Outdoor Feature: Raised and Covered Patios


It’s no secret that Richmond residents love our outdoor spaces. Throughout Richmond, home buyers are seeking outdoor patios for a variety of reasons, whether it’s for dining, entertaining, relaxing or playing. At Boone Homes, we offer stunning raised and covered patios that give our buyers plenty of freedom to use their patio in a way that works best for them.

When building a new home, we always take into account the placement of the patio. We try to position the space for easy access to entertainment, privacy and relaxation. We always want our homeowners to have the same amount of comfort and convenience from their porches and decks as they do their living rooms.

One of our most popular patio designs is featured in our Hampworth model. Built with sturdy bricks and raised to meet the family room windows, this patio gives the ultimate feeling of comfort. This patio is professionally designed and decorated to display the many custom touches available at Boone Homes. We offer the best of both worlds with a large brick fireplace for the cooler months and a built-in ceiling fan for the warm springs and hot summers. Another popular raised and covered patio is featured in our Lochbriar model. Similar to the patio at the Hampworth, this patio offers a large fireplace and ceiling fan, but also has built-in lights for nightly entertainment. All of our patios are optional and are customized to our buyer’s preferences.

At Boone Homes, we want your outdoor living space to be enjoyed year-round. We do this by creating raised and covered patios that provide shade, room for an outdoor kitchen and fire features. A covered patio provides a place to relax no matter what the weather, while outdoor kitchens and fire features transform your patio into a multi-functional living space. The options are nearly endless and just about anything you can imagine can be incorporated into your personal patio.

If you love fresh air and relaxing in the sun, why not include an outdoor patio that is raised and covered in your new home?  We work with buyers to help create and build an outdoor patio that will serve multiple purposes. At Boone Homes, we have built a solid reputation of top quality craftsmanship by using highly skilled professional and top-rated products – that includes our patios! Contact us today or visit boonehomes.net  to view our available homes.