Why Buy New With Boone Homes













In today’s rebounding market, when resale properties are being snapped up as soon as they are listed and new home construction is popping up on every other corner, deciding which is best for you can be a challenge.  People considering previously owned homes often pursue resale because they think it is cheaper and easier. But with building practices have become streamlined, building a new home can cost as much as or even less than buying an existing home.  Cost isn’t the only reason to build, though. There are other benefits of working with a builder on a brand new house.

When a family purchases an existing home, they usually do so with plans to update the home, either with minor cosmetic changes or with major structural enhancements. A new home allows the buyer more control over the interior style. New home buyers get to choose countertops, cabinets, flooring and optional upgrades. Today’s home plans have flexibility built in so that buyers can choose a floor plan that suits their needs. Boone Homes houses are customizable in a way that most new homes are not. While we believe strongly in our designs and know that they have been “home owner tested,” we also know that today’s buyers need their homes to act as life hubs, capable of working and playing all under one roof. For that reason, our buyers can make any changes they want to our floor plans. Rather than simply adding one more cookie cutter upgrade like the rest of the homes in a neighborhood, Boone Homes are as unique as their owners.

As technology grows, we are able to build new homes with energy efficiency in mind. Our customers love that Boone Homes is proud to be an energy efficient builder. Our homes are designed and built with the future in mind. We always include RMAX exterior sheathing to provide continuous insulation to every Boone Homes home, and we offer upgraded features including conditioned crawl spaces and tankless water heaters. These features and more make homes better for the environment and easier on utility bills. Pre-existing homes simply can’t match the efficiency of a new home.

Buyers consider the long-term cost of maintenance, regardless of what kind of home they choose. Resale properties have experienced normal wear and tear of residential life, which means they may require big-ticket maintenance, whereas new homes carry little risk of issues.  Boone Homes also come with a warranty to protect against these.  Communities of new homes now provide the amenities and convenience of master-planned communities, as is the case with Boone Homes. Swimming pools, hiking trails, water features, clubhouses and more add value to home buyers who want to establish roots in a neighborhood.

Rather than competing with other buyers for resale properties, buyers who build don’t compete with anyone. While it does take time to build a home, choosing a floor plan, interior features and removing risk of maintenance appeal to consumers. Learn about building with Boone Homes by visiting our website or calling (804) 708-5127 for more information.