Richmond New Home Technology and 24.3 Acres of Wildlife














Recently, I met up with a guy at the local gas station who drove a taxi. I cannot imagine driving 8 to 10 hours a day for a living, yet he does drive 52 weeks a year to support his family. Amazing. Whether you drive 8 hours a day for 52 weeks out of the year, you commute to work from your Richmond new homes or you recreationally enjoy a road trip, we all expend fuel. Emissions. Vehicles have come a long way in technology. Their consumption has exponentially decreased over the last several years, but not enough to remediate smog. Emissions alter the environment.

Richmond new home builder  Boone Homes is building homes with Energy Star features. These technological advances in new home construction are all about sustainability and ecology. Last year alone we were able to save the equivalent of 24.3 acres of trees – a small forest capable of sustaining a wild life habitat. Each home is designed to be energy-forest-saving efficient. How much? Well, each home is designed to conserve between 38 and 45 percent of what a similar new home would expend without the same features. Sounds expensive. However, the new home is similarly priced to the home without the Energy Star features. Interesting. There are other benefits, I see many, though I will share only three:

  1. Lower energy bills
  2. Environmental conservation of 24.3 acres of wildlife
  3. More money for beach vacation

Boone Homes has been building in the Richmond area for more than 30 years with a specialization in no maintenance homes and luxury estate homes. Our communities can be found throughout Richmond’s West End located on prime real estate.  For a personalized tour of a new Energy Star home built by Boone Homes, call Chris at 804.218.7760.