Ready, Set, Go: Richmond Neighborhood












Today is production day. Our Richmond neighborhood, Wescott at Grey Oaks, is swarming with people carrying equipment, holding lights, freshening wardrobe, rehearsing lines and catering food. Cars, trucks, vans, and catering trucks line the streets. Amazing smoothies accompanied by Swedish Fish candies, pistachios and feta filled queen olives adorn the snack table while the client and the crew focus, take, cut, start, stop and restart. Cables cross the floor about as many times as the assistant runs to freshen the wardrobe, accent the make-up or tuck the rebellious hair into proper placement.

This commercial is truly a sight to see. The final outcome everyone else will see hardly bears any resemblance to what is organically moving through the new home in Westcott at Grey Oaks.

As I ponder the movement, the controlled chaos and the final product, I feel a parallel resemblance to what Boone Homes goes through to build a new home. Swarms of people guided by our staff of superintendents and field personnel meticulously organized, construct a new home for our clients who will never know what exactly it took to arrive from dirt to luxury new home. Coordination, sweat, prepping, priming and controlling outcomes is what we do best, just like the television commercial crew. The outcome is what customers want. We aim to please.

For a personalized tour of a luxury new home in Westcott at Grey Oaks (after the television commercial is done shooting), please call Ella See at 804.708.5127. She would gladly show you how we can build you your dream home in 6 to 7 months without the headache. No time to wait? Take a look at one of our luxury new homes on prime Richmond real estate ready for occupancy. Don’t wait, call today. We have the outcome you want.

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