London Olympics and New Homes in Richmond











Gold medals are being handed out at the Olympics to athletes who have stood above the crowd in their field. Runners, jumpers, swimmers and a bevy of other athletes have refined their skill over the last few years with the idea of competing. Every drop of sweat, every sore muscle, every move has been timed, analyzed and perfected to gain world class status. If one is to compete at the level of the Olympics, then a regimen must be followed – and Olympic Resolve. There is much in Common with the Olympics and new homes in Richmond.

New home builders in Richmond, where Boone Homes has been building new homes for more than 30 years, have a lot in common with the Olympics. Every day at Boone Homes we regimen our steps, refine our processes and focus our efforts to offering award winning designs and lifestyles. Though it doesn’t sound like an Olympic feat with a world record attached, at Boone Homes we can say the work doesn’t end after 4 years of training. After 30 years of building new homes in Richmond, we can sincerely say improvement never ends.

Once each step of the process has been refined, we have winners. The winners do not receive a gold medal for athletic feats of endurance. Instead they receive a home designed, built and improved now more than a home – and heirloom for future generations.

If Boone Homes is fortunate enough to build a new home for you, we will gladly put all our efforts, years of training and Olympic Resolve into your new home. We hope to have that experience soon. Boone Homes builds luxury new homes and Richmond no maintenance homes throughout the metro area. As one of Richmond’s premier builders, we are building new homes in some of the most sought locations throughout the metro.

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