Undecided? You Still have a Choice in this New Home












Still undecided about what to do? You still have time to research, understand what can be done and make a decision. We still have a couple of weeks left. Not to vote – that has already been decided, but you can still decide on what your kitchen will look like in the newest home located in Tarrington on the James. This new home located at 3225 Fulbrook Drive in Midlothian, Virginia is at a stage where the last little bit of siding is being applied and soon the kitchen will be installed. Each graceful detail of the home’s interior is  in the undecided category. Not that the award winning selections coordinators at Boone Homes, a Richmond custom home builder, have not already analyzed what the options could be. We are only awaiting a decision.


Your voice matters. At Boone Homes, we believe that you should have the chance to make as many custom decisions as possible. Decisions which affect  your pocket book, lifestyle and comfort are left as long as possible so you can take ownership and make them yours. The first stage would be taking a tour of the home and seeing if the floor plan works for your family’s needs. After seeing how the home’s floor plan flows you may wish to switch from the realm of the undecided to a luxury homeowner and make the decisions necessary to make this home the home of your dreams.

Boone Homes has been building luxury homes in Richmond, Virginia for over 30 years. We build each home as if it were our own to ensure each detail is cared for. Come visit us today. We would love to show you this home and move you from undecided to owner.

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