Welcome to the Future: 4 Defining Smart Home Features

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According to research firm Ber Insight, by 2022 there will be over 63 million smart homes in America.

Do you want your home to be one of these?

Having a smart home makes life easier, more efficient, and more convenient. And that's not all.

Bringing smart features into your home can also make it more secure and more energy-efficient. If you happen to be building your dream house, then installing smart home features is, let's face it, a smart move. 

Before you start investing in making your home future-ready, it's a good idea to know about which smart features truly turn a regular home into a smart home.

Read on to find out what these are. 

1. Smart Plugs

One of the best pieces of smart house technology has to be smart plugs. Identified as a breakout trend by Google, these handy plugs are taking the smart home scene by storm. 

Smart plugs are the new hot thing because they are able to 'talk' to non-smart appliances and make them compatible with your smart home management system.

Instead of forking out for pricey smart appliances, a lot of people prefer to simply use smart plugs until their current appliances need to be replaced.

2. Futuristic Security Systems

If you ever wished you could ditch your standard alarm system for something from a Bond movie, that time has come.

Futuristic style security systems are a defining feature of smart homes. With such a system you can:

  • Monitor your home remotely
  • Control the system remotely
  • Customize the system with add-ons and wireless components
  • Link your system not just to your smartphone, but to other family members' phones as well

Besides being advanced, smart home security systems are also energy efficient thanks to the fact that you can control them remotely. 

3. Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats offer next-gen levels of comfort and convenience which is why they are an integral component of smart homes. 

With the different smart temperature control systems available currently you can:

  • Control the temperature remotely
  • Program in predetermined temperature changes
  • Allow the thermostat to 'learn' which temperatures you like so that you do not have to program it
  • Set the system to regulate itself using temperature sensors

Some brands of smart thermostats are also deemed to be able to save on energy usage. 

4. Lighting

One of the most defining features of a smart home is smart lighting.

With smart lights, you can do things like linking your phone location to the system so that it can read your GPS coordinates and autonomously switch on the lights before you arrive home at night.

You can also adjust brightness, color temperature, and even hues for specific occasions or moods. These settings you can then save as presets, such as 'Party', 'Movie Night', or 'Reading'.

Now You Know About the Must-Have Smart Home Features to Install in Your Home

The number of smart components available is exploding—but these are some of the defining smart home features that will instantly catapult your home into the future.

If you not only want to invest in a smart home but a brand new, state-of-the-art house as well, we can help. 

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