Getting Ready for Your Richmond New Homes, Part 3

















The next phase in getting ready for your Richmond new homes is to de-clutter. There are three main actions to de-cluttering.  These actions are organize, store or dispose. We will start with dispose as it is the easiest to discuss. Though we don’t anticipate you will ever be featured on the show Hoarders, the concept to begin with is: if you have not used the item in question in the last year, then get rid of it. Items in this category range from the sweater Aunt Sally gave as a gift last year to the collection of teaspoons left in the box from the last move. Sifting through each item with care and thoughtful analysis will reveal if the item should stay or go.

The items that are too personal to discard should go into storage. You should store these items in a location outside of your home as removing items will help. Removing unneeded items to a self-storage unit or to a portable storage unit will help the home feel open and accommodating to the prospective buyer who can now visualize their items in that same space. Removing items to storage will also allow more space to organize. Potential buyers are going to look in every nook possible of the home to ensure they are not missing any detail. Organizing closets, cabinets and especially the kitchen will ensure the potential buyer gives your home the thumbs up it needs so you can move into your new Boone home.

We are a Richmond new home builder with more than 30 years of experience in building luxury new homes in the Richmond area. We construct each home as if it were our own.

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