Richmond New Home Technology, Part 2














Crisp, juicy apple. Fuji apples are my favorite, though Gala is a close second. Every year I look forward to taking my family on a day trip into the Blue Ridge Mountains to enjoy a day at the orchard, picking apples. Air is fresh, landscape is breath taking, acres of apple trees ready to pick – everything is picture perfect, even the picnic. If life is measured in moments, then these moments are at the top of life’s experiences.

Preserving this experience needs to be for all generations, for this reason Boone Homes, is now building Richmond new homes with ENERGY STAR features. Boone builds new homes on prime Richmond real estate with ENERGY STAR features and, last year alone, saved more than 24 acres of trees because of the new home technology built into every home during the construction phase. How did we save over 24 acres of trees? Easy. We changed a few small details in how we build a home to make it very energy efficient: Efficient enough to be able to say we save 38 and 45 percent of your annual energy bill. This saved energy allows us to avoid having to harvest 24 acres of trees. Not bad!

Boone Homes builds high performance homes in every community as a standard feature. These homes sport construction technology that is 10 years ahead of the current housing market. At Boone, we realize that just because the home is situated on prime Richmond real estate doesn’t mean it is a high performance home. For a personalized tour of a luxury high performance new home built by Boone Homes call Chris Parks at 804.218.7760. When you purchase a new home from Boone you can feel good about being in a home built with technology designed to save trees – especially apple orchards.