How to Buy Richmond Real Estate

When considering a selling your existing home and moving there are several key factors to consider in the equation. In this post we will evaluate one key component to successfully navigate and purchase Richmond new homes. In the world of Richmond real estate there are only two main groups of homes. The two groups are composed of new homes, where no one has ever lived before; and used homes, where someone has lived before. Seems basic enough, right? The challenge is filtering through these two groups. One will find there is plenty of room for conversation and error.

New Magical River Front Park

“And they lived happily ever after….” if that had been the end of the story. In the case of Tarrington on the James, a community of luxury homes in Richmond, the dream is continuing to be built. The newest phase of this dream is the new river front park following the James River that is now open to the residents of Tarrington on the James. Just imagine a nice stroll in the park that will relax the senses, realign the lucky stars and transition you from the busy day to an organic walk into nature. The private neighborhood park has paths and seating along the river front and can sooth the worries of even the most troubled day.

Richmond New Home Leadership

The history of Richmond is deep, colorful and diverse. Patrick Henry and his speech in Saint John’s Church and many more events have shaped the resolve and view of many Richmonders. If the past is any indication of where the future lies, Richmond will be at the forefront of innovation and leadership. Boone Homes, a Richmond home builder, has a rich philosophy of improvement, innovation and leadership in the new home industry. Like the resolve, detail and delivery invested in Patrick Henry’s speech, every detail of a home is planned out in advance and executed completely. Boone Homes has internalized innovation and led the way by building all their homes with ENERGY STAR® features that save home owners more than 38 percent in heating and cooling costs. The detail showcased in every home has been rigorously planned by a staff architect who has won multiple awards in design.

Your Greatest Asset: Energy Efficient Richmond New Homes

Energy costs are going up. One of the most significant expenses in owning a home is the heating and cooling costs. What if I told you about a new home that could be cooled in the summer buy using a single ice cube? What would your reaction be? You’d be looking for the catch, which there certainly would be one unless you lived in an igloo. What if the truth was that the Richmond new homes built by Boone Homes could save you 38 percent or more in just heating and cooling costs alone? What would your reaction be? What would your reaction be if I told you that the 38 percent savings is in comparison to other new homes? When the same home is compared to a used home, the savings increases even further. Would you be shocked to know it is true?

3.5 Virtues of Richmond New Homes with a First Floor Study

Noise resonates around walls, under closed doors and slices through conversations. The rumble of sound consumes the silence with fervor. If only there was an office away from the office where things could actually be completed and progress accomplished. If only I could find a business oasis that would not devour family time, clutter the kitchen table and consume a guest bedroom. Has the noise epidemic ruined your home office? What if your home had an office? Not just another space, but a genuine office. What would the impact be? What if that office was on the first floor? Would the home suddenly be virtuous? Boone Homes builds custom Richmond new homes, many of which have a first floor study. Though there are probably more, here are 3.5 virtues we have found in a first floor study.

Larger Richmond New Homes, Less Energy

Richmond new homes have drastically changed in the last few years. The high cost of energy has contributed directly to this change. Now it seem like a good plan to try and purchase a more energy efficient home, maybe even a new home with updated insulation and current energy features. Maybe you’ve been curious on all the new energy efficient products available today, but have thought the home is too expensive to really be a serious consideration. Maybe you didn’t know that ENERGY STAR® was not just for appliances, and that homes could also be ENERGY STAR® rated. So what is the benefit of an ENERGY STAR® home?

Your Greatest Asset: Richmond New Homes

westcott_wycliffe-300x198.jpg (1)
Investments are always a challenge. The view into what investment will appreciate, and what investment will depreciate can only be known with certainty in hind sight. However, here is one key source of data to analyze in order to increase your chances of a good investment in Richmond real estate: Location.

Richmond New Homes are Ready for You Now!

This Artisan home built by Boone Homes, a Richmond home builder, is ready for occupancy. There are plenty of reasons why you will want to take a look at this Richmond new home located in Charter Colony. The first floor boasts an expansive family room with a gas log fire place turned down low for that late night show. The cozy breakfast area and designer kitchen with granite counter tops augment the interior appeal of the home and provide the gathering place for the party, or holiday event. With all of the first-floor adorned with hardwood floors there is little reason to shy away from hosting the party in the formal dining room. Retreat to the first-floor study for the mid-afternoon conference call without deserting the family. This expansive home boasts 5 bedrooms and 3-1/2 baths.

New Home from Richmond Home Builder Boone Homes

This new home built by Boone Homes, a Richmond home builder, is ready for occupancy. The home features an open, first-floor plan with a gourmet kitchen featuring granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. Kick off your shoes in the deluxe mudroom and hang your coat on the designer built-in cubbies. Enjoy the latest magazine on the deck overlooking the private yard with sod and irrigation. Relax in the basement family room or grill out on the lower patio. Buyers will love entertaining in the formal dining room or retreating to the formal living room for a spot of tea. Need to take that important business call? No problem. You can escape to the first-floor study without leaving your family too far behind.

New v. Hand-me-down

Remember the Def Leppard shirt your sister got at the concert? Or, what about the grey one with the Ninja Turtles that your brother wore as he karate-chopped the bad guys? Those shirts were oh so cool! Remember the day you inherited the prized shirt? The hand-me-down now had mustard embedded on the sleeve, and hole in the side. The prize was washed, folded and neatly presented, but it still lacked luster and failed to excite as much as in the day.

Still Building Strong

A title in a recent article posted on Reuters read “New Home Sales Up, Inventory at a 43-1/2 Year Low.” While the increased sales is an encouraging headline, the backside of that headline should prompt some questions. Question #1: Why is inventory for Richmond new homes so low?

Tarrington Villas Allow Residents to Enjoy Life

Located in Chesterfield County, just minutes from Route 288, the Villas at Tarrington on the James are the perfect homes for active adults, families on-the-go and busy professionals. The first-floor living provides the convenience of everything a buyer needs and the upstairs space offers the extra room necessary for entertaining overnight guests. Plus, all families will benefit from the no maintenance lifestyle provided by these Richmond maintenance free homes. Featuring elegant brick exteriors, these homes boast luxury, award-winning plans that showcase stunning two-story foyers, gourmet kitchens, spacious family rooms and deluxe mudrooms. Priced from $499,000, these homes offer as many as four bedrooms and 3.5 baths, 2,600 to more than 4,200 square feet, two-car garages, GE appliances, designer cabinetry and more.

Grand Opening in Tarrington Estate Neighborhood

boone-richmond-interior-5-300x199 (1).jpg
Why rush into just any home and settle for 2nd place? If you buy a home and haven’t taken a look at the Richmond new homes at the Estate Homes at Tarrington on the James, then you’ve missed one of Richmond’s most exclusive neighborhoods. Do the research, what other community offers you more? Consider these features: Take a walk on the community sidewalks as they meander throughout the neighborhood. Enjoy a picnic at the 10-acre community park loaded with play sets. Relax in the sun at the one of the community’s three pools.


Boone Homes has opened a new model at the Estate Homes in Tarrington on the James, one of the most attractive communities of Richmond real estate in the area. Driving up to the new model you will see stone arches complementing the rustic front door and shutters. The beauty doesn’t stop when you reach the front door; it has just begun!

Used Home vs. Used Car: A great analogy

What would your expectations be of a vehicle you purchased built in 1996? Would you expect the ash tray to be backed up with wrappers, coins and maybe a little ash? Would you expect the windows to roll down manually? Would you expect to find chicken nuggets wedged under the seat? What sort of gas mileage could you expect? Even if the vehicle is in mint condition, would you expect a few idiosyncrasies? Could you expect to invest more money in repairs? These are all good questions to ponder when considering vehicles with a little age on the odometer. Would any of these questions apply to a used home? I say they do, especially if you compare them to the new homes built by Boone Homes, a Richmond home builder. I’ve counted a few reasons why.

Tarrington Courtyard Living at its Best!

Rhonda and Lindsey’s desire was to find Richmond real estate offering a no maintenance lifestyle that would free them up to experience life and not be bound by the routine. Once they found the Courtyard Villas in Tarrington on the James, they realized that they had found their dream. Rhonda and Lindsey loved the ability to customize their home, personalize their interior finishes and even build their home from out of state. Their experience has been rewarded to the point where they say “Buy Boone! Go nowhere else!” Take a look at this video and judge for yourself.

Spring Maintenance in Full Bloom

April showers bring May flowers….and weeds, aerating, fertilizing, irrigating, mowing, mulching and so much more. All winter was spent breaking the restless curse of cabin fever only to be bound by eternal yard maintenance. What is the solution? What about a home in which you don’t sacrifice a yard, but you get to enjoy someone else doing the maintenance? Boone Homes, a Richmond home builder, has just the homes for you. For those wishing to be efficient with space and downsize, a look at our Courtyard Homes in Tarrington will do the trick. The Courtyard Villas in Tarrington range in size from 2,550 square feet to homes well over 4,000 square feet.

What do you really want in your new Roanoke custom home?

If you tuned into Food Network’s “Challenge” on April 10, then you saw a Roanoke Valley rising star. The owners of Blue Collar Joe’s, a gourmet donut shop in Daleville, faced off with other donut gurus from around the country. Blue Collar Joe’s offers just about any kind of donut you can imagine including favorites in my household – bacon maple blueberry pancake and a classic chocolate and peanut turtle. Just like Joe’s, Boone Homes is a local family owned company that strives to provide our customers with the opportunity to choose exactly what they want in their Roanoke custom homes.

Courtyard Villas in Tarrington on the James Testimonial

Jim and Carol took their time in seeking out the right place to live. Their desire was to find a no maintenance lifestyle that would free them up to experience life and not be bound by the routine. Once they found the Richmond maintenance free homes at Courtyard Villas in Tarrington on the James, they realized that they had found their dream. After plenty of research they realized that they could confidently commit to living in a Courtyard Villa. Their experience has been rewarded. Take a look at this video and judge for yourself.