Sidewalks Add Value to Richmond Neighborhood











What do sidewalks contribute to a Richmond neighborhood? Is there a value to a sidewalk? As one of Richmond’s premier new home builders, we say yes and have several reasons we can share.

Sidewalks provide a community with a source for health. Being able to take a walk through the community without having to drive somewhere allows one to instantly reduce calories after a meal or spend energy prior to winding down for the evening.

Sidewalks provide a community with a source of safety. The walk to the neighborhood playground is much safer with the children on a sidewalk. Energy can be burned off on the way to the park as well as at the park.

Sidewalks provide a community with a source of friendship. Best of friends can congregate and tour a community while carrying on a quiet and intimate conversation without having to concentrate or be interrupted with traffic.

Most all of Boone Homes’ luxury planned communities are designed to have sidewalks grace the streets. The intention for the sidewalk is simple. Safety, health and friendship all were deciding factors in including sidewalks, because neighborhoods that connect are neighborhoods with a desirable lifestyle.

Boone Homes, a Richmond new home builder, has been building new homes on prime Richmond real estate for more than 30 years. Each home is designed by award-winning architects and improved upon by homeowners. Each neighborhood is designed to help neighbors connect with each other and with the community at large. Homes in luxury neighborhoods start in the $400,000s and can be seen by touring one of our furnished models, most of which are open daily. For a personalized tour of a Boone Homes luxury neighborhood, please contact Chris at 804.218.7760. Come and visit today.

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