Enjoy the Benefits of Fall in Your No Maintenance Home

Fall is the time when we all begin to think about pumpkin pie, apple pie and raking leaves. Two activities reward the senses while the third only punishes the muscles. While we highly recommend the pumpkin pie and apple pie, there is no need to punish yourself if you live in a Richmond no maintenance home in Grey Oaks Villas. Grey Oaks Villas is a neighborhood comprised of homes where all the maintenance on the exterior of the home is completed for you, leaving you the opportunity to spend that time in other areas of life. Travel, golf, or visiting the pumpkin patch with family and friends can easily replace the routine of raking, painting or mulching.

Mudrooms Help Contain in Richmond New Home

How nice would it be to separate mud, water, coats and back packs into a single location? Isolating dirt, mud and clutter to a prisoner of war camp of sorts, called a mudroom, helps homebuyers keep mess out of their family spaces. The marching armies of dirt and mud can stop at the threshold and go no further. Back packs exploding with paper and refrigerator art are contained. Once passing through the doorway from the mudroom into the remainder of your Richmond new home, organization could finally prevail!

Energy Efficient New Custom Homes in Richmond

DSC_0348-300x198 (1).jpg
This summer’s air conditioning bills are in and the evidence shows energy costs are going up. One of the most significant costs in owning a home is the heating and cooling costs. What if we told you about a new home that could be cooled in the summer by using a single ice cube? What would your reaction be? You’d be looking for the catch, which there certainly would be one unless you lived in an igloo. We may not offer homes that can be cooled by a single ice cube, but when you purchase a new custom home in Richmond built by Boone Homes, you could save 38% or more in heating and cooling costs alone! The 38% in savings is compared to other new homes. When you compare the same home to an older home, the savings increase even further.

Richmond New Home Quality Speaks More than Words

What feature in a new home sets you apart and speaks quality like none other? Hardwood floors? Granite countertops?Decorative molding? Built in cabinetry? Each of these items contribute to the overall appearance of the home, but do they say quality? Their presence or absence can mold how you perceive a Richmond new home. What is the defining feature that whispers quality into your ears? At Boone Homes, Richmond’s premier luxury new home builder, we believe all speak quality, but a Coffered Ceiling screams quality into a megaphone. Our customer’s seem to agree. Over the last few years a coffered ceiling has been the tipping point prospective buyers seem to enjoy the most.

Richmond No Maintenance Home Ready for you Today

This Artisan Richmond no maintenance home built by Boone Homes is ready for occupancy. Located at 4001 Caddington Drive in Midlothian there are plenty of reasons why you will want to take a look at this new home located in the Richmond community of Tarrington on the James. The first floor boasts an expansive family room with a gas log fire place turned down low for that late night show. The cozy breakfast area and designer kitchen with granite counter tops augment the interior appeal of the home and provide the ideal gathering place for parties or holiday events with friends. With the entire first floor adorned with hardwood floors clean-up is easy and there is little reason to shy away from hosting the party in the formal dining room. Retreat to the first floor Owner’s Suite for the late night wind down. This expansive home boasts 3 bedrooms and 3-1/2 baths.

Richmond No Maintenance Home Available for Immediate Move-in

Are you looking for a Richmond no maintenance home? Do you want to move in immediately? If the answer is yes, then we have the perfect home for you and your family. Located at our beautiful Tarrington on the James community, our new move-in ready home features the Hampworth home design and has three bedrooms with 3.5 bathrooms. The designer kitchen allows the family to cook together with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, raised panel wood cabinets, a large pantry and a raised deluxe island. Other rooms including a formal living room, formal dining room, first-floor owner’s suite, first-floor study, loft and finished optional game room, provide the perfect retreat for any family.

Richmond New Home Builder Designs Kitchens that Work

Back to school sales mark the beginning of the dog days of summer. Preparations for the last minute vacations are squeezed into schedules with the notion that school is coming. The lunch boxes are peeking out of storage reminding us of the inevitable routine awaiting us – if only the kitchen were functional enough to make the routine easy. Lunch box morning routine, juice box afternoon routine or even pre-dawn coffee routines can be interrupted by a dysfunctional kitchen.

Stair Reduction in Richmond No Maintenance Homes

Stairs. Sometimes it appears a staircase will never end. Never is a long time to spend on a staircase. For some of us, our knees begin to wobble at the sight of stairs. Fear sums up your experience with stairs. Fear of falling. Fear of climbing. Fear inside your own home is not a good sign. If you suffer from the fear of stairs, then I have good news. Boone Homes has designed entire neighborhoods around a concept intended to reduce steps. These communities of Richmond no maintenance homes are designed for a one-level lifestyle with a second floor for the occasional guest, family visit or holiday event. All the main desirable features of a home are located on the first floor. Spaces like a living room, dining room, study, owner’s suite, bathrooms, laundry rooms and spaces that can be formal or informal in nature. A no maintenance neighborhood is intentionally designed to have no maintenance homes with one step or less on the entire first floor, such as Bellingham at Twin Hickory. Bellingham boasts a prime location in Richmond’s exclusive West End.

Exploring New Homes in Richmond

KINLOCH-Family-300x250.jpg (1)
Have you been thinking of new homes in Richmond? Fall is upon us, and the thought of spending another winter in the drafty home has you worried about your energy bills, doesn’t it? Maybe you have been driving through neighborhoods checking for a lifestyle, but not ready to commit. Well it is time to take it one step farther. We invite you to get out of the car and walk into one of Boone Homes’ furnished model homes. Why? There is so much life in each model. The décor accentuates each room, exposing ideas on how to furnish your new home. Textures are mixed and complement the finishes and features of the home. Family rooms become the heart of the home as furniture melds into the gourmet kitchen and relaxed nook. Rooms are planned and detailed with careful thought. Experience adorns each space, accentuating lifestyle.

Lazy Days on the Low Maintenance Patio of your Luxury Homes in Richmond

Lazy summer days are best enjoyed on the low maintenance patio of your luxury homes in Richmond with an iPad, Kindle or other wireless reading devise. A gentle breeze can manipulate the senses as you read “The Count of Monte Cristo” and transform your yard into a high stakes duel with the ocean’s salt wind in your face. Sip a tangy fruit smoothie and catch up on the latest wireless version of “Food and Family” and find the best dessert recipe for the evening’s cookout. A patio is certainly the best place to spend lazy summer days – as long as you don’t have to consistently spend time maintaining it. You have more to do than spend time every year maintaining a wooden deck. Life is too short for unneeded maintenance.

Relaxing in Your Richmond Maintenance Free Homes

Relaxation is exactly what you need to unwind from an intense work day, but where can you go to put up your feet and forget the troubles of your day? It’s a big question. What you may need is a Richmond maintenance free home that has an additional room to give you that extra solitude craved by your soul. This need was evident when Boone Homes’ award-winning architect designed this no maintenance home, the Moorcroft, with a loft. Shrouded with solitude, a loft cleanses all the intensity from the day and washes stress into the past with the fading light of day. It’s the perfect place to relax and read a book. Everyone needs a place of solitude to clean worries from each day.

Richmond New Homes Can Have Rooms with Dual Purposes

Living rooms, like parlors, vestibules, and cupolas are a fading tradition in the architecture or Richmond new homes. Many builders no longer build new homes with living rooms, though if they did, most homeowners wouldn’t know how to garner the best possible use of the space. With little other than tradition to rely upon, living rooms have turned into museums, further leading them down the path to obsolescence. However, all that can change with a little creativity. Instead of a boring furniture museum, why not creatively decorate the space into a multipurpose room that can be used as a home office? The conversion of the space from formal entertainment to include a place for business is not difficult. Merely a well-placed piece of furniture will transform the room.

Luxurious Richmond Neighborhood Offers New Move-in Ready Home

If you have been waiting to settle into a beautiful and luxurious Richmond neighborhood, now is your chance. We now have a two-story move-in ready home at our Tarrington on the James community in Chesterfield County. This stunning Maycroft home, priced at $719,950, offers families six bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms and a full basement. Buyers will love the floor plan’s abundant amount of popular interior finishes including a formal dining room, mudroom and owner’s bath with jetted tub, tile shower and double vanities. The chef’s kitchen is any cook’s dream with stainless steel appliances, a double oven, stone backsplash, granite countertops and a spacious island.

London Olympics and New Homes in Richmond

Gold medals are being handed out at the Olympics to athletes who have stood above the crowd in their field. Runners, jumpers, swimmers and a bevy of other athletes have refined their skill over the last few years with the idea of competing. Every drop of sweat, every sore muscle, every move has been timed, analyzed and perfected to gain world class status. If one is to compete at the level of the Olympics, then a regimen must be followed – and Olympic Resolve. There is much in Common with the Olympics and new homes in Richmond. New home builders in Richmond, where Boone Homes has been building new homes for more than 30 years, have a lot in common with the Olympics. Every day at Boone Homes we regimen our steps, refine our processes and focus our efforts to offering award winning designs and lifestyles. Though it doesn’t sound like an Olympic feat with a world record attached, at Boone Homes we can say the work doesn’t end after 4 years of training. After 30 years of building new homes in Richmond, we can sincerely say improvement never ends.

Sidewalks Add Value to Richmond Neighborhood

What do sidewalks contribute to a Richmond neighborhood? Is there a value to a sidewalk? As one of Richmond’s premier new home builders, we say yes and have several reasons we can share. Sidewalks provide a community with a source for health. Being able to take a walk through the community without having to drive somewhere allows one to instantly reduce calories after a meal or spend energy prior to winding down for the evening.

Richmond Real Estate with One Extra Room

What do you look for when shopping for Richmond real estate? A relaxing space to retreat to at the end of a long day? The picture seems to indicate a family room with décor for the relaxing moments and doubling as a space for entertainment. Imagination wanders as one thinks of late night television shows curled up on the couch while the buttery smell of popcorn flows through the room. The picture is deceiving. This is not a family room, but an extra room designed for the end-of-the-day wind down and attached to the owner’s suite. The picture actually shows the sitting room attached through a private hallway to the owner’s suite. At Boone Homes, we call the room the retreat.

Details in Richmond New Homes

What separates a good home builder of Richmond new homes from a great home builder? Details. Details, the little details are the ones that drive homeowners to madness. Each item, though small, carries weight and grows disproportionately in weight as time passes. Soon, the detail becomes a burden, a cross and eventually a homeowner crusade. New homes in Richmond are at their best when the details are tended and covered. Having built new homes in Richmond for more than 30 years, Boone Homes know this and has a process in place to ensure homes are delivered defect free. The process is clear, the procedure defined and the results are measurable. Because of our new home process, Boone Homes delivers 99.7 percent of all our homes defect free. I’m sure the questions is, “How?” Easy. Our people are reliable and deliver. Notice in the above picture how Edward, Boone Homes VP of Production, is hands on ensuring the final details are covered as this home prepares for the settlement process. No detail is out of his purview or beyond his control. His careful eye watches each detail of the new home as he walks the halls of each home to inspect the details. Edward knows how important details are. Not only how important details are to Boone, but how important they details are to new homeowners.

Vacations, Water Heaters and New Homes in Richmond

Vacations from your new homes in Richmond bring about the perpetual “what if” question posed by the water heater. Ever heard the question? It goes something like this: What if the water heater tank bursts when I am 400 miles away enjoying (insert your vaction destination here)? Ever crossed your mind? I’m sure it has not. Only the fatalists usually think of this little destructive question – that is until it has happened to you or someone you know. The first little drops go undetected, the pin hole leak begins to show, the water level drops only to be filled again and soon you have a neighbor wondering why your home is leaking water through the front door.

Water Shutoffs in your New Homes in Richmond Enhance Your Vacation

Vacation is upon us and the office calendar countdown has begun. Big red “X” mark the days as the countdown ensues with coveted anticipation. Vacation. Whether you spend your coveted relaxation on the beach, in the mountains, on a cruise or remote island, all of us want to make sure our prized possession, our new homes in Richmond, is safe while we double down enjoying the fruits of justified relaxation. At Boone Homes, we realize your need to escape the comfort of your castle periodically to detoxify from your heavy workload. Because of this need, we have tailored a few items in each Boone Home to allow for you to leave with peace of mind. One such detail which normally escapes the scrutiny is the location of our water shutoffs. Most builders locate their water shutoffs under the home, in a crawl space which can be difficult to access. Boone Homes, on the other hand, locates the shutoffs in the garage where they are easily accessible without having to crawl around. Also notice there are two shutoffs. This is specifically designed so you can turn off your house water, but leave the water spigots and programmable irrigation system running so you don’t come home to a yard that has suffered while you enjoyed a week of drinks with mini-umbrellas. It pays to buy a Boone Home.

Life, Liberty and Richmond No Maintenance Homes

We are merely one day away from fireworks celebrating our great country’s Independence Day and the freedom to choose our destiny, path and outcome. Choice. Each one of us has the ability to choose more than what we have for breakfast. We have the right to choose our schools, choose our leaders, choose our careers, choose where to live and more importantly choose how to live our lives with the freedom we have. Not a bad place to call home. All of us enjoy our freedom to choose. What are your options?