than an extra helping of grandma’s apple pie. Every cause has an effect, and in this case the cause of commuting is smog. Cities and prime Richmond real estate are covered with blankets of smog, reducing visibility and increasing health related conditions.

Richmond New Home Technology, Part 2

Crisp, juicy apple. Fuji apples are my favorite, though Gala is a close second. Every year I look forward to taking my family on a day trip into the Blue Ridge Mountains to enjoy a day at the orchard, picking apples. Air is fresh, landscape is breath taking, acres of apple trees ready to pick – everything is picture perfect, even the picnic. If life is measured in moments, then these moments are at the top of life’s experiences. Preserving this experience needs to be for all generations, for this reason Boone Homes, is now building Richmond new homes with ENERGY STAR features. Boone builds new homes on prime Richmond real estate with ENERGY STAR features and, last year alone, saved more than 24 acres of trees because of the new home technology built into every home during the construction phase. How did we save over 24 acres of trees? Easy. We changed a few small details in how we build a home to make it very energy efficient: Efficient enough to be able to say we save 38 and 45 percent of your annual energy bill. This saved energy allows us to avoid having to harvest 24 acres of trees. Not bad!

Richmond Real Estate with New Home Technology You Can Live With, Part 1

The most valuable asset you will ever purchase is Richmond real estate. Not just because of the financial implications, but because of the emotional implications as well. The power of memories adorn the walls of your home, making the thought of separation as difficult as leaving a sick friend. Each passing moment your ill friend, your home, is getting worse. Energy costs are rising, your friend is hard to cool and heat. Maintenance is increasing: your friend needs paint and maybe even a new roof. Your friend is also behind the times. Connecting your friend to television was easy…. Richmond home builder, Boone Homes, specializes in new friends: new homes that are not ailing because of a lack of technology. Each one of our homes is built to ENERGY STAR® specifications, ensuring the technology used in your home will efficiently run your home for years to come.

A Diverse Richmond New Home Community Profile, Part 5

The most concerned people to look at our Richmond new homes are the environmentalists. Global impact starts and ends at home. The size, impact and footprint of each new home are scrutinized with a critical eye. Where does the material come from? How does the material impact the ecosystem? All of these great questions are addressed by how we build each new home. Boone Homes began partnering with ENERGY STAR® a few years back; and last year, we built 30 ENERGY STAR® homes. These homes are significantly more eco-friendly than other new homes on the market, and vastly more efficient than homes 5 years or older. How efficient? Great question.

A Diverse Richmond New Home Community Profile, Part 4

The most dependable people around, for the most part, are those in the armed services. Whether by air, by land or by sea you can see responsibility in every step they take. The personnel from the armed services know who they can depend on and who has their backs. Being able to rely on the person who is standing on either side is imperative. Not being able to rely on a person can be costly in both equipment and lives. The person at your side had better be there and be competent enough to handle anything coming their way. This attitude and level of expectation carries over into civilian life, and Richmond new home builder Boone Homes knows this. We have built many homes for personnel in the armed forces. Each home built is scrutinized to the same depth as a comrade in arms. Will the home hold up under pressure? Boone Homes is proud to announce that we settle 99.6 percent of all homes defect free.

A Diverse Richmond New Home Community Profile, Part 3

When an engineer looks at one of our Richmond new homes, he or she sees deeper than most new home buyers. The depth of the engineers’ perception lies within their strength and understanding of how a home should work. Their eye meticulously scans the patterns of material placement, the lines of symmetry and structural components. Each joint, measurement, location and bearing is instantly analyzed in the mechanical mind, effusing a message of integrity and safety throughout the senses. Yes, Boone Homes has sold many new homes to engineers who have scrutinized every inch of a new home and the process we use to build the new home. We are not afraid to be subjected to such scrutiny. Our process is not bullet proof, but no one in the Richmond area can build a custom home with the speed and accuracy of our proven process.

A Diverse Richmond New Home Community Profile, part 2

A Boone Homes’ community of Richmond new homes is filled with experience: Vast experience. In fact, many of our residents work in the medical profession. Family practice doctors and specialists in a variety of medical fields reside in our new homes. Why does Boone Homes have such a high level of buyers who are in the medical field? This is a great question. In conversations with doctors and medical professionals after they moved into their new home I found a couple reoccurring themes. Reason number one: Reliabilityhttp://www.boonehomesblog.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif

A Diverse Richmond New Home Community Profile, part 1

Every community of Richmond new homes has a unique profile. The blend of architecture speaks to the nature of the community. Each home, new or used, represents a voice, a style and a lifestyle. Some homes express a carefree attitude, eclectic artistry, or can even say “I’m the best there has ever been.” A new Boone home has just as many things to say, and we are going to explore the statements we make with each new home over the next few posts. There is another dynamic at play in each community. The architecture is as diverse as the blend of personalities living in those homes. Accountants, doctors, lawyers, athletes, executives and more all blend in a community that matches the attitude of the new homes’ architecture, quality, location, amenities and convenience. Communities with walking trails, pools, clubhouses, playgrounds, tennis courts and sidewalks when added to the architecture all speak to the emotion of each buyer, establishing an instant connection. http://www.boonehomesblog.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif

New Floor Plan Under Construction at Community of Richmond New Homes

Those interested in the luxury, no maintenance Richmond new homes at the Villas of Grey Oaks now have a new floor plan to choose from. We’re excited to announce that the Winbrook, our latest addition to the luxury offerings at Grey Oaks, is now under construction. The Winbrook is a spacious home priced from $488,000 and features three bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and approximately 3,000 square feet. With a designer kitchen and formal dining room, the home is perfect for entertaining, and the first floor study offers a quiet space for a home office or reading a book on a rainy day.

Experiencing the Lifestyle of Richmond No Maintenance Homes, Conclusion

The capstone reason for purchasing Richmond no maintenance homes is the freedom to experience life. This freedom to experience life does not happen by accident. It is deliberate, intentional, by design. Your freedom from the routine of yard maintenance like mowing, fertilizing, aerating and irrigating is measured by how you use the new time to build and create new experiences. In a no maintenance home, you get to skip cleaning the gutter and instead enjoy an extra appetizer washed down with a few sips of wine. Or, trade the rake for a nine iron and an extra nine holes. Gone are the days of shoveling snow: in a no maintenance home you can enjoy a sunny cruise to exotic lands instead. Each action comes with a reaction. In the case of a no maintenance home, the reaction is more time to experience life. Who doesn’t want more time to experience life?