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Vacations from your new homes in Richmond bring about the perpetual “what if” question posed by the water heater. Ever heard the question? It goes something like this: What if the water heater tank bursts when I am 400 miles away enjoying (insert your vaction destination here)? Ever crossed your mind? I’m sure it has not. Only the fatalists usually think of this little destructive question – that is until it has happened to you or someone you know. The first little drops go undetected, the pin hole leak begins to show, the water level drops only to be filled again and soon you have a neighbor wondering why your home is leaking water through the front door.

In our last post we discussed how shutoffs conveniently placed in a Richmond new home can bring value to a vacation. In this post we will discuss how a tankless water heater also adds value to your new home in Richmond and to your vacation.

As the picture shows, a tankless water heater can hang on the walls because the weight of a tank full of water does not exist. The water is heated on demand as it flows through the heater toward the source requesting the hot water. There is no stored water to keep reheating when away, no stored water to corrode a tank and no stored water that can destroy the inside of your home when you are on vacation. Not only is a tankless water heater perfect for the household with teenagers, as the demand for water determines how much water is heated, but it is also perfect for the household who wants to take a worry-free vacation.  No draining needed.  

Boone Homes builds luxury new homes and no maintenance homes on prime Richmond real estate and can include a tankless water heater in your home upon request. These tankless water heaters save energy, perform on demand and reduce the amount of stress and worry that a tanked water heater can create when you are on vacation.

For a personalized tour of a home where you can see the benefits of a tankless water heater, please call Chris Parks at 804.218.7760. Chris can show you how to make the most of a worry free vacation. Call today.

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