Richmond New Home Technology Saves Wildlife, Part 4














This picture was taken fifteen feet from our model home in Tarrington on the James, a community of Richmond new homes. This turtle had been strolling up the sidewalk and was gently moved to where the picture was taken. I couldn’t help but think of the 24+ acres of trees we had saved this last year by building new homes with ENERGY STAR features. Saving these trees ensured a long life and future for our turtle friend.

How did a Richmond new home builder achieve such synchrony with nature? Easy. Boone Homes chose to change a few methodologies, a few materials and a few concepts to gain increased energy efficiency on the new homes we are building. Prime real estate in Richmond is now more than the location for a quality luxury home. Prime real estate is now the location for high quality luxury homes which perform 38 to 45 percent better than other new homes without the high performance technology. Each new home built on this prime real estate ensures the preservation of wildlife, turtles and acres of trees. Not bad.

Richmond home builder, Boone Homes, has been building new homes in Richmond for nearly 30 years. Each home is built as if it were our very own, and now each and every home we build comes laden down with ENERGY STAR features ensuring high performance.

Come visit a new home by Boone Homes. In each neighborhood you will see homes to fit a variety of lifestyles. Lifestyle of the road warrior professional or semi-retired who want the yard, but not the maintenance, or the estate homes where families build memories. Each home is carefully designed by our award winning architect to ensure the flow of space, the usability of space and that the architecture go hand in hand with the high performance features of the home. Why wait? Come and visit today; the turtles will thank you.

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