Boone Homes is so Nice, Homeowners are Choosing them Twice










With so many builders out there, it can be hard to know which one is the right choice. So when you find a builder that you can trust, sticking with them comes as second nature. Buyers have been deciding to buy from Boone Homes for years because of the quality and service provided, and when Alyssa Chalifoux enjoyed the building experience with Boone Homes the first go-round, she had no problem choosing them a second time:

“When we bought our first house by Boone Homes, we were both figuratively and literally building from the ground up. In a literal sense, we started from the dirt, and watched as Boone Homes built us a beautiful home. Figuratively, we were putting the future of our family’s residence in the hands of a builder that we had never worked with before. We didn’t know much about Boone Homes, but now we’re so glad that we built from the ground up with them.

As our family grew, the need for a more spacious living arrangement also grew more prominent. We needed more bedrooms, bigger living spaces and a kitchen that would be capable of providing meals for hungrier mouths. We went to Boone Homes again with these needs in mind, and they laid out the Toddbury plan at Ellington Woods.

 It was exactly the layout that we were looking for. The secondary bedrooms keep the kids happy with large rooms and plenty of bathrooms that minimize sibling squabbles. The living room has built-in bookcases for our additional storage and a fireplace that makes the space homey. The kitchen makes cooking for my family not only easy, but enjoyable with an island, granite counter tops and wet bar. Not to mention, my husband and I have a master’s retreat with two walk-in closets and a bathroom that acts as an escape from the craziness.

Choosing Boone Homes for the second time was one of the easiest decisions we’ve ever made. They are constantly accommodating and provide quality homes that are unmatched. We would choose them over and over again. Boone Homes helped us, once again, build from the ground up, but this time we didn’t have to do so figuratively, because we’re confident we decided on a builder that we can trust.” –Alyssa Chalifoux.

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