Spring (Cleaning) is in the Air













Boone Homes, a local Richmond custom home builder for nearly 30 years, is the perfect choice for creating a home that is everything you imagined and more. In addition to providing high quality custom homes, Boone Homes’ homes are the epitome of easy living by involving you in nearly every step of the process and customizing any part of offered floor plans to meet your needs. Boone Homes is very particular about each community as a whole and not any two homes look the same, yet they all flow effortlessly together.

Boone Homes is also set apart from other home builders in the area because many communities feature homes that are either low maintenance or completely maintenance free! Thanks to the excellent homeowners association, exterior maintenance on many new homes includes snow removal, gutter cleaning, painting, trash removal, annual mulching and complete yard maintenance.

Because of this, the exterior of your Boone home will remain as beautiful as it is on move in day, and spring cleaning will seem less like a chore. Here’s how you can take care of your home on the inside to make this year’s spring cleaning a breeze:

The focal points of spring cleaning include the bedrooms, bathrooms and the kitchen. Something that will make your cleaning most effective is to do a sweep throughout each room and de-clutter it. Depending on if your spring-cleaning is a daylong process or if it needs to be spread out over a matter of days, this sweep can occur as you get to each room. An interesting way to de-clutter common areas, and a simpler way to get other people’s items put away without you having to do it for them, is to assign a basket to each family member to sit beside the stairs. This way, each family member can simply collect their belongings on their next trip up the stairs.

After de-cluttering a bedroom, start the cleaning process by washing all linens, pillows, mattress covers and window treatments. To recharge linens and towels, wash once with hot water and one cup of vinegar and then again with hot water and a half cup of baking soda. This process strips the buildup of laundry detergent and fabric softener that has accumulated over time making your sheets and towels less absorbent and possibly harboring smells from water and sweat. Your sheets will keep you dryer while you sleep and your towels will do a better job of absorbing water.

After you have the laundry going, dive right into the cleaning process. Vacuum then deep clean your carpets. Machines are available for rent at most superstores for a reasonable fee if you do not own your own. Carpet and linens harbor the most dust and dirt buildup, so a deep cleaning is essential to the spring cleaning process. Use a multi-surface cleaner and warm water to wipe down bookshelves, nightstands, windowsills and fan blades.

When it comes to the kitchen, be prepared to be amazed at the many things forgotten about in the depths of your refrigerator and pantry. Begin by doing a sweep of expired food items and donate tableware, small appliances and anything else you have not used in the last year. After doing that, take everything out of your refrigerator and freezer and wipe it out with warm water and a multi-purpose solution or detergent. If shelves have accumulated residue from spills, remove them and hand wash them. Detail the stovetop and microwave as well. A great tool to help keep your oven cleaner is a nonstick oven liner that can be wiped down with a paper towel and put in the dishwasher between uses. If you have a problem with odors coming from your garbage disposal, a natural remedy is to cut up a lemon and throw it in there with some salt and ice cubes. The lemon neutralizes odors and the salt and ice cubes get rid of residue.  Similar to the bedroom, use a warm water and multi-surface mixture to wipe out cabinets, shelves and drawers. This is the perfect time to organize these areas as well. Do not forget to wipe out the trashcan! Plastic notoriously harbors odors and it is not a bad idea to wipe it out between bags, too.

The final focus when it comes to spring-cleaning is the bathroom. This area typically needs the most attention in sifting through items you do not need anymore such as hot rollers, ancient make up and other expired toiletries. A good rule of thumb: if you have not touched it in six months to a year, you probably could live without it. Throw the shower curtain and liner (if it is fabric, too) in with the towels when you recharge them. To detail a standing shower, wipe down the glass doors with white vinegar and use furniture oil to get rid of those water spots on the metal frame. Tiles can be cleaned with a half cup of baking soda per one gallon of warm water. For easy application, use a mop.

Throughout the entire home, use warm water and a multi-surface solution to wipe down baseboards, fan blades and walls. Mr. Clean’s magic erasers work great on scuff marks and stains, too. This cleaning project is also the perfect time to test and change batteries in smoke detectors.

After completing your spring cleaning duties, sit back and relax in your gorgeous Boone home. If you are currently looking, Boone Homes has plenty of quick move-in homes available now and vacant home sites, just waiting to become yours. Check them out at www.BooneHomes.net.