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During our experience building homes over the last 30 years, it’s a pleasure to work with talented local agents. At Boone Homes, one of our core values is to ensure that our homes within a community create “neighborhood integrity.” We love that our homes are unique, but we also appreciate that agents like Phil Mason are just as intriguing.

Phil has gained 33 years of career experience while working in information technology for Signet Bank/Bank of Virginia and Capital One, where he created and led several IT departments through a period of rapid expansion. His expertise in design and project management led him to playing a key role in creating Capital One’s first Data Center. He also worked as a vice president until his retirement in 2000.

After retiring from Capital One, Phil enjoyed building and selling homes so much that he decided to embark on a second career in real estate. Real estate is something that had always been of interest to him, and Phil wanted to find a special property where he could build a vacation home for his family. The first home he built was in Middlesex County near Deltaville; he then built three more homes in Middlesex and Gloucester Counties and his family’s primary residence in Goochland County. As he built more homes, he increased the number of features and amenities. He sold two of these homes through a realtor, but he personally sold the other three homes, for which the selling prices ranged from $200,000 to $1.7 million.

As a former Boone homeowner in Kinloch, Phil is familiar with the top quality craftsmanship of our homes. As he embarked on his second career, he has introduced his clients to a builder he knows and trusts. As an agent, Phil represents the best interests of clients by advising them on the ins-and-outs of the home buying process, and he knows personally that Boone Homes offers the best in the business.

As a lifelong West End resident, Phil is an expert when it comes to the greater Richmond area. He helps both home buyers and home sellers in ways only locals can. He also assists buyers who want to explore investment properties and real estate development.

A current agent with Exit First Reality and the Marc Austin Group, Phil looks forward to engaging with clients to find the best fit for their families. To learn more about Phil or current properties, visit his website, Facebook page, or give him a call at (804) 405-4158.

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