Getting Ready for Your Richmond New Homes, Part 1











Those ready to sell their current houses so that they can buy Richmond new homes should know that the best time to sell a used home is in the spring after the winter’s hibernation. Home sales in general tend to be more active in the spring, and people are more likely to be optimistic about buying. As you consider your move into a new home, you should consider what will be necessary to prepare your used home for someone else’s enjoyment.

The preparation to leave your home could be difficult, as you have lived in a place filled with memories of events which will soon be in the care of another person. A chapter in life will be left behind, only to open a new chapter with more life to experience. For a successful transition, you need to first and foremost believe the next chapter in your life will be filled with just as many experiences and wonderful memories as the last. As you anticipate the beginning of a new set of experiences, you may need to disassociate yourself with your home and let go of the past. Not because you want to forget life’s best memories, but because you are anticipating new ones.

So how does one begin the process of disassociation? The best way is to look at the sale of your home as a transaction in the normal course of business, similar to purchasing a rake at the hardware store. If you were selecting a rake for your yard, then you would view the function, the value and the price as components of your purchase. Similarly, your home will be viewed by the future owner in the same light as a rake. Disassociating yourself from the memories will not only help you begin building new memories, but will also help you make logical and precise decisions to help you sell your used home.

This is step 1, though there are more to discuss in upcoming posts. We are a Richmond home builder that has built luxury new homes in the Richmond area for more than 30 years. For more information on one of our communities or for a personalized tour, please call Chris Parks at 804.218.7760. Spring is upon us. Call today.