Richmond Real Estate Technology, Part 3














We all need transportation. Traveling from point A to point B is a necessary function of life. Soccer games, groceries, places of worship and work consume the fuel in our vehicles tanks as we commute from one location to the next. The 15 minute commute to the game, followed by the quick trip to the store and the visit to grandma’s house are a part of our every day.

Our convenience, and trip to grandma’s, has a side effect that carries more weight than an extra helping of grandma’s  apple pie. Every cause has an effect, and in this case the cause of commuting is smog. Cities and prime Richmond real estateare covered with blankets of smog, reducing visibility and increasing health related conditions.

There is a common sense solution. This solution removes the effects of vehicles from the road on a daily basis. This solution is one that Richmond home builder, Boone Homes, used last year to remove the equivalent of 1,470 vehicles from the road. This common sense solution is in merely replacing some old technology with some new technology. This change improves efficiency significantly to the tune of 38-45 percent while keeping the cost of a new home stable and low. Not bad.

These are homes with ENERGY STAR features which help reduce energy costs. New common sense technology to help us build new energy efficient homes for today’s energy needs.

Boone Homes builds ENERGY STAR homes in every new home community. This energy saving technology is in no maintenance homes from the high $300,000s and in luxury estate homes from the $600,000s.

For a personalized tour of a new ENERGY STAR Boone Home, or one of our high performance communities, please call Chris Parks at 804-218-7760. Call today. New technology, new savings, new homes.

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