QMI and You: A Guide to the Quick Move-In Home

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Maybe you’re relocating for a new job. Maybe school starts next month and you haven’t even begun packing. Many dream of building a home but sometimes, life circumstances get in the way. Enter the quick move-in home, or QMI home. 

In builder parlance, a QMI home is just that: a home that is ready for you to move in. These homes are complete, or nearly complete, and may even allow for customization depending on the stage of the build.


How Much Time Do You Need?

Building a home from the ground up is a complex process that can take up to six months. That means six months of waiting before you can call the movers’ truck. A move-in ready home will often be available in the same timeframe you’d use for a pre-existing home: within 30 days, or less. 

Of course, if you have an extra month or two but aren’t willing to commit to building a home, partially built homes qualify as “quick move-in” in many cases. You can put your personal stamp on these homes—an option which can be an excellent compromise between building a home and buying a pre-existing home.


Balancing Your Priorities

Understanding your needs and timeline is critical to understanding whether a QMI home is right for you.

Buying a house is quite an undertaking, especially if you’re also selling a house. In tight markets inventory goes quickly—and you may need to move just as quickly to take advantage of the best offers. If your home sells faster than anticipated, the process of building a house could leave you temporarily stranded in hotels, living out of suitcases and storage units.

For families with children, coordinating the move alongside kids’ school schedules and summer breaks can add even more pressure to a move. Finding a home in a respected school district can also take time.

In these situations, a QMI home might be the answer, giving you the convenience you need without sacrificing on quality and options.