A Diverse Richmond New Home Community Profile, Part 4


















The most dependable people around, for the most part, are those in the armed services. Whether by air, by land or by sea you can see responsibility in every step they take. The personnel from the armed services know who they can depend on and who has their backs. Being able to rely on the person who is standing on either side is imperative. Not being able to rely on a person can be costly in both equipment and lives. The person at your side had better be there and be competent enough to handle anything coming their way. This attitude and level of expectation carries over into civilian life, and Richmond new home builder Boone Homes knows this.

We have built many homes for personnel in the armed forces. Each home built is scrutinized to the same depth as a comrade in arms. Will the home hold up under pressure? Boone Homes is proud to announce that we settle 99.6 percent of all homes defect free.

Boone Homes’ ratio of reliability will even give the most dependable branch of the armed forces a run for their money. Beyond settlement, Boone has a team of service personnel working to correct the other .4 percent.  At Boone Homes, we believe in quality luxury homes in Richmond that you can depend on. http://www.boonehomesblog.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif

Boone Homes has been building quality new homes in the Richmond area for more than 30 years. Homes range in size from 2,000 square feet in a villa to almost 5,000 square feet in an estate home. Each home is built as if it were our own.

For a personalized tour of a luxurious and dependable Boone Home new home neighborhood, please call Chris at 804.218.7760. Come or call today. Come be a part of a tradition of reliability and quality.

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