Getting Ready for Your New Homes in Richmond, Part 2




















The second step in getting ready for your new homes in Richmond is to take steps to depersonalize your used home. As harsh as that sounds, what we really mean is it is time to neutralize the home. There are several areas that you may consider neutralizing. The first area that will make a dramatic statement will be your wall coverings. Keep in mind that you are not losing your soul by changing wall colors. The paint that spelled home to you may only scream “work” to the potential buyer looking at your home. Statistics have shown that if a home is neutralized it appeals to a wider range of possible buyers, and this home is now meant for someone else, as we talked about in part one.

Neutralizing your homes as you get ready for your Richmond custom homes also entails packing. Many collectables adorn the walls of our homes. The special feeling and memory they evoke to our psyche may deliver a personal message to our happiness, while the same collectable may hinder your ability to sell your used home. That Bavarian Stein collection will feel good on the wall of your new home. So, go ahead and pack the steins up and keep them safe as you prepare for your new Boone Home. Depersonalizing the home will not only help you attract more buyers, you may even get a head start on packing.

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