Getting Ready for Your New Homes in Richmond, Part 4











So far we’ve disassociated ourselves from our used home so we can create fresh memories in the new homes in Richmond that we are buying. We’ve depersonalized the home to make sure it appeals to as many buyers as possible and we’ve de-cluttered the home and organized every space. We are officially more than half way to our goal of getting our used home ready for sale. Now we will focus our time on minor improvements with big payoffs.

Some very minor improvements that will pay off great dividends begin with repairs. The handle that has been sticking may be part of life for your family, but a red flag of “what else is wrong” for the potential buyer. Every opportunity to remove these potential objections should be taken as the reward will prove itself in the end. Wall repairs, paint touch up, window screen repairs and more will invoke feelings of quality to the buyer. Any possible repair should be addressed and completed prior to making a first impression. Statistics show that homes well groomed will command a better price and sell quicker than homes where allowances are made for the future homeowner to make repairs.

As a Richmond new home builder, we have been building new homes for more than 30 years. Each of our homes is built as if it were our own. Every detail of the home has been carefully thought out by our award-winning staff architect and selections coordinators.

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