Help With Your New Year’s Resolution to Be More Organized


















We could all use a lot less junk in our lives. Some common New Year’s resolutions are about keeping healthier habits, but having a well-organized and cleaned home, workspace or room is a healthy step toward becoming less stressed and more available for enjoying life with your family. If you want to be more organized in your home this year, here are a few tips to get you started.

Mud Room

The mudroom is the place everyone first enters the house and where everything from backpacks mittens, scarves and purses to muddy shoes, lunch boxes and the science project of the day get dumped. Prevent everything from scattering all over the floor by designating a space for these things to go. Try a storage bench, baskets or a “drop zone table.” Here’s some inspiration.

Charging Station

Everyone has experienced the tangled cable nightmare at least once. Or worse, when the cable needs to be plugged into a phone or other device and the cords are tangled all over the place and someone has to take the time to dig through all of them to find the other end. Use pouches, binder clips or dish drying racks for a DIY solution, or pick up some cable holders like these. Click here for inspiration.


Few things are more overwhelming than a cluttered pantry where it is unclear where certain food items go. Having to look through everything and inevitably knocking some items over makes cooking take much longer and leaves a confusing mess behind. First, purge through the pantry to throw out anything you don’t need. Second, use baskets to categorize those spice and seasoning packets and replace cereal, oat and granola boxes that take up space with clear canisters. Here are some ideas.

Desk Drawers

No one can work at their best when they have to search for the correct important paper all day long. Try using color-coded files in your desk drawer so you know which folder everything went into. Here are some ideas from Good Housekeeping.

Laundry Room

Keep your family’s separate laundry piles from getting mixed up by adding some easy organization tricks to the house’s arguably most messy room. Label some flexible baskets so everyone knows where they should put their dirty clothes. Start by clicking here for ideas.

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