New Custom Homes in Richmond, Virginia Feature Latest Construction Technology











Sales for custom homes in Richmond, Virginia are on the rise. Boone Homes in Westcott at Grey Oaks has seen the greatest increase year over year since the great recession started. One simply has to drive down the streets of Westcott at Grey Oaks to see the activity which was silent or absent in years past.

Each new home being built in Westcott at Grey Oaks is equipped with the latest technology and construction practices. Take the latest custom home sold at 11944 Westcott Landing Court, which was designed to be built with a basement. While basements are one of the most requested features of a new home, there are several types of construction methods which can be used. The most common methods include cinder block on a concrete footing, engineered walls directly on a crushed stone base directly on the ground or solid concrete poured walls poured on top of a concrete footing. Each method will vary by cost and permeation of water and ultimately durability. Boone Home has selected to build all our basement homes with a poured concrete wall. Why? We have found the extra expense of building the home increases energy efficiency, reduces water penetration and ultimately performs better than the other alternatives.

When you consider selling your current real estate and moving into a new home in Richmond, Virginia, please take into account the technology used to build the home. Why? The space may seem the same initially, but the new technology and construction practices will ultimately last longer and cause you less problems down the road.

Boone Homes is a custom new home builder in Richmond who builds each home as if it were our very own. The construction practices are designed to make the home perform and keep your family comfortable. Call us today at 804.218.7760 or visit us online at