Richmond New Home Quality Speaks More than Words











What feature in a new home sets you apart and speaks quality like none other? Hardwood floors?  Granite countertops?Decorative molding? Built in cabinetry? Each of these items contribute to the overall appearance of the home, but do they say quality? Their presence or absence can mold how you perceive a Richmond new home.   What is the defining feature that whispers quality into your ears? At Boone Homes, Richmond’s premier luxury new home builder, we believe all speak quality, but a Coffered Ceiling screams quality into a megaphone. Our customer’s seem to agree. Over the last few years a coffered ceiling has been the tipping point prospective buyers seem to enjoy the most.

What does a coffered ceiling do for you? Great question. A coffered ceiling offers more than a statement. Upon walking into a room with a coffered ceiling, your eye is immediately drawn toward the ceiling. This jaw-dropping feature will leave an awe inspiring impression each time you walk into the room. The openess that the coffered ceiling creates will set the tone for relaxing nights spent entertaining guests at the kitchen counter or reading a book next to the fireplace on a cold night. Lastly, the coffered ceiling evokes a feeling of “home” for a homeowner and provides the perfect feature to settle down under after a long day at work.

Boone Homes is a builder of luxury new homes in the Richmond Metro area and has been building new homes for over 30 years. If you would like to know more about our luxury communities or no maintenance homes, please stop by and see one of our furnished model homes or visit the Boone Homes website. The call to quality is now calling you. For a personalized tour, call Chris 804.218.7760.