“Top-Notch” Customer Service: How Scott and Leigh Built the Home of Their Dreams with Boone Homes

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Watch Scott and Leigh's Boone Homes Testimonial

When Scott and Leigh fell in love with their new home, they didn’t expect to love the team behind it too. But that’s exactly what happened for new Boone Homes home owners Scott and Leigh. The beautiful model got them hooked—but the level of customer service they experienced made them converts for life.

 It started with the great options Boone Homes offers its customers. Then came the easy, user-friendly buying process they experienced – which made Scott and Leigh felt supported every step of the way.

 All the Options, No Extra Cost

 Like a lot of home owners, Scott and Leigh were hoping to make their new home special with upgrades and enhanced features. However, also like a lot of home owners, they were apprehensive about the cost of customizing their home.

 However, by working with Boone Homes, Scott and Leigh didn’t have to sacrifice their budget for those finishing touches that made the home truly “theirs.”

 “When the sales rep started talking about what came standard, we were just amazed,” says Scott. “We didn’t make very many changes or upgrades, because everything we loved just came standard.”

 Clear Guidance Throughout the Process

 An organized on-boarding process made it easy to stay on top of all the little details of buying a home.

 Leigh was given a binder with relevant dates and reminders for every decision the couple needed to make along the way.

 It was seamless experience even once the couple began working with contractors.

 “He was looking out for us”

 The attention to detail was what sent Boone and its contractors apart.

 Our Boone Homes superintendent named John—whom the couple began to think of affectionately as “Big John” – even spotted details they missed. When a grate above their stove became bent, John noticed and quickly replaced it with a new one.

 He also was attentive to their needs during the walkthroughs, identifying opportunities for cost-cutting. As Leigh says: “he was really looking out for us.”