Working with a Real Estate Agent: the Right Choice for You?

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Why work with an agent?

Working with a real estate agent is a common part of the process of buying a home. Inexperienced buyers may find the expertise of an agent invaluable when it comes to finding, buying, and closing on a home. More experienced buyers can still rely on the agent during negotiations with the seller when buying a preexisting home.

However, not everyone finds that working with a real estate agent is a necessity—or even a good fit—for them.


What about for a custom-built home?

Experienced real estate agents are a treasure trove of information about neighborhoods: what the schools are like, what local property values are like, even how much traffic you should expect in the morning. If you’re moving between states or cities, it can really pay to have an experienced agent teach you the “lay of the land” before you make your final decision. 


What if I choose not to work with an agent?

Some home buyers feel comfortable enough in their own knowledge to work without an agent. They may decide to proceed without any outside influence on their purchase.

After all, you can do the same work on your own. These days, most of the information you need to know is online.

Buyers who go without an agent should be experienced, curious, willing to do their own legwork, and unafraid of a little paperwork.