A Diverse Richmond New Home Community Profile, Part 5











The most concerned people to look at our Richmond new homes are the environmentalists. Global impact starts and ends at home. The size, impact and footprint of each new home are scrutinized with a critical eye. Where does the material come from? How does the material impact the ecosystem? All of these great questions are addressed by how we build each new home.

Boone Homes began partnering with ENERGY STAR® a few years back; and last year, we built 30 ENERGY STAR® homes. These homes are significantly more eco-friendly than other new homes on the market, and vastly more efficient than homes 5 years or older. How efficient? Great question.

Our non-scientific comparison of a home’s heating and cooling bills showed us that one of our 4,300 square foot homes can be 45 percent or more energy efficient than similar homes that are not built to ENERGY STAR® specifications. When we compared the ENERGY STAR® homes to older homes, the results were astounding.

What do savings like these mean? Glad you asked. We did the math on the 30 ENERGY STAR® homes we built last year and the savings equals:

  • 1,470 vehicles removed from the road
  • 88,920 pounds of coal unburned
  • 24.3 acres of trees left standing
  • $54,000 + a year savings in heating and cooling costs.

Not bad.

The guilt has been taken right out of luxury. For a personalized tour of a no maintenance ENERGY STAR® home or a luxury ENERGY STAR® home by Richmond home builder Boone Homes, call Chris Parks at 804.218.7760.

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