Mudroom Ideas That Pack a Punch in Richmond Homes

KL25-8_Lochbriar_M_laundry mudroom.jpg

Remember when a mudroom was just a simple room near the garage with a few shelves and hooks? Today’s Richmond homebuyers have realized that the mudroom can be so much more, and at Boone Homes, we strive to meet their mudroom needs! A mudroom can be designed any way that fits your family’s lifestyle. Traditionally they are meant for storage, but the rooms we design are full of style and can pack a big punch in the way of bringing order to your entire home.

A mudroom is often the first place most family members enter the home and the last room they see before they exit. It presents many opportunities for organizing the stuff that makes its way in and needs to be rushed out. This year we are seeing an increasing interest in the functionality of mudrooms. At Boone Homes, we offer a variety of styles such as crisp and clean, a pop of color and ultimate storage. The mudrooms we include in our homes do more than store coats and backpacks. Based on the homeowner’s preference, we can create full-fledged rooms or design a spot just inside your back door. Either way, we promise a smooth transition between the outdoors and indoors. Here are some of our ideas for a mudroom:

Built-in Cubbies

When it comes to mudrooms, built-in cubbies are the ultimate organizational tool. Whether they’re at ground level to capture muddy shoes or sports equipment or up higher to hold school books and binders, cubbies provide a place to stash things as they come in the door. Random jackets, shoes and backpacks are no longer strewn about the house, and every family member knows exactly where to look for items that often get misplaced because there’s no convenient place to store them.


Organization may be the main function of a mudroom, but we never forget comfort features. Every mudroom needs a bench for kids and adults to sit on while they take off their shoes. Benches can also be used as storage either by opening the bench for hidden storage or underneath storage using cubbies or designer boxes.

Pet Washing Stations

If you’ve ever had to wrestle a dog into a bathtub or chase it around the yard to give it a scrub down, you know it can be quite the ordeal. A dog washing station built into the design of your home makes the process a lot easier. A mudroom is an ideal place for a pet-washing station for a variety of reasons. The first advantage is that there’s a good chance the plumbing is already in place. Adding a pet washing station is very similar to putting in any other shower or tub. Other handy features include a flexible handheld showerhead and a storage area for supplies.

Mudrooms provide several useful features for families. If the floor plan you choose doesn’t provide the mudroom that fits your family, ask us about customization! Visit our website at to find an available home fit for you.