HOA Fees: What Are They and What Do They Include?

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Did you know that there are over 351,000 HOAs in the United States. This accounts for roughly 53 percent of all American households.

These homeowners are paying a homeowner's association (HOA) fee to belong to this valuable group. HOAs are present as condos, townhouses, or retirement communities.

Many prospective renters and buyers wonder what HOA fees are for. These fees cover a variety of different services and amenities that improve your quality of life. Read on to learn about HOA fees and what they include.

Maintenance and Repairs

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of belonging to an HOA is maintenance and repair coverage. Most people have felt the financial sting of a broken hot water heater or air conditioner.

Preventative and corrective action on major appliances is included in your HOA fees. This alone can cover the cost of fees as replacing a major appliance costs thousands.

This also applies to other items on the home’s exterior. If the roof is leaking or vinyl siding comes off, the HOA staff will repair it.

Community Services

The HOA is responsible for ensuring the community operates smoothly and looks appealing. This means if there is a snowstorm, the HOA pays for removal services. They will plow the streets, parking lots, and sidewalks throughout the community.

HOA also covers trash removal and landscaping. You will not need to cut the grass, fertilize, or operate sprinklers. The HOA will hire contractors for leaf removal, power washing, and other services to make the community look beautiful.


Another nice perk of belonging to an HOA is access to great amenities. Many communities feature a pool and hot tubs for its members. The HOA hires a lifeguard to ensure the safety of the community.

In addition, fitness centers are commonly found in HOA communities. Members find this convenient as they can walk to the gym and do not have to deal with crowds. It also reduces monthly expenses as you no longer have to pay for a gym membership.

Lastly, many communities offer a community center to its members. This is a place to lounge and even host parties for families and friends.


Many people do not realize the costs associated with water, sewer, and electricity. Someone has to pay to keep the street lights on and water the grass.

The operational costs to power the community and keep it looking great are significant. Your fees go towards paying the community’s overhead expenses.

A Recap of HOA Fees and What It Includes

There should not be a negative connotation associated to an HOA. Fees paid by its members go towards valuable amenities and services.

Envision a lifestyle where you do not have to cut or fertilize the grass. A life where you can walk to the gym or pool and simply enjoy it.

If you want to learn more about HOA fees and what is included, please contact us today for more information.