Vacations and No Maintenance Richmond New Homes Homes

As the days of winter linger and the New Year grows from infancy into the toddler stage, it feels right to discuss summer. Summer is right around the corner, and it is time to think and plan vacations as well as who is going to maintain the home while you’re relaxing with a mixed drink in the Caribbean sun. While the thoughts of sunsets, relaxing music and sun waft through your subconscious, the need for someone to mow the grass, clean the gutters and touch up the exterior paint on the house captivate the forefront. Unless – you live in one of our no maintenance neighborhoods of Richmond new homes, then all you have to do is plan for the sunset on the beach. Not a bad trade off.

Richmond New Home with Basement Ready for You

Those currently shopping for Richmond new homes will love this basement home that is ready for occupancy. There are plenty of reasons why you will want to take a look at this new home located in the Richmond community of Tarrington on the James. The first floor boasts an expansive family room with a gas log fire place turned down low for that late night show. The cozy breakfast area and designer kitchen with granite countertops augment the interior appeal of the home and provide the gathering place for the party, or holiday event. With all of the first floor adorned with hardwood floors, there is little reason to shy away from hosting a party in the formal dining room. Retreat to the first-floor study for the mid-afternoon conference call without deserting the family. This expansive home boasts six bedrooms and 5.5 baths.

Welcome to Your Richmond New Home

Welcome Home! We are so thankful for all who chose one of our beautiful Richmond new homes as their home of choice in 2011. Now in 2012 we are looking forward to serving more families as they make the largest investment choice of their lifetime. Here at Boone Homes, we are proud to serve clients and build homes in some of Richmond’s most exclusive neighborhoods. Tarrington, Grey Oaks, Kinloch, Founder’s Bridge and Charter Colony name but a few of the neighborhoods where you can find the craftsmanship of a Boone Home. These communities are located in the most exclusive areas of Glen Allen, Goochland and Chesterfield counties.

New Year Resolution for Luxury Homes in Richmond

Every New Year’s resolution is challenged heavily in week three and four. Resolve is tested and determination is harassed. Each step of the resolution becomes more difficult with each passing moment. As one of the top builders of luxury homes in Richmond, we have made some resolutions this coming year. Here is one of them: Allow our experience to guide us. Today is different from yesterday in that stormy waters of technology are still being charted. Our experience in building new homes in the Richmond area has provided us with a wealth of knowledge and understanding for what buyers see as essential when considering a new luxury home. Every step of our process displays the length of Boone Homes experience in building new luxury homes. This year is not a year of rebuilding, but of recalibration. A year in which we use the tools we became familiar with last year and calibrate them into perfect precision. Our reward? So far in 2012, our reward has been the best sales in January for the last several years.

State of the Union in Richmond New Homes

“Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice-President, members of Congress, distinguished guests, and fellow Americans.” That was how President Obama began his speech on the State of the Union in 2011. In his speech, President Obama reviewed the past year and cast a vision for the new and coming days of 2011, accounts of which now adorn the history books. If we had a State of the Union address about our Richmond new homes, what would it sound like? I think it would sound something like this. The speech would need to start with some of the pleasantries so we would begin by addressing our crowd, “Mr. Homeowner, Ms. Homeowner, Illustrious Mr. Prospective Homeowner and fellow Americans.” After the opening introductions, we’re on to the accomplishments.

Last Richmond New Home in Haywood Village

Only One Left! We are now getting ready to begin construction on the last remaining Richmond new home in Haywood Village at Charter Colony. The home will be built on a very level swing set lot located in a cul-de-sac home site. This home will feature five bedrooms 3.5 baths, and will feel expansive at roughly 3,100 square feet. The owner’s suite will feature a luxurious retreat to escape from the cares of the day and a refreshing bath to drown the stresses of the day in a steamy bubble bath. A gourmet kitchen will be masterfully adorned with detailed paneling and molding, ready for the master chef to blend, bake and sauté. You’ll find that you can enjoy family or friends in the formal dining room with plenty of space to entertain in a formal living room. Retreat to the first-floor study for that mid-afternoon conference call, or curl up by the fireplace with the family and enjoy an adventurous movie.

2012 a New Year for Richmond New Homes

1092555_year_2009_1 (1).jpg
The hopes, dreams and potential of yesteryear are now in action. Yesterday is gone along with 2011. Today is a new day. Today we are ready for action. Here at Boone Homes, we’re taking 2012 aggressively and capturing every possibility with intention. This year will be an adventure. The adventure begins today. In this new quest, we will release a multitude of new offerings for the coming year. Some will be secrets shared just in time; others will be exciting changes for our Richmond new homes that will infuse strength into an already star studded crown of achievement. One of the new and exciting pieces of news will be the release of new floor plans, architecture and design for our floor plans. All our new home designs are carefully thought out by an award-winning architect who integrates style and luxury with a masterful blend of architecture and chic design. Each plan is carefully scrutinized to ensure a minimum amount of space is lost or unused. The plans will then be tested in the field and improved upon.

2012 Richmond New Homes Forecast

What will the New Year bring us? After the eggnog is consumed, the confetti is cleaned up and the cleaning service has swept up the last streamer, we will gaze into the abyss of the crystal ball to discern the fate of Richmond new homes in 2012. Because a crystal ball is inaccurate, we will resort to the available data to glean what may be in store for 2012. The data seems to imply significant change on the horizon. Used home inventory will remain high, energy prices will continue to rise, inflation will continue to place pressure on consumer goods and new home inventory will be low. What does this mean to a prospective new home buyer? First: Used homes will always be available and will continue to struggle with energy efficiency. The nostalgia of yesteryear will be available on the New Year’s market and they will continue to compete against new high-performing homes. These high-performing homes are not a trend, they are here to stay and will never be more affordable than they are right now. Used homes will still have the lowest cost of homeownership, but will be competing with high performance homes when the next sales cycle arises.

A Year in Review for Richmond New Homes

There is no better time to buy Richmond new homes! This past year has been an exciting one here at Boone Homes. The new home sales trend appears to show that the lows of a recession market have passed or at least stabilized. New homes in Richmond have seen an increase of almost 10 percent in 2011 over the year before. This number is an average for the builders reporting. Some builders, like Boone Homes, experienced an even larger growth percentage. For builders, this increase in sales is the best holiday gift one could get. A hearty “thank you” is due to the buyers who ventured out and purchased a new home in 2011. The side effect of this gift of increased sales is not for builders alone. The buyer for the new homes has seen home prices stabilize. This stabilization has meant to the buyer that they were able to purchase a quality new home for reasonable price even as inflation has placed upward pressure on the materials needed to build a home. This gift of stabilized pricing means to the consumer that they can purchase a new home in a new home community with new home features and lifestyle without the pressure of distressed properties in the neighborhood.

Winter Wonderland More Enjoyable in Richmond New Homes

Winter is here. Step outside of your Richmond new homes and feel the proof. Drafty floors, windows and doors affect every home’s comfort. Frigid air affects all of us inside the home, unless you live in one of our new homes. Comfort is higher in a Boone Home because we build ENERGY STAR qualified homes. The rigorous certification process each home goes through focuses on improving areas that ultimately affect the comfort of a home. For example, insulation practices during construction are tightened. During the insulation phase each hole and crevice created by the different trades to mechanize your home is filled with spray foam to reduce air flow.

Your Richmond New Home for the Holidays

charterHayworthGateway-300x200.jpg (1)
The holiday season is upon us with haste. Parades, parties, gatherings and pageants fill the calendar like decorations on a tree. As the schedule fills up there is still plenty of time to fit in shopping for the new home of your dreams. Boone Homes has fully finished Richmond new homes in inventory ready for you to preview and purchase. The homes are located throughout the Glen Allen and Midlothian areas of Richmond. Each new home is masterfully designed to house your greatest memories, create new memories and free you up to enjoy more time with the family. The new homes boast more than space. The interior finishes of the homes are the gift of luxury with exquisite molding detail, gourmet kitchens, expansive owner’s suites, convenient first floor offices and open family rooms. The kitchen is luxuriously designed with the heart’s desire of a cook and functionality of a chef’s kitchen. The kitchen adorns every gathering.

Only Five Opportunities for Richmond New Homes Remain at Founders Bridge

founders-bridge.jpg (1)
Those looking for the perfect home site for their Richmond new homes will fall in love with the Club Villas at Founders Bridge. However, you must hurry. This no maintenance, golf course community has been popular among new home buyers and now only five sites remain, with three conveniently nestled on the community’s Independence Golf Course. Once you’ve picked out the perfect home site, you can then choose from five home designs at Founders Bridge including The Blairshire II, The Hampstead II, The Hedgestone, The Westbridge and The Westcott II. All homes offer the best of no maintenance living with the master suites, laundry, kitchen and living, dining and family rooms all on the first floor as well as hassle-free, all-brick exteriors.

A Richmond New Home Value Proposition

Are you shopping for Richmond new homes? One of our newest architectural beauties is located in Tarrington on the James at 3207 Fulbrook Drive, Midlothian, VA 23113. The home boasts plenty of admirable features to make a family comfortable. Five bedrooms complemented by four and one half baths provide ample personal space, while the first-floor study provides a magnificent space to retreat to for the late night game or work space for the Saturday afternoon conference call. A deluxe mudroom with designer built in storage cubbies can catch and organize most any clutter. Designer cabinetry adorns a kitchen created for the gourmet cook. Not a bad value proposition. The new homes in Tarrington on the James are built with plenty of ENERGY STAR features. The technique used in ENERGY STAR construction ensures that the home is thermally efficient and comfortable. No more drafty windows, doors or walls are allowed in an Energy Star Qualified home. Comfort and efficiency are designed into every home we build. The value proposition is getting even better.

Richmond New Homes Designed for the Small Business Owner

The small business owner’s most desirable feature of our Richmond new homes is the first-floor study. The study is intentionally located on the first floor so that you can handle that long distance conference call without leaving the proximity of the family. The study’s location is convenient, while the separation allows for the reflection needed to run a vast empire or for the late night catch up without interrupting the family’s sleep. A first-floor study is far from being a bedroom adapted and commercialized. Each study is pre-wired with phone and data lines enabling you to focus, while the cable television connection allows you to multi-task the Saturday afternoon game. Hardwood floors complement and add an enduring sense of elegance to the first-floor study. Designer bookcases can be added to the study to increase storage, elegance and comfort.

Richmond Custom Homes, Only a Seven Iron Away

Located near the Richmond custom homes at Founder’s Bridge, Independence Golf Club has been Virginia’s premier public golf course for many years. Since 2004, Independence Golf Club has been placed on Golf Digest’s best places to play. Many of the state qualifying tournaments for the PGA tour have been played at Independence. The picturesque landscape through which the golf course is masterfully designed represents the quality of the golfing experience. One drive from the first tee is all one needs to understand the quality golfing experience. Conveniently nestled in the Midlothian area, Independence has more than what meets the naked eye. The clubhouse is the home of the Virginia State Golf Association with a historic display of memorabilia. Independence also boasts a Junior Program with a summer camp, perfect for the local resident who needs junior active during the summer months.

Holiday Check List for Your No Maintenance Richmond New Homes

As with any holiday event, one needs to make a list of items needed to purchase or organize before the big joyous occasion. Here is a list of what you need to accomplish to make a memorable holiday event in your no maintenance Richmond new homes. 1. Set the tree and decorate 2. Make cookies 3. Call the caterer 4. Set the table 5. Organize the beverages 6. Enjoy the party

No Maintenance Richmond New Homes Give You More Time

Trees are decorated. Lights adorn. Music is playing the nostalgic tunes of Christmas. Progressively, presents will be wrapped and placed under the tree while the wafting aroma of freshly baked cookies and pies garnish childish ideals of bearded men with red suits coming down the chimneys of our Richmond new homes. All we need now is more time to enjoy the season with those who mean the most to us. Sadly we are consumed with raking the leaves from the yard and preparing to fertilize, aerate and spread the pre-emergent. All while consulting snow removal and gutter cleaning services and the hunting down the pesky painter who needs to touch up to the trim. Maintenance forces us to consume time, not cookies.

Buying Time When You Purchase Richmond New Homes

Whether it involves work, errands, maintaining our Richmond new homes and everything else that life holds for us, all of us have a prescribed amount of time. We will enjoy no more and no less. Time cannot be measured in value like money. One simply cannot buy more time with more money. Time is measured in experiences, in moments and in memories. Alan Weiss, a renowned consultant and book writer, once said, “you can always make more money, you can’t make more time.” Weiss’ encouragement was to use your time wisely and shed unnecessary activities so you could maximize your time. I pose the question, what if you could buy more time? What would the price be? Would you take the steps to shed what is costing you what you can never get back?

The Value of Comfort in Your Richmond New Homes

Feet cold? That is a sign that you have lost thermal control over the floor surface in your Richmond new homes. In real terms what it really means is the competing cold air from below has cooled the floor surface to the point where the heat from the room above can no longer take back thermal control over the surface. Big words put simply, you’ve lost your comfort and now the cold is creeping up your legs to your knees. The creep of the cold has further demonstrated that the cold from outside the home is influencing your heating equipment and forcing the equipment to work harder. I wonder what the extra work is doing to your energy bill?

Experience Time in Our Richmond New Homes

When considering maintenance on your Richmond new homes, what is the cost of time? Supply and demand works with time as well as with any other product. So, what is the value of your time? Is your time best spent raking your yard, cleaning gutters, or painting? Time: We are all aware of our time and place higher value on certain segments of our time. How does the value of time apply to you? Because of the value of time, we have designed entire neighborhoods around the value of time. These neighborhoods are no maintenance homes.