Richmond Real Estate with New Home Technology You Can Live With, Part 1










The most valuable asset you will ever purchase is Richmond real estate. Not just because of the financial implications, but because of the emotional implications as well. The power of memories adorn the walls of your home, making the thought of separation as difficult as leaving a sick friend. Each passing moment your ill friend, your home, is getting worse. Energy costs are rising, your friend is hard to cool and heat. Maintenance is increasing: your friend needs paint and maybe even a new roof. Your friend is also behind the times. Connecting your friend to television was easy….

Richmond home builder, Boone Homes, specializes in new friends: new homes that are not ailing because of a lack of technology. Each one of our homes is built to ENERGY STAR® specifications, ensuring the technology used in your home will efficiently run your home for years to come.

You’ve heard the buzz about green, you’ve heard the hype of high performance – how good can a new friend (home) really be? Great question. The technology we use to build ENERGY STAR® homes has, last year alone, done the equivalent of removing 1,470 vehicles from the road. New home technology reducing smog – not bad. Couple that statistic with how the same homes have reduced the consumption of 88,920 pounds of coal and the impress-o-meter goes up. Stack the statistical cherry on top with the preservation of 24.3 acres of trees and we now have a “full” impress-o-meter. Our next few posts will detail how we can raise gauge on the impress-o-meter with new home technology.

In the mean time, if you would like a tour of a Boone Homes’ ENERGY STAR® home, then come visit one of our model homes. Or, for a personalized tour call Chris Parks at 804.218.7760. Tours are free. Friends are forever. Come tour today.

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