Mudrooms Help Contain in Richmond New Home











How nice would it be to separate mud, water, coats and back packs into a single location? Isolating dirt, mud and clutter to a prisoner of war camp of sorts, called a mudroom, helps homebuyers keep mess out of their family spaces. The marching armies of dirt and mud can stop at the threshold and go no further. Back packs exploding with paper and refrigerator art are contained. Once passing through the doorway from the mudroom into the remainder of your Richmond new home, organization could finally prevail!

Boone Homes, a Richmond new homebuilder, understands your need to isolate, manage and contain. Every home could use a space designed to catch clutter. Because of this need, we tasked our architect with artistically adding a mudroom which could be convenient, but isolated. The challenge was to keep convenience at the forefront of the design. Convenient loading and unloading access to the kitchen and the rest of the home from the garage was imperative. After months of work and arduous planning, a winning location emerged. Now a buyer who purchases a home from Boone Homes can enjoy the convenience of a well thought out mudroom. Add the architectural built-in mudroom cubbies and you can rest assured the isolation of clutter, dirt and mud will be contained before exploding into the home.

Boone Homes has been building luxury new homes in Richmond for over 30 years. In addition to building each home as if it were our own, we take pride in our new home architecture, prime real estate in Richmond and number of homeowners who have chosen to make a Boone Home their luxury builder of choice. For a personalized tour of our new homes, call Chris Parks at 804-218-7760 or visit the Boone Homes website.