From Rhonda and Lindsay
Estate Homes at Tarrington

A year ago, we finalized our plans for a home in Tarrington on the James in Midlothian, Va. Early on in the process, we were introduced to William Harper, who would become our site supervisor. Little did we know, on first meeting, that William would also become our trusted guide and friend, the go-to person for everything we would need, the calm within the storm and the expert on everything pertaining to our home. A year later, it is hard to envision how we could have accomplished our dreams without this talented and gentle soul being a part of the process. From our perspective as the customer, William is Boone Home’s greatest asset!

Times are tough, people are carrying a heavy load of worry and concern in their personal and professional lives, change is an everyday occurrence. All of these issues could be unsettling and distracting. Never was there an occasion when William showed a shadow of these concerns in the work place. He arrived early in the morning with a “can do-will do” attitude and left late each evening having accomplished a great deal and with a stated plan for the next day’s work. Everything was scheduled, followed up, written down and measured in terms of the customer’s satisfaction…the only thing that really matters in the end.