Steve and Becky:

The last couple of times we have met, I have expressed to you how happy Becky and I have been working with the Boone family. What a great bunch of people, always friendly, helpful, and eager to please. There have been numerous times we have contacted Edward with our concerns, worries, and things we wanted to change. He has always been extremely responsive (even to answering my emails late on Saturdays), working hard to alleviate our worries and making most of our change requests happen. Syonia is a model of efficiency, always doing the research on the many questions we had during the selection process, and just being a great resource in guiding us through the decisions we had to make. Always cheerful, she is a pleasure to work with. And then there is William, with his laid back, easy going manner. If you were to look up “detail-oriented” in the dictionary, I am sure you would find William’s picture. His ability to have the answer to our questions even before we can finish asking them, reminds me of the TV series M*A*S*H, where Corporal Radar O’Reilly always had the answer before Colonel Potter could even finish asking the question. William has been a pleasure to work with. He obviously knows what he is doing, and has great patience in dealing with two novices who for the first time are building a home. I have lost track of all of the problems (whether actual or just in our heads) that William has solved for us. Most recently, we had a problem with color of the stain which was applied to the steps. Although it looked fine when standing on the first floor and looking up, at the top of the stairway, where the stairway joined the hardwood floor in the loft, there was a distinctive color difference. The bullnose at the top of the stairway appeared to have much more “red” color than the hardwood. This was not acceptable to us. William very patiently explained how the hardwood floor and the staircase were two different woods, which caused them to take stain differently. But in an effort to address our unhappiness, he brought in Costen Floor and Edward to review the situation and to see what could be done. The consensus was to “leave it alone” (for fear of making it worse). After reporting this to us, we still said we were unhappy but didn’t know what else to do. We arranged to have our decorator come to the house to look at the situation (we were also concerned with the handrails being too red after they were stained). When we all showed up to decide what to do, William had already solved the problem! He had stayed to 5:30 the evening before working with his best painter to adjust the color of this stain, resulting in the removal of the “red”. Everyone, but especially Becky and our decorator, were very happy with the results. In my opinion, in a client-facing position (dealing with the homeowners in the field, in our case, almost every day), William is a valuable asset to your company. We are very excited about our closing on December 9, looking forward to joining the family of satisfied Boone homeowners.

Tom and Julie:

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. We are extremely excited about our new home and very grateful for your attention to detail and customer service.

Patricia M:

We are settling into our new home and are very happy. I wanted to thank you, Edward, and Rick for making this experience a pleasant and memorable one. My concerns were addressed immediately, my questions were assured and explained patently, and everyone made sure that the work was dine right. The vendors were very helpful too. I will highly recommend Boone to anyone looking for a home. Thank you for our lovely home.

Melvin W.:

In life you need to here the good just as much as the bad. So this afternoon my brother-in-law that does structural work for a engineering firm had to meet with a customer in Tarrington that was having issues with their foundation (No it is not a Boone Home). So he drove by our home and saw the contractors and walked in a toured the house. He called me after the fact to tell me what he had done and to say that it was one of the best built houses he had seen from a builder in 5 years. He had seen the plans, but said a part of him did not believe that people built house like that any more. If everyone did he would be without a job. Melvin W.

Janie Robinson Meggers, REALTOR, RE/MAX Valley, REALTORS Linda J. Danielle, REALTOR, RE/MAX Valley, REALTORS:

Working with Boone Homes of Roanoke has been a wonderful experience in community partnering to the benefit of our shared clients. Tim, Ron, and Alexander are gentlemen beyond compare. They, along with their staff, provide great care and consideration to ensure each detail of the home building process has been completed to the satisfaction of our clients. As Tim has said to us many times, “We want to do things right, and we will work together until we find the best solution for all concerned”. We value our community partnership and friendship with Boone Homes of Roanoke tremendously, and we respect their high level of integrity and quality of customer care/service. We believe we share the same goal, and that is to work together to build a better community. With such great community partners, we will surely succeed!


Ron Booth just left our home after inspecting some things I had brought to his attention through Debbie Nash. In spite of the fact that his visit was primarily to check those things out and see what could be done, he and I ended up having a brief conversation that reiterated the value of Boone Homes to the Roanoke community. I would like to let you know that our family will forever remember Boone Homes with great fondness for the way we have been treated and the comfort we have experienced in this brand new home. They say the picture is worth a thousand words. So I am attaching the picture I took shortly after our walk through. I wanted you to see the expression on the faces of our children.

Scooter Burgess:

Over the years I have inspected many Boone Homes and I have found that they build an exceptional home and would not hesistate to recommend that someone buy one. They will find that they are not buying a house but a HOME


love Boone Homes and would not hesitate to recommend this quality builder!!

John and Carol:

Once again Carol and I would like to thank you and everyone else in the Boone organization who have helped us from start to finish. We couldn’t be more pleased with all of you and we love the house.

Scott and Lois:

We have been so involved with our move that we failed to write you after closing to tell all of the Boone team, beginning with Allen and including John, Ed, the coordinators and all the vendors we worked with how happy we were with the whole building process. Everyone was friendly and showed that they were truly interested in providing us a home that we would be happy in for the rest of our years. Thank you and the entire Boone team. You are truly professionals.

Tom and Bard:

It has been over 5 months since we moved into our new Boone Home and I would like to take this time to thank a few members of your staff for making the transition into our new home so pleasant. Syonia Anderson has always been more than helpful and congenial. She was patient with us during the selection process and guided us toward some selections she thought would work best for us and what we wanted to do with our home. She has an excellent knowledge of all the items available to your clients and shares that information with them. John Clevinger, our Superintendent since the end of May, has been great. He has always been available and receptive to questions no matter how silly or insignificant they seemed to him. His knowledge of building a home was very helpful to us in explaining the process we were going through. He assisted and coordinated the 60 day punch list very effectively, causing the least disturbance to us. Thank you so very much!

Virginia and Frank:

I wanted to say I have been really impressed with the individuals who work for Boone Homes. They have all been very pleasant, patient, knowledgeable and helpful. Frank and I especially want to comment on Steve’s managerial oversight of our building project. He was very efficient and professional in his interactions with us as clients, addressing our concerns and incorporating our requests while keeping the project progressing quickly enough to come in ahead of the projected schedule. Thank you. We will certainly refer interested friends in Boone’s direction.