David and Mary Cite “Rolls Royce” Service While Working with Boone Homes


Watch David and Mary's Boone Homes Testimonial

Quality: for David and Mary, it was the defining characteristic of their experience with Boone Homes.  

“The quality is extraordinary”

It started with the home itself. “You can see the quality right off the bat,” says David. For him, the markers of Boone Homes’ commitment to quality were easy to identify: he points to the “workmanship” and the keen “attention to detail.”

As the new Kinloch Coach home owners soon discovered, the quality of the home on offer wasn’t just about the workmanship either. It extended into their experience with Boone Homes customer service, from the top to the bottom of the process. 

They were offered both freedom and guidance during a process where buyers are often asked to ‘pick one.’ 

“The steps we took,” says David, “were guided throughout the whole process.” Yet that didn’t hold them back from exploring their full vision for the home.

“Of course we can do that”

As the couple notes, with Boone Homes, there are plenty of options to begin with. However, the can-do spirit of Boone Homes and its contractors opened up a world of possibilities.   

As David says, “A lot of things, we would just say, ‘Can you do this?’ And they would say, ‘Of course we can do that.’”

Like fellow Boone Homes clients Scott and Leigh, David and Mary had a uniformly excellent experience with Boone Homes staff and contractors. “Each person we dealt with was thorough and patient with us,” says Mary.

A Homecoming in Every Way

They had particularly high praise for their superintendent Steve Lundy, who, David says, attended to them with “Rolls Royce type service.” Lundy gave the couple his cell phone number, and followed up promptly whenever David had a question. He would even come out to meet them in person to answer those more complex questions.

David and Mary had a particular vision for their kitchen. They imagined an open-plan kitchen with easy access to the rest of the house, and also wanted their dishwasher to be within reach of all their cabinets. Boone Homes and its contractors helped them realize that vision.

On top of everything else, David and Mary admit working with Boone Homes staff was “extraordinary,” according to Mary.

During the selection process, Boone Homes made every visit “like a homecoming” for David and Mary—a fitting preparation for the real thing.